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SAGE 2022 - Demo Linja vs. the Manneclowns - 2022 Demo

General Information

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This is an updated demo to Linja vs. the Manneclowns: a wacky 2D action platformer focused on speed and movement!
Designed with casual players, speedrunners and completionists in mind, it can be enjoyed by any kind of player!

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The game is still in development at the moment, so feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Default controls (Fully customizable in-game):
  • Movement: Arrow keys
  • Jump: V
  • Air dash: X
  • Dash through enemies: C
  • Shuriken throw: Z
  • Change equipped weapon: A, S
  • Look around: D
  • Pause/unpause: Enter

* The game has gamepad support and is available to play in English and Spanish!

Latest reviews

I really love the overall aesthetic of the game, all those clowns look great ! But as much as I like them, I'd say that, strangely enough, they look a little too good for your average mob and look too similar. It kinda takes away from the more important ones (the bosses) who don't immediately look more important than the other ones (they look pretty much the same at first glance, same size, same body-type, etc.).
The gameplay is alright, movment feels good and look good, but our attacks are really lacking in terms of impact. The lore with the parchemin felt a bit unnecessary, the world doesn't seem appealing enough for it to matter and mixing it with the NPC dialogs seem a bit off.
I really liked the last boss despite the difficulty spike that it was. It was intense and really rewarding but I feel like it could be even better with proper feedback for our attacks. I love the sound design, and overall this game isn't lacking in terms of style, it looks and feels unique, and is overall still pretty fun ! This game definitely has potential and I'd be happy to see more of it.
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Thank you for trying out the game and taking your time to write a review!
We'll try to keep improving the project and make things feel more cohesive and fitting with future updates, hopefully addressing the details you have noted.

Your feedback is very much appreciated and we are glad you had a good time with the demo overall!
Once again, thank you!
very good game, I can tell a lot of effort and love went into it, the controls are solid and the graphics are good.
sadly I never figured out where to find the doggos, so if I had more clear hints I could.
also the second boss has something that irritates me, that the cannons are randomized, I would rather that after she rotates the cannons she gets out from the actual last cannon so I know where she will come from. other than that you had made a good job...

What, did you expect a ligma or a whole circus joke?
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Sorry for the late reply, thanks for giving the game a chance and writing a review!

We've received a ton of feedback about Squiliar's fight and have already changed a couple of things in her fight to add clarity and make it less infuriating. We'll update the demo in the near future with those changes.
About the puppies, that's a great idea! We could definitely add a scroll that hints towards were each one is located!

What, did you expect those jokes not being welcome? We are ready for such top level clownery!

Once again, thank you for your feedback, time and kind words! Hopefully the changes we continue to make based on feedback like yours will create a better project overall!
Let's start with what I like:
The presentation is gorgeous. Art style is very unique and appealing, and animation is solid. The various visual effects applied across the game make give it some really nice charm. The soundtrack is okay; nothing special, nothing offensive.

Unfortunately, that's all I can really praise.

At first, I was going to detail everything that I don't like about the controls, but I decided to take a different approach and just elaborate on one statement: The controls aren't fun. There's no weight to the player's jump; you fall way too slowly, with no acceleration on your fall. You can fall faster by pressing down, but it still feels floaty and weightless. The shuriken attack is too weak compared to homing slice, and enemies don't feel fun to fight when you can stun them to death with the shurikens or just kill them immediately with the slice. The dash speed is way too slow, there's pretty much no point in dashing normally instead of dash jumping, unless you need the height of an upwards dash. All of this leads to controls that aren't really bad, but they don't feel quite right. It feels unremarkable, mediocre.

What kills this demo, though, is the boss. It's absolutely terrible. It's a massive difficulty spike from the rest of the game, with poorly telegraphed and downright random attacks that are ridiculously unfair. You're expected to avoid a bunch of balls doing different things at the same with no apparent pattern while still trying to keep yourself in mid-air to hit the boss. You're expected to be able to predict from which cannon the boss is going to come out of, because the boss isn't shot from the last cannon it entered and instead is shot from a random cannon for some GODDAMN REASON. The spinning ring attack is the least unfair of the bunch, until the boss comes down and starts spinning alongside the rings, forcing you to keep track of four obstacles at the same time, with one of those obstacles having a different, much faster speed than the other three.

I believe this game can be good, but honestly, I'd advise you guys to play some old-school games like Megaman X2 and especially Shinobi 3, considering the ninja themes. Try to understand what you guys like about those games, and combine those elements into an experience that feels new, yet familiar, but most importantly, make sure those elements complement each other. Try to nail the feel of the player's movement and jump physics, before anything else.

I don't quite know what to think about this game. It doesn't feel very remarkable or fun, but I can't tell exactly why
(except for the boss, it's very clearly terrible). My best guess would be that I can't get a sense of cohesion to the player's arsenal. I can't see how the shurikens complement the homing slices, I can't see how the dash complements the double jump or wall jump. It doesn't feel very focused.

I played this game for roughly 20 minutes, and I don't really quite understand what you guys were aiming for with it. Do you want to make a fast-paced platformer? A combat-focused game with platforming elements? A mixture of both? Whatever the answer is, make sure you guys make an answer, and try to find out the best way to achieve your goals.

I don't know if much of what I said here makes much sense, but I hope I could give you guys something to think about, and I hope this game gets as good as it can possibly be.
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Many thanks for giving the game a shot and taking your time to write a detailed review.
We really appreciate the feedback, we are aware that the boss' difficulty spike is a problem many players are having with the demo. We'll be sure to address it and make the fight easier in the coming days!


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