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The fangame really has very good visuals and ost, but sins in level design, it is not horrible after all offers a good level of platforming and is not only hold right and win, however the enemies and death holes are very poorly positioned, have too many enemies, and to worsen have enemies and holes in sections of speed forcing the player just to move on rolling. The fangame has good ideas for zones and everything, just need to improve in level design because it has potential. In case I wrote something wrong I used the translator.
Well, describing this game is a bit hard, I think to put it in few words it's a "pick up and die" type of game because death is something that I become familiar the longer I play.
To start with positives at least the game does look very good, the characters and the backgrounds, both look great, and the parallax scrolling with the fake 3d gets my approval.
The controls are quite solid, I mean it's a Mega Man game, I don't need to say more, and the intro stage is perfect, it's hard but it's balanced and challenging, I have no complains about it.
And the music is quite rich and memorable, with very well composed tracks, I like both the 8-bit and arranged versions, the arranged versions really sound something out of MM11, if there was a thing like a "Famicom CD" this would be the closest.
But my praise stops there, because of one major prevention, THE DIFFICULTY, yes, it IS really that hard, for full disclosure I had been playing this game since yesterday, and with only short rests, and yet I only saw one boss and that yeeted me.
While the enemies making a lot of damage would be bad enough(yeah I know Proto Man is fragile but still), but the combination of other things like insta-death spikes everywhere, and bottomless pits, things that requiere split second reactions, puzzles that confuse and latter frustrate you, and so on, the combination of all of these things make what would be enjoyable into a frustrating experience, I would accept those on a Dr. Wily stage, but in normal robot master stages?... yikes!
Don't get me wrong, you did have put a lot of effort into the assets and everything else in the game, but this game suffers from the same thing as Mega Man and Bass, another "pick up and die" game.
My recommendations would be make less damaging enemies, try to not have as many instadeath spikes or bottomless pits, don't have "Don't screw up or you D I E" puzzles at the start of the game, balancing some enemies, like those things that throw balls are invincible while they throw balls at you and please, I beg you, shorten your levels! because having them being too long makes it even discouraging to continue, moreso because of the lack of checkpoints.
In any case I will try to keep updated once I manage to defeat Static Man, the only way I could get across his stage was via grinding... yeah, and I died at the guy.

Update: I finally managed to beat Static Man, I had to stack up on half damage upgrades, the good thing is that I don't auto-equip them but rather I can equip them whenever I want, so that helped a lot in the boss... which was barely acceptable standards. So My point still stands... still sastifying as hell to had beat up the guy tho.

Update 2: Scorch Woman was better, at least her stage is more straightforward and didn't took me as much time to figure the stage out, but still it's a bit frustrating and again it takes too long, also a bug made a pillar of flame stay in place and play a destroy sound constantly kind of like if I was using a turbo fire against an invincible enemy, so I had to mute the sound.

Update 3: I managed to finish off the game with Smirk man and... to be honest, that stage is actually halfway decent, it's only two sections long, it has an ok difficulty curve and the boss is enjoyable, plus I was in joy destroying everything with Static Man's weapon, using it was hysterical... ah yeah, that's one positive, at least the weapons are fun to use and useful. Only thing I got against are the typical cheap enemy placement in bottomless pits and two is the roulette, that is made for the sole pruporse of bribing you in and taking away your bolts... granted, it's a smart move from the villain but at least put me a hint that tells me not to use it! yeah I know I can restart the game but still, I found it quite confusing and annoying.
In short I don't call this game bad, it's an alright game and you can have some fun with it, just I think my points stand and I think the game would benefit so much more with those improvements I mentioned before, as it stands now it's on the same level as the aforementioned Mega Man & Bass, which is also solid but with major drawbacks.
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A beautiful recreation of Mega Man 4, 5 and 6 stages. Stages flow very well, graphics are lively and animated. Music renditions are very nice, my favorite being Cossack 1. Original games are respected, with hidden secrets in Toad Man and Cossack 1 being respected, and bosses like Mothraya are given a nice amount of polish. Things like the overpowered charge buster in the original Mega Man 5 has been nerfed by making it charge much slower, which is a very nice nerf.

EX Mode makes Dust Man's stage, which was already good in the original MM4 very engaging, using conveyor belt and crusher mechanics, along with timed-flame challenges that fortunately don't insta-kill you. Dust Man's fight on EX mode uses many interesting attack patterns in a two-pronged boss challenge.

Minor nitpicks might include Bright Man having a bit too much flashing going at once, I would probably slow it down a little bit. Dust Man might have a few too many Up'N'Downs, I might make more a visual indicator to show where they are coming out, or have them already linger above the pits before jumping over them.

