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clickteam fusion

  1. RAGE 2022 - Sonic 4 Episode 3 Chronicles 2 DX Part 1

    Complete RAGE 2022 - Sonic 4 Episode 3 Chronicles 2 DX Part 1

    It's one of the many Sonic 4 sequels seen in RAGE 2022! Very official!! Updated version with Super Sonic and new things to find! RAGE is a sort of joke version of SAGE, by the same guys as who hold SAGE. RAGE stands for Really Amateur Games Expo, and it's more of a gamejam type thing where a...
  2. Rayman SNES Prototype Recreation (Working Title)

    Demo Rayman SNES Prototype Recreation (Working Title)

    RAYMAN SNES PROTOTYPE CREATION In this game, you're playing as Rayman, the electronic limbless being created by Professor Hendrix as a gift for his nephew Jimmy, who got sucked into his computer while he was creating his digital kingdom known as the Hereitscool, which gets infected with a...
  3. HEDGESPIN Framework (SAGE '21 Example Demo)

    HEDGESPIN Framework (SAGE '21 Example Demo)

    8/21 Hotfix: Fixed water not being enabled on levels it should after playing a level that doesn't have water. Alternative Download Link (here) HEDGESPIN is a Sonic the Hedgehog framework for the game making program: "Clickteam Fusion 2.5+". HEDGESPIN attempts to be a bridge between having...
  4. Circo Dark Story:Ch.1+2+3 SPECIAL

    Circo Dark Story:Ch.1+2+3 SPECIAL

    Circo Dark Story:Chapter One + Two - It's an RPG with Top-Down shooter elements telling about the struggle between Clean Light and Сlean Darkness. Kill monsters , talk to strangers, explore the unknown...
  5. Tape

    Game Erick Golden

    Hi folks, I have started working this game since 2017! (Also 2015 I pressume I have used Gamemaker before I switched to Clickteam Fusion), please take look! All graphics are inspired by the SNES prototype of Rayman. And also fell in love with some old DOS and amiga games... Like Jazz...
  6. Erick Golden (TBA, Download ERUCK GOLDEN)

    Erick Golden (TBA, Download ERUCK GOLDEN)

    Welcome to the game starring our hero named Erick Golden, a 19-year-old blonde rodent-humanoid alike with his golden fur and the cool attitude, also love for his chocolate milk! This is a action-adventure shoot'em up game with some insane power ups, tricky puzzles, meanie enemies, etc. You know...
  7. Core Framework

    Clickteam Fusion Core Framework

    Download: Credits Project Lead: Nihil. Main Programming: Nihil, Lighto and YohananDiamond. Programming: Nihil, Lighto, YohananDiamond, Chopp, Dark and Yonatankr. Art: Tyson Tay, joshyflip, Dolphman, Ainand, Yolkin, Tales499...
  8. Hedgespin TECH DEMO

    Hedgespin TECH DEMO

  9. Sonic 3D in 2D

    Sonic 3D in 2D

    Sonic 3D in 2D is a fangame that reimagines Sonic3D Blast plot and levels with style and structure closer to the games that preceeded it. What if the final Mega Drive/Genesis game never moved away from the formula established by Sonic 3 & Knuckles, with bosses in every act and in game cutscenes...
  10. Fazbear in After - SAGE 2020

    Fazbear in After - SAGE 2020

    Fazbear in After is returning to SAGE 2020 Disclaimer: This game has some bugs, as well as crashes, you have been mention that! If you found a bug in Fazbear in After SAGE 2020 Demo, please share your feedback about this game down below in the comment, we are trying to be best. And the demo...
  11. Carlos & Maria: Pearl Madness feat. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles

    Carlos & Maria: Pearl Madness feat. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles

    Pearl Madness is a Boss Rush style level, you must fight 6 bosses without losing all your lives, otherwise, you will return to the beginning of the level to start all over again. Sonic vs. Eggman? This time it will not be possible. Has Pearl become evil thanks to someone or is this all just a...
  12. Havoc Fox

    Havoc Fox

    Havoc Fox is a 2D platformer inspired by the likes of Megaman ZX and Freedom Planet! Play as either Grey, a sword-wielding, visor-wearing fox, or Venice, a rabbit/dragon hybrid with a faithful (and dangerous) owl companion as you fight your way through the corrupted kingdom of Vanalia to stop...
  13. Rocket Brown 2

    Rocket Brown 2

    Rocket Brown is my mascot video game series that I made to pay homage to retro gaming through the lens of urban/African-American culture. Rocket Brown follows the adventure of an 80's nerd that becomes a street fighter who defends his community from various existential threats. His main enemy...
  14. Sonic Saga Alpha demo [SAGE 2018]

    Sonic Saga Alpha demo [SAGE 2018]

    [Outdated]Download link[OneDrive](OLD):!AmZhHrIBqUP7igOUji4VCEgQEdCl [EDIT]: The game is being cleaned for better perfomance and less bugs 08/19//2018 --Basic fix update commin day 08/23/2018-- (DELAYED) .--Update, major bugs and music issues-- 08/25/2018 01:51 AM >>new 7z...
  15. Knuckles The Echidna: Burrow Trouble Demo 2018

    Knuckles The Echidna: Burrow Trouble Demo 2018

    This game proposes a solo Knuckles game. The intention is to bring out some of the character's elements and personality traits and incorporate them better to suit the solo campaign, through story or gameplay. Knuckles is now able to punch enemies, but it doesn't seem very effective...however...
  16. overlord nigel

    help making a chao game

    im working on 2 sonic fangame one on rpg maker mv and one on clickteam fusion but i what to add a chao garden game to the rpm maker mv project where not only can you look after multiple chao but race and fight them (at mo i can't even evolve them) as a side part of game. the click team fusion...