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SAGE 2023 - Demo Sonic - Bumper Engine V2 (2023 Demo)

General Information

General Information

Welcome to Bumper Engine V2. An in-progress expansion of the Bumper Engine, the ultimate Unity 3D Sonic Framework.
Continuing the combination of Classic Era's momentum, Adventure Era's controls, and Boost Era's high-speed platforming, while adding new moves, levels, controls, tweaks, objects and more.

Right now, this is just a playable, unfinished demo, but be on the lookout for a proper release of the framework in the future.
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What's New
- Major changes to feel and use of all moves (bounce, spin-charge, drop-charge, jump dash, etc)
- Rail Grinding. Sonic GT's pathing, slope physics and crouching, with additional rail hopping, trick boosts and pulley rotating.
- Dynamic camera triggers.
- Scripted pathing sections
- Wall running and wall climbing.
- Quickstep
- Upreels
- Rhinoliners and armoured trains.
- Fans
- Death and respawn system. Screenshot (9).png
- 3 Levels
- Tutorial Level (Linear level teaching each possible action).
- Altitude Limit (A remake of the original with changed geometry and hazards).
- Rail Station (Brand new level based on Sonic Heroes. Currently unfinished with placeholders.)

Screenshot (11).png
Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (14).png
Screenshot (16).png

Keyboard / Switch Pro Controller

Move - WASD - Left Stick
Camera - Mouse-Right Stick
Jump - SPACE - B
Roll - Left Click- ZR
Special - Right Click - Y
Interact - F - A
Quickstep - Q/E - L/R
Power - Middle Click - X

Screenshot (17).png
Screenshot (18).png

Disclaimer & Special Thanks
Despite the additions, I will not pretend to claim credit for all of the work on this project.
- The original Bumper Engine was created by SuperSonic68
- The animations and base for rail physics were sourced from Sonic GT, with project files released by NotSoGreedy.
- Some particle effects, materials and shaders, along with upreels and hint rings were sourced from Poss Queen's Pinball SDK.

Many thanks to these incredible creators who shared their content with the community, for the betterment of Sonic fan games (which is fun to say).
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Latest reviews

Just WOW!... sonic is feel slow and heavy but i know you gonna fix this... i cant wait for the framework release
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I can see the potential for this project, however my main gripe with it is it's feeling of speed. There are a lot of interesting Sonic-like things but Sonic himself, as well as the stage, feels slow. The 2nd and 3rd stages were good to play in anyway. Also my controller didn't work, so it took some time to adjust to new controls on the keyboard and mouse. Considering the initial Bumper Engine was all about speed and has shown amazing results (ex. Sonic GT), I hope to see the same for this one.
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Absolutely fair.
Changing speed is as simple as increasing a few variables. My main focus was on adjusting the framework itself so balance as a game got thrown to the wayside, sorry about that.

Also, if you downloaded the build from September 2nd onwards the controller issue should have been fixed.

Thanks for the review, I'll be focussing more on the framework for the next release but if I have time I'll balance the levels and demo physics too.
I would say that control issues is the main thing but it looks and runs rather well and the moveset seems cool (if a little badly assigned I mean come on homing attack on X? ring dash on B? bounce on Y?) and the physics are also cool. Hoping that it gets even better from here


This is good! I struggled with it and got frustrated by several moments, but I like it.
As an incorporation of both Classic, Adventure, and Modern Sonic mechanics, you've done a very good job showcasing the foundations of what could be. I don't agree with all the design decisions here, but for what it is. they function well and were fun to play.
I appreciate the different pathways across Altitude Limit, it gives the level incentive to replay it.

I respect the keyboard layout with Q and E being the quick-step buttons for left and right respectively. I've never played a Sonic game with a keyboard that used that kind of layout, but I found it to be an intuitive setup.

The parkour mechanics work well and feel good with how they carry over what previous momentum beforehand.

The rail grinding feels initially sluggish when attempting to speed up, but it overall works well.

The rail-switching may not have any animations from one rail to another, but I like how snappy and consistent it responds. One exception I noticed was in Rail Canyon where all the controls wouldn't respond, resulting in me grinding into a bull train and losing my rings.

The levels feel overly long. I struggled with getting through each level which made the moment-to-moment experience not fun, but even if I breezed through them, I still would probably be exhausted by the end and have little interest to return to them with how long they all are.

Running through the somewhat narrow corridors was initially unclear. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to slow down to not bump into walls or if I was expected to just keep moving forward comfortably, but it felt like it had the Adventure 1 problem where you end up too close to the side of the roads with how fast you get. It didn't feel good.
That being said, if the idea was to roll into a ball to slow down during the curved parts of the roads, then I think it may benefit to make that design aspect clearer in future updates.

Having the air dash/homing attack button be mapped to the X button is a fair decision since it makes room for the double-jump, though having the light speed dash be mapped to the B button instead of the Y button was jarring as I'm used to the original Bumper Engine controls where the spindash is mapped to the B button and the light-speed dash on the Y button.
It's not a deal-breaker by any means and I think it's ultimately a fine alternative, but it was still hard to get used to.

While I like the quick-step layout on the keyboard and controller, I'm not sure how I feel about its inclusion as a mechanic. On one hand, they feel very stiff and binary which clashes really hard against how fluid most of the controls feel, but at the same time they are a nice change of pace from the rest of the gameplay.

There's a part in Rail Canyon where you have to grind on one of two rails and then jump off to home in on a spring or else you get caught by a fan underneath you and have to try again. It feels bad to not jump out of the fan and the sloped terrain you have to run back up had a habit of canceling my momentum while moving. It felt weird and was frustrating to deal with.


Overall, this has some really good ideas with very solid execution, but unfortunately the experience is hindered by overly long levels and some control/technical issues that keep it from being amazing.

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