1. Sonic the Hedgehog TX

    Demo Sonic the Hedgehog TX

    Many years ago, I created my first Sonic the Hedgehog ROM Hack -- Sonic the Hedgehog TX. It wasn't very good, but it was one of the first times I ever did any sort of game development. Now fast-forward to 2022, and I have many years of Game Maker experience under my belt. For a game jam, I had...
  2. El Misterioso

    Sonic should never be exclusive to any company.

    A person once said stupidly, "Sonic Should Be an Xbox Exclusive" all his points are easily destroyed, but this person made me think… Sonic should never be exclusive to anyone, Sega would simply lose money and many people would not be able to enjoy Sonic, like those who play on PC, Super Mario...
  3. Sonic ball platformer 2

    Complete Sonic ball platformer 2

    A sequel to ball platformer 1. To be honest this is my favorite ball platformer game. 1/3 and adventually CD are great. I will always have good memories makeing this one. Also tails is here. You know what they say , 2 balls are better then one.
  4. Sonic ball platform

    Demo Sonic ball platform

    Dumb fun sonic game . Short but sweet . The other games in the entry are better
  5. SamLovesCola

    Where can I find a good engine for gamemaker studio 2

    So I wanna make a sonic fangame and I have the tools to do so but I really need a engine for it. It would be really apreciated if you could send me a link to one. Thank You!
  6. El Misterioso

    Sonic should be a Nintendo Exclusive (IS A SATIRE PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS)

    Warning: this post is a satire of "Sonic should be an Xbox exclusive" Because Sonic should be a Nintendo exclusive, WHY NOT. If Nintendo bought Sega, the Sonic games would be better since they would have more budget, because MONEY IS EVERYTHING TO DEVELOP A VIDEO GAME Sonic will also have a...
  7. Super Sonic Speed Course

    Demo Super Sonic Speed Course

    SUPER Sonic Speed Course is a reboot of Sonic Speed Course built to feel smoother to play and be more original. available is a small 3 level demo showing some of the new game play mechanics and gimmicks Download the April Fools demo >>>> here <<<<
  8. Sonic Skylight

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Skylight

    As you may know, Sonic Skylight is being made in the Scratch coding engine. It originated from an idea that modern sonic gameplay could be in 2D, but still play smooth. Features are being decided on by our developers, but the demo of the game includes a stomp, air dash, boost, slide, and spin...
  9. El Misterioso

    Money isn't to blame for bad Sonic games, Sonic Team is the problem

    I just saw a guy who said that if Microsoft bought SEGA Sonic's problems would disappear and NO, money is not the problem. Sonic Team is to blame for Sonic Forces and the other bad games (Sonic Lost World is not a bad game, it's a bad Sonic) their problem is not money (Sonic Forces was a...
  10. El Misterioso

    Fan Game Sonic Inabilities

    An alternative version of Sonic Forces, it would be a Visual Novel type game in this game in the end the heroes did not win, everything would go normal until Infinite appeared and defeated Sonic but did not let anyone escape Eggman told him to trap them in a dimension of pocket a little...
  11. AB_HIVEMIND 1.5 (2019)

    Demo AB_HIVEMIND 1.5 (2019)

    Last I left off this game was still a WIP but it wasn't gaining much traction eventually I threw in the towel it was a lot of work I was one guy with a small super supportive team behind me but not much support at home what we see now is just a bunch of fans having fun! Hopefully you will too...
  12. GenkaKami

    Fan Game Sonic Mystical Adventure

    Click On the image to download the demo (if doesn't work go in gamejolt and download it) WARNING: (also i lost my old account) I always post news about the fan game on Gamejolt Here's the...
  13. Sonic: Lock & Load

    Complete Sonic: Lock & Load

    Welcome to the next level. Sonic: Lock and Load is a first-person shooter built on the GZDoom source port about everyone's favourite speed fastest blue hedgehog. Playable characters Sonic the Hedgehog The fastest character in the game, Sonic offers the ideal gameplay for Sonic: Lock &...
  14. Sonic Relations

    Demo Sonic Relations

    This visual novel tells the story of a deeper relationship between Sonic and Shadow, the development of which changes depending on the player's choice: hedgehogs either become nice, sincere friends, or have a real dislike for each other (or, at least, only Shadow for Sonic). They experience...
  15. HyperAliceOfficial

