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Sega seriously needs to work with you guys, I haven't played the game yet and I know the game will be good.
couldn't get past cyan city boss
very good
New to this website, and this is my first review.
Overall, I'd say that this game is pretty good, the music is awesome and relaxing, and being in the water actually feels nice and doesn't slow you down that much.

I feel like some of Bingo's animations are a bit stiff, for example when he kicks or jumps, but apart from that there are some smart mechanics of the game, and if the game becomes complete, speedrunners would gladly enjoy this.

There is a unique story, and this certainly is a unique character, with his design and story. Lots of effort has clearly been put into this, and you can tell that love has also been put into this game, especially with the music (I just cannot get over how relaxing it is!).
The enemies are fine, not the best or unique but good enough for obstacles.

The platforming in this game is really neat, and Bingo's mechanics need to be used in various ways to get through the levels. Another good thing about this game is that I could not find any bugs or lag at all, it is a smooth experience and it feels really nice.

I would recommend this game to anyone, although it is a bit short (of course, its a demo). Well done to everyone who worked on this, and I hope this game continues to grow and continue to get better.
Note for potential outside readers: The previous SAGE 2019 build on this page has since been replaced with a newer Pre-SAGE 2020 demo at the time I'm writing, so you will notice me describing elements not present on the other reviews on this page.

This fan game has no doubt gotten a lot better since the SAGE 2019 demo with the sprite art no longer suffering with an obnoxious use of bevelling, the level design now being more cohesive and the general presentation now being more flashy akin to arcade games including usage of 3D models (which I didn't even think were possible in Clickteam Fusion). However when it came to gameplay I had some problems which I'll go over here.

First problem I encountered was with the controller and keyboard bindings as they were both inconsistent. When I first loaded up the game and couldn't get past the disclaimer screen on my controller, it gave me the impression of this game not having controller support but then when I got to the game with the keyboard, suddenly the keyboard doesn't work and I have to use my controller to play. It doesn't even stop there as even the bindings on the controller changed between different parts of the game that I'll list here:
- Disclaimer screen and skipping the intro require you to press Enter on the keyboard
- Any button except start on the controller is accepted on the title screen
- (On an Xbox controller) The left analogue stick and the X button are used to navigate and select in the menus
- The cutscene with Eggman and Metal Sonic can't be skipped at all on either controller or Keyboard
- Keyboard loses all bindings in-game and now the D-Pad can be used with the A button to jump, the Y button to cancel the Spindash and the X button to switch between 4 slots that I've yet to figure out what they do
This game could really benefit with some of universal binding system (for lack of better terms) along with button customisation options so that people don't have to either switch between devices or be stuck being unable to play the game at all because they don't have a controller on standby.

Second problem was with Sonic's physics, or rather the running physics to be precise. Sonic's control for the most part is a decent approximation of the Sonic Mania physics until you come across loops or slopes as simply running on them loses all speed immediately even with a decent run up or being launched by a red spring. As a result it becomes required to either roll or use the spindash/peel out on even the most simple of loops to progress:
Last time I checked the framework used here isn't based on Forces Classic Sonic so I shouldn't be struggling to do a simple task from 1991.

Third problem came with the bosses as while they do have clear telegraphs for what attack they're gonna do, the fast attack speed for 3 of the 4 bosses did make dodging more difficult than I think they need to be for the first zone's bosses. The second Act 1 boss in particular had really fast missiles that practically required me to memorise the timing off in order to get them to hit the ship. If I jumped any 1-2 frames before they come on screen would result in them being in the air and not where I wanted them to be.

As for a bug report I did notice that if I loaded the first act after finishing the demo, Sonic would phase through the floor and die instantly causing me to restart the game. The other 2 bugs involved the score tally not loading up correctly and getting hit on the rising ship making Sonic fall to his death:

While this review has 3 stars on it, I do think this game has got potential to be great if some of the problems were ironed out and like I said before it's significantly better than the SAGE 2019 demo, so don't let the review score detract from keeping a close eye on the project. It's still an enjoyable demo, there were just some factors that prevented me from giving it the "Good" rating.
I like this fan game very much!! Like a lot....and it got really insane before every boss only problem is the jumping...Sonic feels kinda heavy...on the first boss I can barely hit the robot....
Project Hero is a great example of a refined version of the Adventure formula. It all plays fantastically and I wish Sonic Team would make a game similar to this. Hopefully, we could get some actual zones for this in the future.
First you download the file. Then get an app that can extract the files. After you've done that you should be set. If you need any other help, let me know.
how do u use a ps4 controller on this game because the game bugs out and i cant control the camera properly
when i try to open the file in unity it says invalid project path plz help
-looks nice
-Quality of life options like disabling shadows
-very faithful to the original
-Controls felt nice
-nice trick system with the board

-Homing attack is a bit iffy and it took a few tries to get the lava worm after the 2 bird chain
-some slowdown
-sonic feels just a bit too floaty

overall your project shows alot of promise and i will wait excitedly for the next update
Probably the best 3d sonic physics game I've ever played! , I know it would be very risky to upload a open source project folder for bad mods, but playing bad mods in new and linear stages with these wonderul physics has just became my dream.

Congrats to Hero and every single member behind this masterpiece, hope the 30th anniversary brings us something similar.
really good game
it has some lack of features in-game and in the game files for modification,but considering that it is a game that needs a lot of work to look amazing,it is pretty good until now
and add that sword guy already if possible,that looks very cool
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Its called Ripple Star
A really fun game that is based off the old cartoon it was fun and challanging and seeing how each character had their own abiltys in the world and I cant wait to see how this game goes
A few bugs here and there as well as some clips and frequent slowdown but other than that this is definitely sonic 2, i wonder whats next for this project? also i wonder if knuckles will be included in this game?
It shows a lot of promise especially if you can keep this very high quality in future levels, i am excited to see new developments for this project
when dose the demo come out