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i really cannot emphasize enough how much i enjoy this demo, its almost more of a full game than a demo with how many hours i put into S ranking every level.. that and the cowboy tasks brought a LOT of replayability and perfecting every single level really lets you take in how great the level design and control is.. the level design may just be my favorite aspect of the game cause it always feels fair and there always seems to be room for improvement and figuring out what would be the most optimal route for racking combos was almost like solving a puzzle, i love the whole aesthetic of pizza i adore all the art the control really the whole design theres very little flaws here that i can find asside from the few times the demo crashed on me, it really baffles me that the creator apparently had very little experience in game design before this seeing how rewarding and fun the design is, anyway i could gush about how perfect this game is forever but i just wanted to leave this review saying i am wholely excited for the full game and have been pestering everyone i know to check this demo out
Ever since playing Sonic Adventure as a kid, I've longed for a smooth 3d Sonic enginge... Sonic - Project Hero is exactly what I envisioned.

This engine is so exciting to me. Sonic Team needs to do with this what they did with Sonic Mania, and recruit the fans to make their next game; if the next 3d Sonic's engine is even close to this one, it'll be the best one yet.

I have not had more fun in a 3d sonic game, and this game doesn't even have textures, let alone levels, or even goals.... If a full game is made with this engine it will without a doubt be the best 3d Sonic game to date. Of this, I am certain.

Please keep up the amazing work!
An absolute true master piece, few games ever reach the heights of originality and sheer zany style that Pizza Tower flawlessly demonstrates, reaching sky high towards heavenly greatness. Navigating the main character through level after level of sheer insanity as you crawl towards the top is absolutely incredible! Extremely recommended!
It's a pretty fun spin on the Castlevania formula, honestly! Yet to try the main project though, and I'll likely wait until the next demo's release just so I can experience it raw~

High Points:
-Controls really well and has a good set of challenges associated with it~
-Great soundtrack~
You definitely keep within the NES barrier and bring out its nuances to the fullest~
Tripping Point: I found a softlock during the third stage where falling through a ladder transition point instead of gripping the ladder(
maybe I accidentally input up to grip the ladder as the transition went? I don't know...) causes not only a lack of transition but also a lack of control thereafter. Had to reset the entire game, since even the pause button wouldn't work. Of course I end up finding the weird bugs~ : |

Mixed Nuts:
Funny note, I had a time and a half setting up my controller for the game. For whatever reason, it wouldn't save my controls no matter how many times I tried. I was going to make a snide joke about how I had to play the game with the controller in my lap, with a finger apiece for the Square and Circle buttons on my PS4 controller(and another about the lack of music)... but it turned out the issue was that my copy of 7-Zip didn't remove the Data folder from the Zip File, which is where the file for the controls is saved. As is standard when I play games, and in reference to another name I use, I become Soudumm as opposed to Souget~ XD
Hero should be commended and sort after by SEGA. This demo is not only the best control for Sonic I've experienced, in the entirety of Sonic's rocky transition to 3D, neigh it's one of the best experiences I've had with Sonic. The seem-less integration of the drop dash from Sonic Mania and items from Sonic 3 completes a very empty space in SEGA and Sonic Teams vision of the characters gameplay. Fans are creating the best experiences, it started with Christian Whitehead, and dare I say it will be completed with Hero.

I'm blown away!
Honestly, this fan-game is fun and definitely has some neat and interesting ideas. Of course, as some people have already pointed out, there's some unfair level design (such as springs that send you into enemies. Don't do that, pretty annoying). This fan-game can be a bit difficult, and the saws have a broken hitbox. You kinda need to fix it. Also, I'm not a big fan of the sprites for this fan-game for sonic and knuckles and the enemies. I'm ok with you editing the sprites from their originals, but the bevel effect isn't a good effect to use on them.
My main problem with the enemies is that they look out of place. All of the other sprites in the area are defined, but the enemy's sprite is blurry, undefined, and not fixed which is what makes it out of place.
Lastly, I think the explosion effects are overused here, and I think they need to be toned down a bit.