    Fan Game Alice Adventure: Definitive Edition

    (10/23/21 12:35 AM) After about 2 months in development, the full Version 1.5 is officially out! Check out the official Game Jolt page for an update log. Special thanks to Ale G. (Toei) for the sprite replacements/animations. Also special thanks to Wey the saiyan hedgehog for Zlaneburg City Acts...
  16. Ice Sonic Mod for Sonic Colors Wii

    Complete Ice Sonic Mod for Sonic Colors Wii

    Mod made by Supersonic Blaster Gamebanana Link: To Support me, subscribe to my YT:
  17. Seany C

    Sega Saturn Controller Support (USB) UPDATE

    Hey everyone, I have loved this years SAGE21. I thought I would enjoy playing this fantastic 2D Sonic games with the Sega Saturn USB Controller. Unfortunately the games to not recognize the up, down or Start buttons and only 1 of the lettered buttons works as a select and jump. I was...
  18. Ruby Project: Sollire

    Ruby Project: Sollire

    Project Ruby is a Gradius-style Shoot Them Up combined with bits and pieces inspired by Sonic, Megaman and Zelda. This demo is early in development, but will receive daily updates throughout the event with the inclusion of new enemies, weapons and gimicks! Be sure to check it out! Version...
  19. Big's Big World

    Big's Big World

    Frooooooggyyyyyyyyyy! Oh no! Where did Froggy go this time? He's lost somewhere out in the big world. Play as Big the Cat and help reunite him with his pollywog pal in this open-world adventure. Download: Big's Big World (Windows Only) Updated 8/29/2021 2pm PST Recent update notes: -Fixed...


    A 3D Sonic Project, heavily focused on the Action and Level Design flow. This time Sonic is visiting a Mountainous region, high up in the sky. What awaits him? Just a fun Snowday... This is a one-stage Demo for a fan project. The Link for the Demo is in the Media section. Minimum Specs...
  21. Sonic Discovery

    Sonic Discovery

    I made a small demo called Sonic Portals for SAGE 2020 to test the waters for game development. Now that I'm closing in on my final two years of high school, I want to start making more projects and start pushing myself to continue learning. Sonic Discovery was made using the Flicky8 framework...
  22. Emerald Ties (SAGE2021 Demo)

    Emerald Ties (SAGE2021 Demo)

    INTRODUCTION The old fangame classic is back! And with a 10 Act demo! Development on this fangame has been on and off every several years. Recently, it has moved to the Core Framework, allowing a much smoother gameplay much like Sonic Mania, including the Drop Dash! Unfortunately due to time...
  23. Sonic FGX: Ultimate

    Sonic FGX: Ultimate

    DOWNLOAD HERE: Sonic FGX: Ultimate by PVic - Game Jolt DISCLAIMER The purpose of this version is NOT to replace the original game, it is an alternative. It is my interpretation of what FGX was trying to achieve and my attempt at modernizing it by taking multiple elements from the Sonic...
  24. Flow Engine

    SAGE 2021 - Framework Flow Engine

    FLOW ENGINE A Rush/Advance-styled 2D sonic engine. I originally built this engine a while ago when attempting to learn how to use Godot Engine. Since then, it has grown to include more and more stage elements and mechanics. Features Include: Spline-based rails Boosting Stomping Rings Basic...
  25. Linum Framework (Playable)

    Linum Framework (Playable)

    Thanks for playing during the SAGE 2021 week. If you're interested in future updates, please follow the GameJolt page! Linum is a framework made in Construct 2 It's heavily based on Core Engine and also inspired by Open Surge! It has level...
  26. Sonic Illusion (SAGE '21 Demo)

    Sonic Illusion (SAGE '21 Demo)

    SONIC ILLUSION Sonic Illusion still does not have a very clear story, in which I will be working to make sense of the game, I can say that this fangame seeks to be a direct sequel to Sonic Mania, since Sonic Mania Plus, I took it as filler by not presenting anything new in the history...
  27. Chaos Dynasty Honey (SAGE '21 Demo)

    Chaos Dynasty Honey (SAGE '21 Demo)

