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  1. Battle Cross FEVER

    Unique fighting game featuring many of the stars you love. Play up to 12 players in VS. or Co-op Story mode. Play on intense action Stages fighting on Rails, Snowboards, and much more.
  2. Sprite Edits Sonic 1 Title Cards - Extended

    I got bored so I extended the title cards from sonic 1. :) I hope this helps with making games.
  3. Sonic Generations Fan Game

    Average User Rating:
    The fan game equivalent of the official 20 Year Anniversary game called Sonic Generations.
  4. Sonic of the Ring: Tutorials Room Fan Game Demo 2018 v0.1.5

    today I will add the latest version, three levels and one BOSS!, new enermy, and new "modern sonic (advance)" model character. But this game still looks normal. Don't worry I will always add version up to adventure version. Thank you for playing XD
  5. Hyper's Quest 2be-iverse: Sunrise Forest Tech Demo

    This demo consists of one playable work-in-progress stage, three playable characters, and a ton of glitches that I still need to fix.
  6. Sonic Game Land

    Average User Rating:
    A work-in-progress Sonic fan game with the gameplay style influenced by the titles like Sonic Rivals and Sonic Riders.
  7. Hyper's Quest: Tube-iverse In Peril - DEMO

    Average User Rating:
    This game is a huge overhaul from the first title and has lots more to offer than it's progenitor. More information can be found below.
  8. Sonic Pixel

    Average User Rating:
    A new fangame with a nice artstyle. Play as Sonic and Shadow and explore Paradise Park, look for Chao, collect rings, and boost your way to the goal!
  9. Ultimate Sonic Fighters - SAGE 2017

    Average User Rating:
    this project was made with the intention of celebrating the 25 years of the sonic franchise, it is basically a game of 2d fighting, with frantic gameplay, simple and super fun are 15 selectable characters, the game was made from fan to fan
  10. Lloyd the Monkey

    The completed Lloyd the Monkey video game returns to SAGE!
  11. Emerald Race

    Average User Rating:
    Race past obstacles and bullet hell UFOs to collect the 7 chaos emeralds.
  12. SONIC ZONES "UDK Game"

    Average User Rating:
    This is a 3D game made with the Unreal Development Kit and dedicated by long time. There are 3D sections + some 2D sections.
  13. Sonic Districts

    Average User Rating:
    A 3D Sonic Fangame made in HedgePhysics.
  14. Sonic Advance Revamped: Special SAGE 2017 Demo

    Average User Rating:
    Sonic Advance Revamped is returning with a new engine, new features, new music, and more with a Special Demo set to debut at SAGE 2017!! *UPDATE: More Download Links Available!!*