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Sonic Saga Alpha demo [SAGE 2018]

Project Overview


The start
I remember that years ago j discovered Rom Hacks and played a lot of them getting interested to make my own fan game, and then Sonic Worlds, the old version. Everything was confusing and difficult, and after some frustation i gave up coming back for that years later (without any success).
Only last year i was got some result learning about this engine.

This fan game is an simple attempt and hard work and learning about clickteam fusion 2.5 and the great engine "Sonic Worlds Delta".
Being a result of my fascination about Sonic Mania and its charm.

This is a simple demo of an idea what i had years ago, but is in early development and in the future ican be something more solid and more polished!
I had too many challenges in my way! Make heavy changes on engine and adjusting everything to acomodate the wide screen, put the mania's sonic and ray sprites and re-code some stuff to work as intended, phew, im glad i was able to do this and have at least an act to show this. wacky mixed act.

and just to take note: this demo has bugs such music dont loop properly, or dont stop. Some samples dont play, and sometimes camera scroll get a bit off in some areas to adapt itself to level layout and an bad pause system, bugs that i couldnt fix in time, but wich will be fixed later.

The first idea was "Mania sequel" wich was quickly scrapped, then, old levels that wasnt present in mania. Half of this idea changed to merge old and new levels.
It happened that idea was godd and i stated making the first original level "Aurora Garden", taken from some inspiration of Sunset Shore, this zone should came after emerald hill, chemical plant and before an air plane level that Sonic goes for angel sland.

The basic sipnosys is:
"After years Sonic came back to Emerald hill for summer vacation, but he find old eggman robots and goes after them wondering why should Robotnick came back to West Side Sland after the events of Sonic 2."

In fact i did emerald hill and chemical plant, but i scrapped them since they wasnt well sharped and done, and i updated the engine 3 or 4 times to have something like i wished at start plus the fact that was supposed to be a sonic only game before Mania Plus.

[Outdated]Download link[OneDrive](OLD):!AmZhHrIBqUP7igOUji4VCEgQEdCl

[EDIT]: The game is being cleaned for better perfomance and less bugs 08/19//2018
--Basic fix update commin day 08/23/2018-- (DELAYED)
.--Update, major bugs and music issues-- 08/25/2018 01:51 AM
>>new 7z attached.
UPDATE; 09/02/2018
new 7z attachee

ii would say this game is totally made by placeholders lol

you could also try left x3, right x3 and up x3 in SEGA screen ;)

Everything is subject to change.

Screenshots and media!

A New adventure!

Two old friends diving into a mistery:


Dash and Glide
Catch rings and lose them, destroy evil robots and save animals, in:

The avaliable act of this demo.

Lost Labyrinth, located at remote, hidden areas of Marble garden wich has strong energys and disorientates who enters leaving just an hidden room to escape, are you able to find the exit?

Bonus Content

This game has the basic to offer:
For Sonic:
-Drop Dash
-Smooth Peel-Out
-Shield abilyties.

For Ray is the standard from mania wich adds his glide ability, just to leave things at basic for now.

Some screenshots:


Too many poeplo to say a thanks for help went this far!
Damizean, MCKaosu, LarkSS, Techokami, Sparks, Mr. Potatobadger, Ice God 64, and Lange.

  1. [Damizean] Moving Platforms
  2. [Techokami] Falling Platforms
  3. [Damizean] Bridges
  4. [LarkSS] Swing (S1, Green Hill Zone)
  5. [Damizean & DW] Screw + Nut Platform (S2, Metropolis Zone)
  6. [DimensionWarped] Fireball Thrower (S1, Star Light Zone)
  7. [DimensionWarped] Basic Hanging Bar (S2, Sky Fortress Zone)
  8. [Zenor] Collapsing platform
  9. [Techokami] Collapsing platform (Scalable)
  10. [Damizean] Conveyor Belts
  11. [Azu & Damizean] Teleportation Orb
  12. [Azu & Damizean] Sky Sanctuary Teleport Orb
  13. [DimensionWarped] Corks (S1, Labyrinth Zone)
  14. [DimensionWarped] Pinball Flippers (S2, Casino Night Zone)
  15. [Azu] Accelerator (S3, Carnival Night Zone)
  16. [LarkSS] Pole Pod (Original)
  17. [Rael0505] Tunnels (S1, Green Hill Zone)
  18. [Damizean & Techokami] Pinball Bumpers
  19. [Techokami] Switch-Controlled Doors
  20. [Techokami] Shutters
  21. [LarkSS] SwingPole (S&K, Mushroom Hill Zone)
  22. [LarkSS] Corkscrew (S2, Emerald Hill Zone)
  23. [Blue Emerald] Lava (S1, Marble Zone)
  24. [Techokami] Barrel (S3, Carnival Night Zone)
  25. [LarkSS] Mushroom Lever (S&K, Mushroom Hill Zone)
  26. [DimensionWarped] Hanging Lift
  27. [LarkSS & Techokami] Water Current
  28. [LakeFeperd] Fan
  29. [LakeFeperd] Thunder Balloon/Electric Blast (Sonic Chrono Adventure)
  30. [LakeFeperd] Flame Orb/Fire Blast (Sonic Chrono Adventure)
  31. [Techokami] Slides
  32. [Naoshi] Speed Pad (S2, Chemical Plant Zone)
  33. [Azu] Water Gush (S3, Hydrocity Zone)
For musicians that made some tracks and i used them:
-Tee Lopez,Karl Brueggemann ,Masato Nakamura,
-Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata

People that helped and encouraged me to keep going:
i should say names, but if i miss someone i would be sad D=

People who ripped some sprites and their spriters:
-AsuharaMoon,(spriters) Midio, Kieran Gates, Parky33, Yawackhary ,Dolphman,SEGA AND SONIC TEAM.

--The Sonic series, characters, elements and such belongs and its Copyright of SEGA, SONIC TEAM.--

Latest reviews

I know this is an engine test so I can't really give it a 10/10 but I dare say it's one of the nicest engines I've ever played made in worlds and the most accurate ray flying physics I've come across so far. I noticed a few bugs with sprites having 2 sonics during peel-out sometimes but aside from that you can tell alot of effort went into this engine.
The level featured in here has a lot of paths, which could be a good thing if kept consistent and a bad thing if monitors are more or less randomly placed. I'm not sure which yet it the case, but some of the monitor placing, platforms and level design was weird to me. The creator however makes good use of some existing Worlds Delta gimmicks, and knows how to make some very creative loops.
The drop dash code, which I know from personal experience is the creator's is the best recreation so far in Clickteam Fusion, and it is very accurate at least to the naked eye. Ray's gliding is a lot more like Knuckles, and less like Cape Mario, seeing as he only falls down and doesn't regain height, but I'm sure it's a work in progress and halfway there.
I like this demo a lot and from what we can tell the stage is going to be a ruins themed level perhaps, if it's ever altered to not be a test stage.
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this is a bad mod because when i try to press any key it wont work like when i press A nothing happens also i cant use arrow keys to choose a character this fangame is really bad please cancell this mode

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