    CHAOS DYNASTY HONEY (Box art: Kaosu-chō Hanī) DOWNLOAD Latest Version: SAGE '21 Demo - Release Alpha 1.0.2 Notice: The contents of this demo are still somewhat unpolished. Expect a minor gameplay/visual update before the end of the expo! -Updated Camera and movement -There is a known issue...
  28. Sonic & Blaze

    Sonic & Blaze

    Welcome the the SAGE 2021 demo release of Sonic & Blaze! Originally designed to be a 2D Sonic Adventure 3 (which you can see remnants of if you look at the save file name), when I resumed development I wanted to turn this into something more Sonic Rush inspired with some aspects of the 3D games...
  29. Sonic EXP - SAGE 2021 Demo

    Sonic EXP - SAGE 2021 Demo

    Sonic EXP is a fan game made for fun and experience! It is based on the Motobug engine, an engine I built entirely with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, which has been in development off-and-on since 2017. The game itself initially began last year to guide the development of both Motobug and the...
  30. Sonic 3D Blast Xtreme

    Sonic 3D Blast Xtreme

    Sonic 3D Blast Xtreme, is a 3D Fan Game based on Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Xtreme, This is a Full 3D Sonic Fan game, With new soundtrack, Heavy Metal like Sonic Adventure 2 There are 7 stages and 7 bosses, original Music, and please provide feedback, I am making a new Game. There is only one...
  31. Project Hopes (SAGE 2021 DEMO)

    Project Hopes (SAGE 2021 DEMO)

    The lastest game of EggsDev! In the first demo, Sonic and Shadow seperately encounters Mephiles, the main antagonist of the Mephiles Arc! Play as both of them in 2 different enviroments, Grassy Fields and Sensational Seaside! Enjoy!
  32. HEDGESPIN Framework (SAGE '21 Example Demo)

    HEDGESPIN Framework (SAGE '21 Example Demo)

    8/21 Hotfix: Fixed water not being enabled on levels it should after playing a level that doesn't have water. Alternative Download Link (here) HEDGESPIN is a Sonic the Hedgehog framework for the game making program: "Clickteam Fusion 2.5+". HEDGESPIN attempts to be a bridge between having...
  33. ARK Framework (SAGE 2021 Build)

    ARK Framework (SAGE 2021 Build)

    UPDATE: The framework is currently being rewritten. If you want updates, look up on my Twitter ARK is a 2D Sonic toolkit running on top of Unity, with the goal of being easy to use but powerful to the end-user The framework allows realtime editing of level/player variables, such as how moving...
  34. Sonic Riders X

    Sonic Riders X

    A re-imagining of Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders ZG with our own ideas to put a spin on it. Starting characters in the Demo: Stages in the Demo: Download Link Sonic Riders X Demo Join our Discord if you'd like!
  35. Sonic stage collection

    Sonic stage collection

    Sonic Stage collection is a collection of stages of sonic that uses dash engine, the game still a wip so expect bugs, collisions errors (the grass on sunset heights) and stuff, hope you have fun :) link to to dowlad the game: thanks to...
  36. Sonic Hoshi (2021 Demo)

    Sonic Hoshi (2021 Demo)

    Sonic Hoshi is a FanMade game of Sonic which goes inbetween the story of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. The story goes like this: After the destruction of the Death Egg in West Side Island, and the destruction of the Death Egg Robot, Sonic falls into a new island which he wasn't familiar with. That is...
  37. Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel

    Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel

    DOWNLOAD HERE: Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel by PVic - Game Jolt It is also highly recommended you read the manual, available here. __________________________________________________________ Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel is an ARENA BRAWLER in which up to eight teams battle against each other...
  38. Sonic ROCKET Revamp Framework

    SAGE 2021 - Framework Sonic ROCKET Revamp Framework

    Hey, I'm Extem the Hedgehog, and I made a thing. Hello, people of the Sonic Community! Recently, I've been working on an easy-to-edit Modern Sonic Framework in Scratch using Tomicool's Genesis Sonic Engine as a base. I've based it on the mechanics of the Rush and Advance series' with a few...
  39. Not so Simple Sonic Advance 2 Worlds (Sage '21 Game Demo)

