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Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters

Average User Rating:
  • UPDATE: Added a fixed stable version of the SAGE Demo, replacing the old one

    Welcome to Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters

    The only fangame that ever would combine the entire idea of Sonic Labyrinth & The Emerald Hunting stages & Find the lost Chao mission from SA2.
    It also has a few modes of its own and you can switch between characters.

    Eggman has stolen the Master Emerald once again and trapped the animals inside capsules again. This sets of our duo: Sonic & Knuckles on a quest to free all the Animals and take back the Master Emerald again before Eggman uses it for World Domination

    When you start the game, you are treated with Story Mode. Not important for now, but the main atraction is what you unlock after that:
    -Key Mode (Where you need to collect 2 keys to unlock the gate and open the capsule to finish a stage)
    -Chao Mode (where you need to find the lost chao)
    -Connected Mode (Escentially Key Mode but its more "Open-World" and you move from one place to another)
    -Timer Mode (Beat the stage in 60 seconds or less)

  • You can unlock a few goodies after completing the main campain
  • Credits
    Spriters - Danielmania123,SilverAwesome,WinstonTheEchidna,Hexagonal,Sonikast,Shinbs,Soup Taelss
    Music - Speed_Blitz69(Composer), Lil Boulder, Sonic Team(Of Course)
    Coding - Pvic, Illias
    Stage Design - Soup Taelss, Illias​

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Recent User Reviews

  1. LilShootDawg
    "(Video in the full review!) It was okay."

    This had an okay idea. The collision isn't that great, Knuckles was in a wall, I fell through a bridge. It doesn't support controllers well. I didn't finish it because of me falling through a bridge. I just don't personally like the hunting for keys and all that.
    Illias3000 likes this.
    1. Illias3000
      You know, i would agree fully with the review if it werent for the fact that you were reviewing the unstable demo, even tho you posted it clearly after SAGE and apparently couldnt see that there was an updated Stable Demo that fixes most of the bugs that you mentioned. But eh, i dont mind it that much :v
  2. CaveQuest
    "Like the concept!"
    This had a cool concept but was just not the best I played! I started out with streaming this aswell... a few things I want changed! Level design and maybe adding annother key and make this likethe romhack Knuckles Emerald Hunt by MainMemory.
    Illias3000 likes this.

User Comments

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  1. Moonchild6279
    Whats the music from Urban Marble?
  2. Foxeh
    emerald hunt style gameplay? im for this :)

    although many times i ended up in the floor :c
      Illias3000 likes this.
    1. Illias3000
      Fixed that as of a few days ago :v
      Illias3000, Aug 29, 2018
      Foxeh likes this.
  3. Rainbowmon
    ...I want to check this out, but the download keeps restarting itself at 20ish MB. Anyone have any suggestions?
    1. Rainbowmon
      Well, apparently it's not just this one, but anything I attempt to download from the link in the attachments section of SFGHQ. Weird...
      Rainbowmon, Aug 25, 2018