Apart from that, this game looks incredible and will give many Wily Wars fans an incredible sequel with tons of replay value !
This has been an enjoyable experience overall, I am impressed by the technical and artistic showcase of this game.
The level look and the graphics are really good, I am happy to see new Mega Man sprites, I actually welcome them, of course the levels and the bosses also do look good.
The controls are solid, no doubt on that and the level design is alright also, with gimmicks that are varied enough to complement the level, the bosses are also brutal but enjoyable.
And last but not least, the soundtrack is a banger, full stop, the songs are good overall and quite memorable.
Overall, I give this game and its soundtrack a Sopa de Jungle Man/10, good job to the team! I hope to see the full game eventually.
This game is fantastic!! The game has so much potential. I saw some leaks on Twitter and the game looks very fantastic! I would pay to play, can't wait for the next demo/full game
I think this can be best described as a "boss game" and to be honest, I am all for it, I love "boss games" like Alien Soldier, so this is a treat for me.
I did initially chose protoman and while stiff, it wasn't too long until I started nailing the boss fights.
The boss fights while brutal are enjoyable, well of course some of the things I don't like, like Swoop Woman's random time of going down while still spamming me with bats or Suttle Woman's missiles, which are nigh impossible to avoid if not impossible.
Nevertheless, they do have a readable pattern that sooner or latter I can figure out.
Not only are the weapons unique but used as weaknesses are hysterical, like jumping above Defend Woman just because you don't want to play pong or using a shield against Roto Man's bombs.
All in all, if you don't drop the ball on this one, you might get a gem in the full game. I am happy to see more people using the Godot engine and showing what is capable of
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This is what 3D sonic should be in every sense, I genuinely mean that, I've had more fun with this game and its mechanics, momentum, characters and levels than I ever had on most Sega official modern 3D sonic games. The speed is great and I was able to just start this game up and go! the game looks beautiful and all the levels are translated amazingly to 3D not to mention the music is fantastic! The controls felt top notch and were real easy to get down. Every character is fun and some are definitely OP which is actually kind of cool because it let me break the game in some interesting ways and gives me an excuse to play this game more! The weight of sonic feels perfect and he is so dang snappy, I'm able to blitz away and gain so much speed and the momentum that I'm able to carry is awesome! Though this is not meant to become a super in depth experience and will be more of a greatest hits type game, let it be known that Sonic Encore has so much potential and I would love a full blown experience with a story and more stages! but if that never comes to pass then that's alright, Sonic Encore as it is now is all I could ever ask for in a 3D sonic game, its fast, its beautiful, its fun, its 3D sonic done right and I stand by that whole heartily!
To say I am impressed is an understatement.
This homebrew really did overarchieved its expectations, and having my expectations exceeded is a great experience.
Not only it boasts great graphics, but also some nice original music and a very solid gameplay, the level design is faithful yet it feels refreshing, the fact the bosses do follow the art style but still are quite big is a nice touch.
Of course I can't forget to mention Dust Man EX's stage... sure, it's C&BT, but at least it's fun C&BT, defeating Dust Man is very sastifying in on itself.
If I have two complains it would be that I don't know why the continue option sends me to the checkpoint if I chose to have finite lives for a real game over punishment and two, on Dust Man EX at least I do get said punishment but there's a small problem, the cursor places me on "select stage" so I did accidentally went back to the stage select and lost my progress on the second half of the stage and forced to do the first half.
Other than those little complains, this demo is top notch, I am hoping to see at least one of the games completed soon.
Edit: Of course the Met Party mode is hysterical too, so, props for that.
Alright, the fact this game has so much content added compared to what the '21 version had is atonishing.
I am in fact impressed of how much this game hits with each one of its mechanics, not only each character is unique but the different items you get from the stores and how they actually feel cohesive instead of slapped together is commendable.
The Music and The graphics are good as always with varied locations and very colorful places, with good character style and quite fitting music for each piece.
Speaking of characters, the writing is very good, and funny, I cracked a smile and even laughed at some of the dialog and I find the story and lore quite interesting, of course said aforementioned characters have good chemestry with each other.
Unfortunately bugs galore everywhere, it's quite common that I get soft or hardlocked and sometimes if I died at bosses then instead of stopping the boss theme it continues and it stacks with the level music, making it a clusterf...udge.
However, I am still giving the game five stars, as everything else makes it worth it.
This game oozes with love and charme! I was already impressed by the self made character sprites, but gameplay and level design feels really great too. Kinda takes me back when I played Mania for the first time. Had the same kinda joy :D
It controls really well, but I have to bump you down a star from the fact you said you aren't gonna have Axl at all
Playing this on my actual Saturn hardware is amazing! As a Sega kid growing up, and one of the few in my neighbourhood that stuck with sega through the Saturn era, I spent a lot of time drooling over magazine articles on sonic x-treme. Very disappointing when it ended up being cancelled.
It is incredible to get something very close
to what was shown in the original e3 videos and magazine articles, with fish eye lens, gravity rotation, and the original crazy level geometries. The engine is looking great with good frame rate on real hardware.
I really hope you can find the motivation to continue to work on this. Would be amazing for you to get a few more zones like galaxy fortress and red sands (both maps are in the latest sonic z-treme demo I think) into your game and get it as close to being a complete game as possible, with working badniks and level gimmicks etc.

