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Its great great music Great the Art And great the battles just a little laggy
This would be damn near perfect if you took the rubberbanding from the Tails races and removed it, then applied it to the mole boss at the end of Hill Top
I love this! sonic chaos was the first sonic game i have played. I hope the next update is soon!
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I'm sorta mixed on this, I don't want to be negative but it was really confusing on where to go. I like it overall but some sense of direction would be nice. Not much to say besides that, it's made on the Infinity Engine so it plays nice, looks great. Yeah, really say much.
Naw that's normal for 3D Sonic fan games, pretty much none of them have pre-programmed cameras. Unfortunately 3D Sonic DOES need a bit of railroading, which is why every official 3D Sonic other than R and Sonic Jam's Sonic World have the auto camera introduced in Adventure.
Got bored of Original Games so I'm moving on to the Fan Games. Sage may be over but my reviews still aren't.
So now, to kick things off we have this game, A New Spark.

I couldn't complete this due to how hard it was to see what was up ahead, especially the auto-running part. This game has potential but still needs a lot more polish if it wants to succeed. I do sorta like this concept though, it's a mix of modern plus classic sonic elements. You have something going right here, but again, it needs polish.
this is a cool game, all the levels are fun and the online mode is perfect, barely any lag, its also just fun to even just run around in the lobby area, its like sonic r 2 and i for one am all for it.
The art design of this game is quite great, it's very colorful and nice. Can't say the same about the controls, level design, voice acting. As someone else said, it's difficult to control your character, difficult to tell what's a platform or not, and the voice acting, while not the worst thing, it could be improved on as well. What you have here is something promising, just need to iron out those issues, but do voice acting as the last thing since it's not really necessary at the moment.
Thanks for your rating, the controls is for hardcore or casual players with using my hidden techniques but, you can talk NPCs to teach you about my hidden techniques.
A simple game that is easy to understand but I think the levels in this game have a big difficulty spike once the gears were in play. I couldn't complete the game because of that, but what you have here has some potential in it. If you can improve on the difficulty, then it all should be good.
There's voice acting in this game and it's surprised good. But besides the voice acting, I really like it! The controls are smooth, it's levels are fun to go through, bosses are fun to fight. It's great overall.
A trippy 32-bit-styled racing game with great mechanics~

High points:
+Tight controls
+Catchy as hell music

Tripping Points:
-Could just be me, but certain turns made me go cross-eyed with the way the track turns. I don't get motion-sick from gaming, but they did scramble my focus~
-THE STAFF GHOST, WHO I SHALL DUB 'VERA', HAS UTTERLY KILLED MY FINGERS. If you happen to find a raccoon sobing in a back-aley trash can, please send him some band-aids and cheesecake. He desperately needs it, after spending three hours trying his damnedest. It's a tough challenge, but doable if you have skill with racing games~
Cast'n'Blast is a simple game in which you play as blue robed elemental mage Solita. You have three elemental powers at your disposal, and you need to switch between them to use the correct one to deal with a specific monster or risk multiplying them.

It has some NES inspirations, especially with the bite sized level design that scrolls back and forth before you start, although it doesn't try too hard to match any sort of era. Monsters can be dealt with in a large number of ways as you can combo different elemental attributes together to get better results, such as freezing something and tossing it over to mow down another creature. Solita can also meet her maker in a wide variety of violent but tastefully PG deaths, including but not limited to having her head chomped off or being frozen and shattered into a thousand pieces, making Game Overing (which you will be doing a lot) not so stale and frustrating. Although one could argue it comes at the expense of the cutesy aesthetic and a little out of left field.

Overall a lovely experience with a twist that I thought of when I saw the oddly familiar pirahna plant but didn't actually expect. Can highly recommend and will keep an eye on.
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So I would absolutely pay money for this game. Love the art style, love the game mechanics, I actually quite like the characters and their interactions. I love Cassie's little backstory element of being a guitarist who struggles to play with her robot arm and is trying to save up for a bio graft to get back to it. That was adorable and lovely and the way you discover it by interacting with optional stuff in her room and npc's - peak game story telling, I love it. I do have some constructive criticism but I wanted to start with how excited for a theoretical finished product this demo gets me so it doesn't seem like the wall of text I'm about to drop doesn't come off as harshly negative. So, if there was an element of the game I simply didn't mention, it's because that was fantastic and doesn't need to change at all.