With all that in mind though, I'm still able to have fun in this, but it's not perfect and needs work. I hope this review helps.
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Captures the finesse of Sonic's original gameplay in 3D. What more can you say?
A unique concept that's tons of fun! Very much like Ape Escape, and that's a fantastic thing. Looking forward to the full game!
An excellent engine for Sonic and friends, giving the player full control over each characters' movement style. Just a few kinks left to iron out.

I absolutely love this demo, and can't wait to see what comes next with this Engine. Project Hero definitely provides one of the most fun, engaging, and freeing Sonic experiences I've ever played, and this is only a tech demo!

The ability to control sonic completely even at high speeds is a HUGE plus. Being able to quickly turn 90 to dodge around a badnik feels super satisfying.

The added bonus of the Extreme Gears is a beautiful example of how much the devs love Sonic and his lore. the gears control so smoothly. My only critique of the gears would be that you can't switch drifting sides without exiting the drift animation (as in start drifting left and then switch sides to drift right before breaking and boosting forward). If they fixed that it would be the most smooth gear experience I've seen yet!

As far as sonic controls, the only big gripe I have with this control scheme right now is without boost pads there's very little way for Sonic to make it around the loops without spindashing. Normally running, without the ability to boost (which if they integrate boost pads would not be that big a deal) makes it very difficult to build up enough speed to make it around the loops without slowing to a halt and falling off halfway through (which is an interesting thing, considering the donut shaped piece of land works 100% of the time.) Definitely think they should at least show what a boost pad would act like in this Engine, because for faster sections of a level it would be nice to have those, although still without losing control of the character.

Besides that, I've been loving this demo to bits! You guys are doing great work, keep it up! Can't wait to see the game you guys make off this engine. ^w^
I can't seem to download the game please help me
same!!! PLZ HELP
hey guys, you can download the file but you will need winzip to open the file to play the game. Enjoy!
This has potential to be a really great game, but I feel like a few things could stand to be worked on.

The combat with enemies is probably my biggest gripe. It's fairly cumbersome to fight with them when they bounce around as much as they do upon being hit, with the green troll enemies often flying off platforms while I'm trying to dispatch them. The enemies tend to have more health than they really need as well, making them feel damage spongy. I'd suggest having enemies take a maximum of two hits, so that they still have some combo potential but don't take too long to deal with. The flying enemy in particular would probably benefit from only having one HP.

Some more minor complaints are that the health bar is quite difficult to read (maybe make the broken parts a different color?) and that it's difficult to tell when you've taken damage from something.

Otherwise, I love the sprites, animations, and movement mechanics. I'm excited to see this come out as a full game!
At first, this seems like definitive package. It's not hard to see why that is, either. Widescreen support, Beautiful remastered cut-scenes (amazing work as always, Triangly!), some lore fixes (being able to use Super Sonic in the first zone was a nice touch!), and even some extra sprites thrown in as well (Sonic be lookin' SMOOTH!)!

So, why isn't my rating higher?
Well, let me address the elephant in the room,
The Boss difficulty.

For some reason, the bosses were changed from the previous versions. While that seems to be a neat idea on paper, in practice, the changes were for the worse, not the better. The Storm Station Boss is a prime example of this (in my opinion). Even after the 2.0 patch, some of the boss patterns and projectiles are so stupid hard that after I beat the game, I felt like I never wanted to replay it. I'm not the only one with this opinion, either.

A minor nitpick as well is the physics changes, while I have no problems with the normal ground physics, while you're underwater, however, it feels like you can jump into the stratosphere! It just doesn't feel right. Again though, it's just a minor problem.

So, in conclusion, while I like the IDEA of this version, I simply CANNOT recommend it over the previous ones. Especially to the people who have never played After The Sequel before. The bosses are really frustrating sometimes, and they just don't work well in my opinion.
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Lets get this out of the way..