If you’re looking for extra boss models to use, might I suggest using the Sonic R models. That game had saturn level low poly models for eggman in his eggmobile, eggrobo, metal knuckles and of course the tails doll which might all serve as boss enemies if you’ve run out of actual sonic x treme assets.

Anyway, great work, please keep it up!
I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME!!! The music was fantastic, the gameplay was on point, the levels looked amazing and metal sonic at the end was super dope! From start to finish this game had me hooked! Also the Star Dash has to be one of the best additions to sonics move set and it is so amazing to use! There is only 2 minor things with this game, the first is that there should be a way to adjust the controller layout and second is that Tails flying looks kind of weird, this is just personal preference I suppose but tails flying upright is odd but besides that, Sonic Hoshi is fantastic and it has the potential to be one of the best Sonic Fangames ever made!
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I wish I could love this game more but there are so many glaring issues that I just couldn't get past, the game will randomly turn into a mess of models, freezing at random times, not saving my display settings and having automated sections break by tilting the control stick just barely or just approaching from a different angle than intended, I cannot count how many times I died in Emerald Coast because I was facing the wrong direction on the second loop (which is automated) and being flung into the ocean.
I hope this feedback can help improve the next update!
So, I almost passed this up cuz there was no gameplay trailer or anything on this page. I ended up looking at your Youtube page to take a glance at gameplay. Looked interesting so I quickly went to play this myself. I'll just get my only real critiques out of the way. English is definitely not your first language, but I'd barely call that a problem. I understood everything no problem. The lack of diagonal movement bothered me a tiny bit, but I adjusted fairly quickly. Small nitpick.

Those aside, I loved everything about the battle system. It started pretty simple at first, but holy crap the boss went in hard and I loved every second of it! That was a perfect taste of the battle system's potential. The only thing that confused me in that fight were the green arrow projectiles they fired. At first I thought that even the arrow lines would damage me. I eventually did learn that only the arrow heads could deal damage. Maybe make the arrow lines a different color to indicate that they're harmless or don't include the lines. The arrow even lose their lines once they reach their second phase, I'm not sure why they're there in the first place.

I'm already in love with this project and I'm eager to see more!
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Even tho the game is very short, I should state it is extremely good for what it is, the creator really overdid it.
The gameplay is very fluid and fast paced, while the combat is simple is very sastifying, and really every enemy is its own unique beast, not to mention it adds simple but clever puzzle elements.
The graphics and music are both gorgeous, the first one having very pretty and varied stages with very naturalistic colors, and with glow effects that actually don't interrupt the gameplay, the music is quite relaxing and fitting for every environment, I loved every second of it.
And the writing of course is quite funny with some serious moments here and there to contrast, all of them are well done.
One thing of notoriety is that the second boss is definitively a spike in difficulty compared to the first one, but it's not too bad once you get used to its pattern.
I don't have much to say, really I don't have any real complains, it's a competent action RPG, so good job on this one.
this is an unique little collect-a-thon that I had tried, I am quite pleased to have experienced this game.
The gameplay is quite varied and fluid, not only with the dynamic running and jetpacking and wall jumping action(I always appreciate good mega man x wall jumping action), but because the movements are complemented with gadgets which can be used to either battle enemies or to help you reach hard to reach places.
The writing is quite witty, I do love the character interactions and I do like the "brawns and brain" team the main characters make.
Related to what's said before, I do like a lot the art style and the character design is appealing, smol cute fennec girls is already an instant 10/10.
Well... it would be but it has many minor and major gripes, the framerate is not very good, it tanks very easily even if it's not a very demanding game, it kind of ruins the gameplay experience. To be fair, the framerate is still high enough to be playable.
The right stick is also very sensitive, if I push it a little it goes flying all over instead of a little, so that makes it disorienting.
Plus in the levels there are graphical bugs like weird shading errors and Z-Fighting, it softlocks when I try to do the Safira's hologram quest, the explosions don't change volume when I lower or increase it, I can load the same level multiple times and so on.
On other goofs, the tutorial is not accurate to the current version, so be warned for that.
Three suggestions I could make that the team could add to the game is hearts that drop from enemies, because currently the game is stingy with hearts, a minimap, so I know where important npcs or objects are and also to know where I am because as impressive the levels are, they are a bit confusing to travel, and third would be to add musical variation between levels, again, since they are so large, of course a "level complete" screen would be grateful too so I know I accomplished something.
As is stands now, the game is very good and very fun but it has major gripes that hold it back, hopefully they will get adressed the next year, but I do appreciate the effort of the developers alone, that is commendable.
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I really love the overall aesthetic of the game, all those clowns look great ! But as much as I like them, I'd say that, strangely enough, they look a little too good for your average mob and look too similar. It kinda takes away from the more important ones (the bosses) who don't immediately look more important than the other ones (they look pretty much the same at first glance, same size, same body-type, etc.).
The gameplay is alright, movment feels good and look good, but our attacks are really lacking in terms of impact. The lore with the parchemin felt a bit unnecessary, the world doesn't seem appealing enough for it to matter and mixing it with the NPC dialogs seem a bit off.
I really liked the last boss despite the difficulty spike that it was. It was intense and really rewarding but I feel like it could be even better with proper feedback for our attacks. I love the sound design, and overall this game isn't lacking in terms of style, it looks and feels unique, and is overall still pretty fun ! This game definitely has potential and I'd be happy to see more of it.
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Thank you for trying out the game and taking your time to write a review!
We'll try to keep improving the project and make things feel more cohesive and fitting with future updates, hopefully addressing the details you have noted.

