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  1. Super Golden Sibs. (April Fools 2020)

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Super Golden Sibs. (April Fools 2020)

    Since our project called Erick Golden (Formely Crack) is still in the works... An unofficial Mario Clone starring Erick. It's only up to Erick to save his big sis Alice from the evil Chairman Clancy in his friery castle of DOOM! There's no score and the game uses instant health system. Use your...

    SAGE 2020 - Demo LADY KILLERS

    1.0.2 Update! Check notes at the bottom for changes. DEMO 1.0.0 is FINALLY available! Play to your heart's content (and please tell your friends!) Let me know any feedback or bugs you find here, via email, or on twitter. I've also attached alternate exe's for Fullscreen/Windows options if...
  3. Soro: The Stolen Crystals

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Soro: The Stolen Crystals

    Soro: The Stolen Crystals is a classic and cute 2D platformer inspired on the classics 90's games and made by almost one person. Join Soro on an adventure full of fun and challenges. ------------------------------------------------------ ☆ Synopsis ☆...
  4. Salvagers (alpha)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Salvagers (alpha)

    this is a 3rd person game centred around escort missions where you play as a hero trying to save as many people as they can in the middle of a mass take over within 6 minutes. rescue all 15 civilians in the shortest amount of time possible. this is a vertical slice to test the gameplay style to...
  5. BuKnight: The Order of The Golden Crest (DEMO v0.5)

    SAGE 2020 - Demo BuKnight: The Order of The Golden Crest (DEMO v0.5)

    Summary: The village of Carrottia is under attack from the wolves (again)... and they have company. It's up to the rookie Bonnie to save the day from this canine menace. Jump, slash and spin through the various tracks to fight back and recover the parts of Carrottia's sacred treasure: The Golden...
  6. Axe Girl

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Axe Girl

    Axe Girl is an action platformer where you play as Axela, a young lumberjack who lost her sawmill after a mysterious meteorite disaster. Help her rebuild it by collecting the 6 power cells she needs to run it again. Fight, run, and bounce your way through fearsome foes and perilous obstacles...
  7. Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    One year has passed since the heroic monkey Lloyd defeated the Titan Kronos at Chernobyl, but evil never truly dies. With Kronos amassing a new army of dark gorillas and putting the universe at risk, Lloyd is forced to team up with the alien princess Lura as she reawakens her magical powers. The...
  8. Dunkehr v0.7.0

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Dunkehr v0.7.0

    ATTENTION! A more recent public build (v0.7.2) has been released that fixes some issues with v0.7.0. [ Click here to download it! ] Do feel free to keep scrolling and check out the page, though! The Scale army has occupied the Duchy of Carroten. Many of it's people have been taken hostage...
  9. David: Get Keen [SAGE 2020 Demo]

    SAGE 2020 - Demo David: Get Keen [SAGE 2020 Demo]

    Ya'll better get keen for David: Get Keen! David and his team of contracted Keens are the last line of defense against the manipulative Tas and her crew of evil henchmans. David: Get Keen is a super fast 3d platformer, with an old school 3d aesthetic. With adventure like mechanics, you must...
  10. CYCLE

    SAGE 2020 - Demo CYCLE

    CYCLE is a metroidvania-style game, fashioned after GBA-era visuals and aestethics, and heavily inspired by the Mega Man Zero series. It is currently in development. The tower of the Stars which powers the continent, mysteriously shuts down every few years. It's up to a hero chosen by the town...
  11. Saga The Mouse SAGE 2020 Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Saga The Mouse SAGE 2020 Demo

    THE MOUSE IS HERE! That`s right and he`s running N rolling into SAGE 2020! An orange robot named ROBO MOUSE used the key to reopen DANGERLAND, and it`s up to SAGA to stop this evil madness! TRAILER IMAGES
  12. OttGiu - Earlier Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo OttGiu - Earlier Demo

    You are a blue Ott with a little blue floating bag. An fun 2D platformer inspired by classic and indie games. Only one unfinished level has made, but later, will be more finished levels. :) Jump on little robot enemys and go to adventures. In-Game Screenshots*: *From the SAGE 2020 early demo...
  13. Tuff Stuff (Prototype Demo)

    Tuff Stuff (Prototype Demo)

    A new adventure - inspired by Ape Escape! Help Ronny and Bri catch these adorable stuffed animals that have suddenly come to life.FYI, they're really aggressive for some reason. So maybe not so adorable?Go get 'em CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT ON GAMEJOLT.COM
  14. Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2019 Demo)

    Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2019 Demo)

    Returning for SAGE 2019, this new demo of Lloyd the Monkey 2 offers a clearer display of the project's scope, having added many features to bring it more in-line with its inspirations. This year's demo includes: Town Stage (Byzantium Castle) Four Action Stages Power Mountain Forest Temple...
  15. Teak's Tall Tale (Meander Forth Demo)

    Teak's Tall Tale (Meander Forth Demo)

    Things have gone awry in Meander County! When aspiring punk-rock drummer Oscar Teak is kicked out of his favorite band, he mopes his way home. He doesn't get far before he learns some chilling news, however: His childhood friend Tamree Willow is missing! The bearer of this news, a child in a...
  16. Dunkehr - v0.2.0

    Dunkehr - v0.2.0

    "Is this the Dark Souls of SAGE 2019?!" - Sparks, during the Pre-Show stream This is an action platformer for PC (for now) in which you will explore 6 vast levels with secret areas to find, meet a colorful cast of characters... and beat the crap out of them, along with whatever else stands in...
  17. Zaots


    a plattaformer game in 2d
  18. Plom510

    Game Lumiva Legacy

    Lumiva Legacy is a fast paced exploration platformer about two young multivas, Alex "Bingo" Rivero and Salamon Avery, on their journey to stop the evil Darth and his troops from invading his home, Neuo Town. Bingo and Salamon will have to put their skills to the test to conquer many challenges...
  19. Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Lloyd the Monkey 2 is the official continuation of the Lloyd the Monkey saga, developed by the team behind the original game with a refreshed approach to the design. This demo showcases the new gameplay systems inspired by Sonic Heroes, Mega Man X and the Final Fantasy games through the first...
  20. MeyerGames

    Game Lloyd the Monkey 2

    With SAGE coming up next month, I figured this would be a good time to reveal my newest game project, Lloyd the Monkey 2. The game is being built in the Unity Engine and will borrow a little from Mega Man and Sonic Heroes to create something larger in scope than its predecessor. Here's a...
  21. Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity

    Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity

    DOWNLOAD (Because it's just a tad too big...): https://www.mediafire.com/file/nu2ew29g5hahlvm/Temporal Shift SAGE 2017 Demo.zip Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity (shortened to Temporal Shift) is an RPG heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger. Plot Synopsis: The game stars Cythan Algato, the...