-No rail-grinding.
-Light speed dash doesn't connect or stay on a trail very consistently.
-Momentum-based homing attack doesn't feel as fluid as I thought it would. (But that's just a nitpick, I thought the angle would be more like in Sonic GT.)
-Homing attack is sometimes difficult to use when going at high-speeds because it won't hone-in on enemies.
-Camera will occasionally keep moving towards the floor again and again, forcing me to close the game. (I originally thought this was a controller issue, but when I disconnected my Xbox controller, it still kept going. I don't have any other controllers connected.)



PS:Seriously though, this game is amazing. I probably would've given this a 4.5 star rating if that was possible on this website, but it's not. I rounded up because that's how math-class works and because this demo is legitimately my favorite game ever. I don't care if there are no levels. I've been watching this project from the beginning and it has been well-worth the wait. Every movement, every option, every detail feels like something that adds to the gameplay. Everything is meant to flow into everything else and I LOVE it. Thank you, Hero.

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Pretty good action game with a corny memey story. The demo's content is sizable and I was surprised to see it is from the Dash Cats developer. Good to see another game from you.
The boss fights are pretty enjoyable, and although the demo's final stage was a leap in difficulty with very precise input requirements and fps drops on my laptop, it... has been disgrace after disgrace here lately and clearing that challenge after 30 minutes helped me unwind. Thanks.
I also saw there are two more playable characters but I wasn't enjoying the sombrero blob much, left the game for later and now my laptop got the click of death on the HD and I can't play anything. Farts.
Again, Triangle Boy is fun and I'm looking foward for more of it!
Bolinha nervosa ;) Congratulations for the project. Great concept, I like the creativity of it all
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Hyper Emerson
Hyper Emerson
Thanks, @lex! It was great to play Open Surge this SAGE too!
Surprisingly good even through boost implementation feels neutered. Even without the boost mechanics fleshed out it feels good just to play as normal. I can get behind the concept. You could work on adding air boost, stomp and quickstep mainly to make it feel much better. (drift not needed since sonic handles fine). if you can't do that at least like make the homing dash a little longer! Like i'll instinctively use it, misjudge distance and fall to my death.
I don't know why people will say "Better than the original" to ANY version of ANY Sonic 06 level.

This was waaay too buggy. This engine wasn't designed for this type of level. The part where you rocket off the speed boosters and onto the rail... I had to do that at least 10 times because it was super hard to land perfectly on the thin rail... and you didn't add kill planes properly so even though I fell to the bottom of the stage, I didn't die.

The Mach Speed section ... okay I get adding the wisps to make it easier to gain boost speed... but the issue is it's very hard to see them when you're boosting. Also not being able to see the tornado behind you was an issue as well as, with this engine, when you do the lightspeed dash, you come to an almost stop, so that option is pretty much out. It'd be better if you could light speed across the rows of rings and keep your speed.

I managed to finish it, but this really needs some work to be good
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This is really cute, I would LOVE to see more of this. It borrows from Sonic but has its own original ideas and identity. I am curious to see where you go with this.

I did seem to drop a lot of jump inputs though ... I don't think it's my controller cause it works fine in other games. Also is the level supposed to scroll up and down when you stop? If so that's a little distracting and if not... then it is my controller

Either way, short but sweet. Keep up the good work
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Hey, thanks for the kind words! :) Yeah, I didn't really program the game with a controller in mind. I seem to also be having this issue, after I just tried the game with one upon reading your review, thanks for the heads up, will see what I can do! ^^
Incredible aesthetic. Despite being a relatively short demo if you fly through it, this game feels brimming with character and content. The art is super detailed and fun and colorful. The music just rocks, particularly the main theme. Love it! Can't wait to see more.
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S&K Newtrogic Panic can become one of the best fan games along with Sonic Time Twisted and Sonic XG.

Some problems make this a imperfect thing examples are sonic sprite colors, some bugs with Knuckles, level desing very awkward but is not a mess and changes can make this a great demo and congratulations for making this.

P.S. I love tha stages animations they are lovely.