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Sonic Riders X

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I'm not that good at constructing reviews on stuff, but this is probably my fav sonic fangame so ima do it.

Honestly, I had a fun time playing this, even if it was just a demo. The controls are smooth (Prob because I'm using an Xbox controller) and the animations look great on models. I could not find any glitches/bugs. If you somehow ignored the discord link above, join it, renders of chars n stuff are regularly posted on there. Try the demo, you won't be disappointed at all. Just one thing to add for the next build or sometime in the future. Giygas, add the crabs or the game's trash, reason for why is the picture

Edit 1: I just found out that there's even more content you're missing out on for this fangame and it's too good to not bring up. Wanting more levels in Riders X? Custom levels. Download them. Go to NoVa Chaos' channel ( and go download them all. He's a mod on the discord server so consider these levels as an extension to the base fangame. A very good amount of effort was made. Here is real footage of me discovering his channel and subscribing to him below

Edit 2: Touched up a few typos and wowee, 640 people looked at this? This is the closest I'll ever get to internet fame. Thanks and go check out Sonic Riders X! People have worked hard on it! May The Crab live on


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Amazing proof of concept of a new and modernized version of Sonic Riders, which promises stage builders for the fans entertainment and more content ports from both zero gravity and the OG game.

Plays smoothly and responsively, very similar to the first game (maybe somewhat faster?) bringing analog based tricks back and the air meter with some tweaks and qof changes, like boost holding. As its only a demo is hard to describe what should be worked on and what should not, as its easy to step over irrelevant or known information, but these are the only main issues i had with this game:
- Side Jumping Ramps (Like the ones in metal city and Sand Ruins) can lead to weird undesirable angles rather than fixed jumps. specially notable when aiming to grind spots and flight rings.
- Frustum and Collision Culling in this game works very sloppily. The game thinks it should unload things that are still on camera view, creating flashing models coming in and out of existence, including some characteristics of the main characters and the scenario behind the camera, and worse when the camera is inside a non collision based object.

and that's pretty much it. everything looks and feels gorgeous. the basics look solid, lets see how far it reaches in content!
Man this sure did bring me back ... Good job, guys! Please take all the time you need on this project, health comes first, No matter what randos can say out in the internet!! Wish you the best in further development. Cya!
Please Update Metal City To Have The Automated Section Please


Linux and Mac builds are on their way. We just recently got people that could test them for us.
I run both Windows and Linux, if you need someone to test the game on Linux and also directly compare performance on both OSs on the same Hardware im free to test it
I'm trying to play the game but it keeps stalling whenever I try to boot up the game and I'm forced to end task it.

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3427U CPU @1.80GHz 2.30 GHz

System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Windows Specifications: Windows 10 Pro

Any way too fix this?
Wow this has to be one of the best if not the best sonic fanmade game, honestly great work you guys. I just have a few questions. When will the multiplayer feature be available? And do you plan anything for a story mode? because you have all the files for the voices from the original game.
Looks very promising, it's like an enhanced version of the original game. The only thing I really missed there was a gamepad settings to map buttons.
The download link is not working, please can someone update it.
Edit: Its working now. Thanks!
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I found this on the Romstation emulator and played the demo 10/10 stars it's magnificent and nicely done I would love to play the full game when it is complete. please keep me posted
i love this game although there is a few slight problems 1. the physics feels sluggish 2. the drift feels very awkward and clunky the pros really out did the cons
hey man. can you say when will we be able to have the full version released?

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