    Not so Simple Sonic Advance 2 Worlds (Sage '21 Game Demo)

    I apologize for the long wait and I thank you for being patient with me. I am happy to announce the update is FINALLY HERE! This update includes a revamped + extended Act 1 and newly included Act 2. I hope these levels are long enough for you to enjoy in this small game demo! Not so Simple...
  40. Five Nights at Sonic's Side Story Act 1 [SAGE DEMO]

    Five Nights at Sonic's Side Story Act 1 [SAGE DEMO]

    Disclaimer: This is not an official Five Nights at Sonic's game. This is a fan production made for the sake of making it, so I made it... again. Five Nights at Sonic's was originally created by TheCyVap and is currently owned by SmilerFurcifer. Five Nights at Freddy's was originally created by...
  41. Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: In The Belly Of The Beast

    Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: In The Belly Of The Beast

    (Cover art by sqrly jack) Check out our website ( for all the latest updates! Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: In the Belly of the Beast is the second episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog RPG (e.g. SatAM RPG) series, whose first episode debuted at last year's SAGE (Click here to...
  42. Mobius: SAGE '21 Edition

    Mobius: SAGE '21 Edition

    THE WORLD’S MOST WAY-PAST-COOL WARGAME JUST GOT COOLER Mobius is a fan-made tabletop wargame based on Archie Comics’ 24-year run of Sonic the Hedgehog, allowing you to fight Large Skirmishes in the worlds of Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog! It features stats for all your favourite heroes and...
  43. Sonic The Rise of The Death Egg (SAGE '21 Demo)

    Sonic The Rise of The Death Egg (SAGE '21 Demo)

    THE RISE OF THE DEATH EGG Story: After the events of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Dr. Eggman managed to get the pink Chaos Emerald and enhances it with his machine, his machine is destroyed, but the Emerald becomes one of the most powerful gems in the Earth, and Dr. Eggman uses it to power Death Egg...
  44. El Akelarre de Lola

    El Akelarre de Lola

    "El Akelarre de Lola" is a platform video game starring Spanish singer and dancer Lola Indigo and with gameplay largely inspired by the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. A crazy crossover between a music star and a video game series made in Lua using framework LÖVE2D as a base. By the way, the...
  45. Sonic Before The Sequel Plus

    Sonic Before The Sequel Plus

    You Played Sonic Before The Sequel? Well I Brought To You Sonic Before The Sequel Plus! An Sonic Before The Sequel Remake That Adds The 2011 Soundtrack You Can Change Between The 2012 or 2011 Music (The Soundtrack Its An Remixed One And Not The Original Soundtrack) Tails Skin From Sonic After...
  46. Beta Framework (REDUX)

    SAGE 2021 - Framework Beta Framework (REDUX)

    Here we are. Welcome to the new look of Sonic engines for Construct 2. Beta Framework REDUX was the new look to original Beta Framework. That is this? Beta Framework - my project for Construct 2, which is a tool for creating sonic-like games. This one differs from other frameworks in that it...
  47. Sonic Red Ridge

    Sonic Red Ridge

    Sonic Red Ridge is a 3D semi-linear level experiment with multiple path open sections connected by one way paths to avoid accidental backtracking and getting lost. Roll down hill, keep moving forward and upwards and you'll find the way! After one year and much learning since last SAGE...
  48. Sonic The Dark Brotherhood Saga

    Sonic The Dark Brotherhood Saga

    This game will be a retelling of the Youtube series by Mcinerny76, Subscribe to him here: (I voice act Ray in his series) This game will be released in chapters. Story: The evil Dark Brotherhood of Solaris is out to bring back Mephilis...
  49. Sonic Momentum (Alpha Release)

    Sonic Momentum (Alpha Release)

    ABOUT: Sonic Momentum is a fan-game aimed to inject new ideas into the existing 2D Sonic franchise and create a new, fun, and interactive way to play. This demo (although short) is meant to present these base ideas to further expand upon them in the future. Currently, there is no story, multiple...
  50. Sonic J

    Sonic J

    A newer version is available on GameJolt. For archival purposes, this page will remain with the SAGE 2021 release but refer to the GameJolt link for the latest updates. Sonic J is a Sonic fan game that aims to be a sequel to Sonic & Knuckles. This build...