SAGE 2021 - Demo HEDGESPIN Framework (SAGE '21 Example Demo)


8/21 Hotfix: Fixed water not being enabled on levels it should after playing a level that doesn't have water.

Alternative Download Link (here)

HEDGESPIN is a Sonic the Hedgehog framework for the game making program: "Clickteam Fusion 2.5+".

HEDGESPIN attempts to be a bridge between having genesis accuracy but also being soft-coded and easy to edit. Its currently now in a state where i'm ready to properly release it! this wont be the final release, i will continue to update and add more features.

This current release has:
- Sonic & Super Sonic
- Water
- Monitors
- Yellow & Red Springs
- Badniks & Animal Buddies
- Invisibility & Speed Shoes
- Bridges
- S-tubes (Force Roll)
- Swings
- Moving Platforms + Sink & Falling
- Big Rings
- Checkpoint Lampposts
- Loops
- Crumbling Platforms
- Spikes + Moving Toggle
- Elemental Shields
- Signposts + Act Clear

- and more! that im too lazy to write down lmao
Along with all the features within the framework, it also includes a base for a title screen, menu and options.

My anti-virus says that this .exe file is dangerous! is this actually a virus?
No, this isnt a virus. when i compile the game into a .exe, it has a false positive and it gets triggered by almost every anti-virus under the sun. I cant really seem to get around it, so its kinda just the way it is.

Why doesnt my controller work?
Yea, Clickteam doesn't really have good controller support. you can try setting it up in the options using the "Controller Setup" but that doesn't support the d-pad for whatever reason.




The source code is now live! Download here.
if you would like to continue being informed on updates or newer builds, please check out the dedicated discord server!

Discord Server Link can be found right here!


Chopp - Creator, Main Programmer
Dark(darkd, darkerglu) - Assistant Programmer
Nithil(NullSpace) - Assistant Programmer
Yonatankr - Assistant Programmer
EX64(Rifty) - Assistant Programmer

ScarlyNight - Level Designer (SAGE 2020 Demo)
LunarCryptik - Music (SAGE 2020 Demo)
* MuMu * - Character Art (SAGE 2020 Demo)

YinxNikkit(Yinx) - Character Design (Coil the Squirrel)
Beta Nexus, ChrisFurry - Sprite Artist
Aureumber, Milla The Hound, Rosabelle, Renegade, Executor The Bat - Sonic 2 Expanded Sheet

Shoutouts to:
Mr. Poe - That one dope sfx from the cd time travel overhaul mod that i used.
SNick!, akumaYin, Saturn's Rings, NUCLEAR, JaydenPixels, NicoSwitch - Previous Beta Testers
Sonic Worlds Team
Core Framework Team
SFGHQ, SAGExpo, Hedgeland, HEXILIAC.
and you!~
(music credits can be found in the credits in-game)

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Hmm, I think I might use this engine in the future. if I do, I will give credits


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