Overall I kinda wish enemies had drop rates. Call me old school, but the chance of a reward from clearing enemies just feels right to me. Also, I assume you put the mods as pick ups in the levels to make sure the player has access to them during the relatively short demo, but in a theoretical finished produce, maybe they can just all be bought. For whatever reason that feels like in would be the most satisfying in the long run as it would be something fun to work towards as a player. Though I found a few, (ahem - busted?) combinations, I like the mod system overall. I noticed someone suggest dividing the gun mods into categories so the mod system is less cluttered. I agree with this. I would also recommend having a separate button act as the "remove mod" button and have the back button just cancel you out of the sub menu.

Alpha feels really good to play. His movement and attacks are just amazing and work really well together. My main issue with his play through is that getting hit by something that causes damage didn't feel impactful ... Like at all. Maybe some screen shake or a more prominent sound effect or a more jarring animation to give that oomph so you get that "something took health off" out. Cassie had this problem too, but I really noticed it with Alpha more since his gameplay had me throwing myself at things. Other than that, great Job with Alpha, playing him is awesome!

As I checked over the other comments I noticed a theme with Cassie being very awkward to control. I must admit I agree. I actually remapped basically her entire control scheme to make it (I was playing on controller, so keep that in mind) The two stick bumper/trigger control scheme just didn't feel good to play. The scheme I ended up going with was left stick to aim, Right Bumper to shoot, right trigger to grapple. A for jump and x for punch. This felt significantly more natural and was more more enjoyable to use. Though this did limit the use of the aiming mechanic. Maybe a solution to this would make default pad controls my set up, but normally Cassie defaults to standard 8-positions with her shots, then add a button that lockers her left and right movement and gives her the free aim back.

Now onto the grapple hook. In theory, I love the idea of this, so much so that I almost want you to remove her double jump to give me more reason to use it, cause grapple hooks and swinging mechanics are so inherently fun in games like this. I adored the chain rod in Megaman Zero 2. However I must admit, it just does not feel good to use. Like with the getting hit issue mentioned earlier, it just doesn't feel right grappling onto something. The transition from shooting the grappling hook to actually swinging on it feels nonexistent in some subtle ways. Luckily I think it will take a very small amount of gameplay tweaks to fix that. 1 would be a distinct sound effect when you actually grapple onto something, another could be a small, 1 or 2 frame pause in her movement when the hook grabs something. Nothing enough to interrupt the player's flow, but enough to give the sense that something happened (that last one may be a terrible idea for reasons I haven't considered, but I hope it illustrates the idea I'm trying to get across.)

Also jumping off the grappling hook feels... Off. I want to believe I can use it to get some upward distance with a decent swing but that almost never seems to be the case. I don't have any specific tweak suggestions, but I wanted to bring it up.

The grapple attack is ok, but I almost never used it. but it gave me some ideas to make the traversal elements of the grapple hook more fun. Maybe instead of the grapple attack automatically happening when you hit an enemy with a grapple, you activate it by pressing a button when you are grappled onto something. If it's an enemy you get the grapple attack, but if it's a wall you send yourself flying into it. With a bit of practice in the right spots you could use such a tool to slingshot yourself around the levels, which would be all kinds of fun and give the player another interesting way to move about the levels, and (in a theoretical finished version) give speed runners some really meaty mechanics to work with.

Well, that's all I have right now. Sorry for the overlong essay. I just can't state enough how excited this game was to me and I really wanna see it go on to be an amazing full title. Upon finding a youtube video bringing this demo to my attention, I played it and created an account on this site specifically so I could give you this feedback You have something really special here and I hope you continue with it so I can throw money at you for the final project one day.
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I also think I need some better tutorial sections for how to use her grappling hook, the key with her is whatever momentum you have when you fire the hook, gets instantly redirected into whatever direction you're swinging in, so if you let yourself fall for a bit, then grab the ceiling, you go real fuckin fast cause the momentum just transfers like that. I just don't quite know how to demonstrate this in-game.

