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Megaman X in Sonic Blasting Adventure

General Information

This is a modified version of Sonic the Hedgehog: Blasting Adventure, featuring X and Zero from Megaman X series.
Initially, X was going to be a secret character in the original SBA, but the project was split in two. As the new updates came, Zero eventually became a playable character along with X.
X plays just like in his own games, using his good old X-Buster, dash and wall-kick, while Zero plays like in Megaman X3, with his Z-Buster and Z-Saber.

Foot - Air Dash
Body - Reduced Damage
Arm - Lvl. 4 Shot (X), Charged Saber (Zero)
Helmet - Quick Dash

Collect them all!

How to play:
F4 - Toggle Full Screen/Windowed
Left/Right Arrow - Move
Down Arrow (on floor) - Crouch
Z - Jump
X - Dash/Air Dash
A - Shoot
Enter - Pause
Spacebar - Skip dialogue

You can also use any controller you want. After choosing the game language (English or Portuguese), the game will detect the joystick. If connected, you can map the jump, attack, dash and Start buttons the way you want. Directions are already mapped by default.

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Latest reviews

Honestly the fact that an horrible bootleg can invoke good games based off of it, and this one was a fun experience. Having those levels from the OG translated into Mega Man levels work quite well and I like how well the gameplay flows, I was going to dock points for lack of substance but I discovered you discover new skills in the 2nd and 4th zones, so that's alright.
I do have two main criticisms, one is that the flow of the game is confusing, because after I defeat Eggman in space, I end up in a desert and have to confront silver sonic, wouldn't be it better if I have to defeat silver sonic first and THEN go into space and defeat Eggman as the grand finale? specially since the boss of that stage is MUCH harder.

And speaking of that, the main reason I docked a point from this entry...

This... worthless piece of scrap metal is nothing worth of cheap, honestly I was in dismay when I knew that I had to confront it twice, because of the ludicrously random pattern, I could not read its pattern and I had to mostly get lucky, the fact that the dash locks while I am crouching doesn't help. If I could dash while pressing the down button that would had helped, but alas, I can only do either of the two at the time, so I'd suggeest if I could dash while pressing down or hell! make this boss less sporadic, because it's the only boss I consistently lost lifes to and the fact that I lose my skills when I continue is painful, So I want this guy to have a pattern more like Proto Man in Mega Man 7.

Nevertheless, the rest of the game is good, good job.
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I hadn't played the original Blasting Adventure but this seems neat. I wish the controls were rebindable, particularly because pressing Esc instantly exited the game during a late-stage boss instead of bringing up a pause menu as I'd hoped for, but otherwise this is a fine mini adventure with gameplay and graphics just complicated enough to play while distracted by something else.

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