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Christmas SAGE 2023 Sonic Spectre v0.6


You can't unpause with a controller, press "enter" to pause/unpause

At the beginning you choose your input. Do so or you won't be able to play the game obviously.

There used to be issues with Copyrighted music. The copyrighted track has been altered.

This game is NOT a creepy pasta/horror game. But it does have flashing/fast moving images so be warned.


So far Sonic Spectre includes:
- 3 Playable characters (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) all with their respected abilities
- 6 fully completed zones consisting of 2 regular acts and 1 boss act
- Entertaining zone transitions that give some context to the game's events
This is one of mulitiple demos that will come out in the future until the game is fully finished


- Super Peel out: Hold up + Jump
- Drop Dash: Hold Jump when jumping

- Flight: Tap Jump when jumping

- Glide: Hold jump when jumping
- Climbing: Glide to a vertical wall and when attached press up/down to move up/down

- Press Jump/Special/Extra/Start to skip.

- Press Jump/Start to continue/select
- Press Extra to go back
- Press "delete" (on your keyboard) to delete your progress

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Reveal Trailer:

Jaypin88 playthrough:


Major changes list:

  • A fully complete new zone has been added: Spring Sierra Zone.
  • Metal Sonic/Tails/Knuckles boss fight has been completely redone and is actually good now.

Minor changes list:
  • Menu has been altered to be easier on the eyes
  • Indicator for Peel Out to make it more clear when your Peel Out is ready has been added.
  • Waterfall Capital background has been made easier to distinguish from the foreground.
  • Waterfall Capital sprites have been improved
  • Waterfall Capital Lobstorm badnik projectiles can now be destroyed. Making the badnik a bit more fair.
  • Waterfall Capital act 1 layout has been made easier
  • Black Bull boss attack has been delayed making it easier to avoid.
  • Egg Phoenix has been made easier:
position has been lowered to make reaching the platforms easier
landing area on his body has been made larger to make the bounce from the springs easier
  • Music in Freaky Funfair act 1 has been changed to avoid copyright.
  • Sub-Aquatic Speedway act 1 layout has been made easier
  • Stage Clear jingle has been altered
  • Cutscenes have been altered to use better artwork by SenulikYT
  • Some music changes to fit the zone better and loop properly.

Known issues:
  • Can't unpause using ontroller: Unfixable, press enter to unpause
  • When touching a trick ring in Sub-Aquatic Speedway Act 2 you get sent upwards sometimes: No clue how to fix.


<Game by>

<Sonic Worlds Delta engine>
Damizean, MCKaosu, LarkSS, Techokami, Sparks, Mr. Potatobadger, Ice God 64, Lakefeperd and Lange

<Game Advisor/Beta Tester>
Hilda Marston

Sonic sprites: Shinbaloonba, TheBearBridge
Tails sprites: Shinbaloonba, TheBearBridge
Knuckles sprites: Shinbaloonba, Zenor, Yawackhary, Fox Omega
Doctor Eggman: TheBearBridge
Black Arms: Speendlex, TheBearBridge, Cylent-Nite
Black Doom: Hypershadow (Hykem the Dark Hedgehog)
Hilda: Nico:D
Big the Cat: The Mod.Gen project team
NPC’s: Shinbaloonba, TheBearBridge

<Title Screen/Menu>
Sprites: TheBearBridge, Sonic Team

<3D Toei Sonic model (SEGA screen)>
By Xinus23

Sprites/Art: SenulikYT, TheBearBridge, Sonic Team, Speendlex
Music: Sonic Team, Bandai Namco, Valve

<Waterfall Capital zone>
Sprite art: TheBearBridge, Sonic Team
Black Arms: Speendlex
Black Bull sprite: Cylent-Nite
Act 1/2 music: MaxieDaMan
Boss music: Bboynoe

<Windy Woods zone>
Sprite art: TheBearBridge, Sonic Team, Capcom
Black Arms: Speendlex
Act 1/2 music: Sonic Team
Boss music: Konami

<Freaky Funfair zone>
Sprite art: TheBearBridge, Sonic Team
Act 1 music: TT games
Act 2 music: TT games
Boss music: Jahn Davis

<Sub-Aquatic Speedway zone>
Sprite art: TheBearBridge, Sonic Team
Doom’s Eye: Speendlex, TheBearBridge
GUN soldiers: thn001
Act 1 music: Nintendo
Act 2 music: Sonic Team
Boss music: Capcom

<Curved Canyon zone>
Sprite art: TheBearBridge, Sonic Team
Act 1/2 music: Sonic Team
Boss music: Konami

<Spring Sierra zone>
Sprite art: TheBearBridge, Sonic Team
Black Assassin: Speendlex
Act 1 music: Andy Tunstall
Act 2 music: Square Enix
Boss music: Konami

<Sound effects/Voice clips>
Sonic Team
Protoculture Games

“Sonic Worlds Delta Font”: Techokami
“Doom Font”: TheBearBridge

<Special Thanks>
Sonic Team
And you!

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Latest reviews

I thought that I would have the same problem like with 0.5 but NO! It actually work! and I had great fun!
The music, the art, EVERYTHING was great! I was happy that it was working and the bosses were tough but they were creative! Also I like the boss name of Curved Canyon Zone: I like the pun and it gave me a chuckle. Also I liked the v2 of the Metal Sonic/Tails/Knux Boss (more tougher but fantastic).
Five Stars at this fan game! I deserves it!
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Reactions: TheBearBridge
Thank you so much! That means the world to me. I hope you look forward to the future of this project!
Yes, I'm very excited for the future. I hope that stupid game-breaking bug that I got when I tried the 0.5 version doesn't happen to me again because I would be very sad if it would happen.
Way better than the previous demo. I really liked all the improvements. The new Metal Sonic boss is much better than the old one. Spring Sierra is also a very nice addition. Still not deserving of 5 stars but getting closer.


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