Your feedback is very much appreciated and we are glad you had a good time with the demo overall!
Once again, thank you!
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i found this game on youtube, and after trying it out for a bit i can say that i like it, somewhat. the songs are great and fun to play.

at least, most of the time. the biggest flaw has to be pink lines by far. they feel flawed by design, and that is solely because you're expected to react to new information on a dime (as opposed to a blue line, where you have the entirety of the rival's turn to process the information coming toward you). this is fine in songs with slow bpm or when the support section gives you enough reaction time, but does not mix well with a song such as stir and mix (pun not intended), which expects you to react fast to notes you can't read in time, making for some really not fun blind playthroughs.

an idea i had to fix this was to let the player see a pink bar (in a preview shown during the line before it, perhaps through an "overwriting" effect where the new bar reveals itself as the current bar progresses?) before being forced to play it, this wouldn't work great always as in most cases you would be too busy focusing on the current line, but just a thought.

a few other issues that made things slightly more complicated, but not as high priority like the pink bar issue:

figuring out the length of a blue bar isn't always straightforward, and i was caught off-guard by the half-bar that nami.wav uses

the settings menu is annoying to navigate, i could never figure out where the cursor was, could never figure out how to switch tabs, and could never figure out how to actually reach the option which changes the screen resolution (are mouse controls for just menus not something unity can do?)

perhaps it's just my hardware, but the game felt buggy at times. i couldn't progress through the story without getting a random freeze after one of the first cutscenes, and other times certain things failed to render (usually being controls and helpful ui elements in the menus) leaving me confused and usually following up with a freeze.

being on lo-fi can be quite disorienting with the beeping added, which personally has caused me to screw up even more and turn a "last chance comeback opportunity" into a "last struggle of despair", if it was meant to help the player with getting the rhythm back there are much easier ways to do it

now, i'll add a few things that are done very well as well:

the songs are great, some may not find them great, taste is subjective, personally i find them great and it sounds like a lot of effort was put into them

just the fact that controls show what you actually have them bound to during a song is helpful, makes for a much easier experience than, say, playing parappa the rapper with an xbox controller

i feel this game has a lot of potential, loads of it even, it's just that pink bars feel flawed in multiple ways which hurts the game substantially.
Honestly playing this game is a revelation, as is, it's just an engine test but because there are actual characters with personality and designs I can pretty much say this is a game.
Even with the few features it has, however, I am shocked of how good the engine itself performs, it's fast paced, it very responsive and it plays very well.
Sure, the computer can try and cheese me if I am being dumb, but if I am being smart I can turn the tables and cheese them too.
And the characters themselves while nothing new or crazy, they are serviceable for a fighting game, I mean "if it's not broken, don't fix it". it's even better this way since it makes sense to people that played fighing games before(IE: me) and people that didn't.
And of course I can't forget to mention that the animation and the pixel art are great, and the music is good too,
In short, the game, even if just started, it has a lot of potential, I am excited to see how it grows.