Oh and enemies are probably gonna drop stuff. Eventually I want certain types to drop mods specifically based off them (e.g. the troopers would drop a grenade mod), just haven't gotten around to re-working the drop system to the point where it actually like, works.
As far as the controls, I gravitated to what felt the most natural for me, but maybe later I'll replay her segment with the default control scheme and see if I can get it to click, if it does I'll let you know. But I'm glad you appreciate my feeback. Good luck with continued development. I'm rooting for ya.
It may feel more natural on mouse+keyboard, depending on what your tolerance is for that. Only weird bit for that one is it's shift to punch but it kinda works like a dash anyway.
Sotaknuck is an artist, as only an artist could take Sonic 3D Blast and make it worthy to be the follow up title to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, as well as the closing act for the original Sonic games. This game accomplishes everything it set out to do: to reimagine S3DB as a traditional 2D platformer, and it does so, in my opinion with flying colors. Every Zone is not just recreated in a 2d way, but are made to look breathtaking. Those who are familiar with first 3 games will be able find familiar and beloved elements these backgrounds. This game is chuck full of characters from the various epochs of Sonic's history, as both act 1 bosses and playable characters. Perhaps I may get myself crucified for saying this but if I had to choose between Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic 3D in 2D, I'd choose Sonic 3D in 2D any day of the week.
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Great game so far; good music, amazing sprite work and a warm welcoming presentation. Galactic has spot-on physics and provides us with some clear, polished level design that lets you pinball through the level with varied, geometric structures like the classics. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all function as expected. (Quick Knuckles nitpick, the proportions on his head sprites tend to abruptly change sizes, which looks weird during gameplay)

The new character Tunnel The Mole has a nice, fully realized design that keeps it simple. You can really see the 90's Sonic Team influences that don't look out of place next to the established cast.

Tunnel continues the tradition of characters having a species-specific ability tailored towards gameplay (for Sonic 1 it was Sonic curling into a ball, for Chaotix on the 32X it was Espio sticking to walls and Charmy's quick flight, and finally Mania Plus's Mighty having shell armour and Ray's glide ability), and having paths exclusive to his digging ability is a cool way to utilize him based on that criteria. The cool thing about his wall/ceiling jumps is that, in addition to being able to navigate levels in a fun new way, it's also basically Mighty's Hammer Drop but better because it PRESERVES MOMENTUM when landing on sloped terrain; It's really fun to pull off.

Fang is a cool addition as well, having his pop gun function as a chargeable double jump and an attack is a clever way to implement him into a playable role. Everything looks solid and I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.
the game doesnt work for me.when I launch it . a black window apperirs
Pls help
As silly as I think this is, I like it. I'm not too into Streets of Rage, but having Sonic characters in it would make me play it. The characters' sprites and voice clips look and sound decent, and the few characters' that I tried out, like Tails and Knuckles, their stats seem reasonable! The graphics during the intro isn't change, but at least the text is.

Also, seeing angry Tails beat up Eggrobos and Androids with a crowbaw made me laugh hard.
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Soda Magaiver
Soda Magaiver
I'm glad you like it, it was fun to make this hack too
So far, with what little bit I can judge, this already seems like a promising retro-style racing game. Graphics are bright and colorful, music is pleasing to listen to, and the controls feel polished. Hope to see more of this game in the future!
i suck at it but i really like it
so basically its like pac man but cooler
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Just binge played both characters and I'm really liking this. Cassie's controls are a bit odd and difficult to get used to so I would see her as a more advanced character to play. Really hoping for an unlockable character to add to the roster at some point. The lady bot perhaps? :3
I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered her. She's meant to be a clone of Alpha though so she'd end up with the same moves probably. I think she'd be more interesting if she played through different stages and that's like, a whole other game to add ahahaha.
Could be that she is similar but uses the mods differently than Alpha does in some ways. ^_^
Not much to say, besides that it's a neat addicting game. A suggestion I might give is to add a rank or badge system in levels, so it might give the player a reason to go for all of the gems. Besides that, it's a fun game.