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SAGE 2023 - Complete Mobius 3.5




Mobius is a fan-made tabletop wargame based on Archie Comics’ 24-year run of Sonic the Hedgehog, allowing you to fight Large Skirmishes in the gone-but-not-forgotten take on Sonic's World!

It features stats for all your favourite heroes and villains, and rules to suit every playstyle from hordes of Eggman Robots to squads of elite Freedom Fighters. There’s an ever-evolving plethora of army books and supplements to represent the many factions within the pages of the world’s most way past cool comic!

The Mobius Setting
Zone D6
- an alternate Archie Sonic Universe which combines elements of pre- and post-reboot Sonic and adapted for the tabletop. Like the comics, this is a science-fantasy world where freedom and even personhood are beset on all sides by the forces of greed and tyranny. Mobius isn't a Grimdark game, however, as the Freedom Fighters and their allies are always prepared to fight back!

There are currently 12 Factions in Mobius 3.5, with even more on the way:
  • Freedom Fighters & Chaotix
  • Kingdom of Acorn
  • Eggman Empire
  • GUN (Guardian Units of the Nations)
  • Wolf Pack Nation
  • Dark Egg Legion
  • Echidna Security Team
  • Felidae Dynasty
  • Dingo Regime
  • Kingdom of Mercia
  • Iron Dominion
  • Black Arms

How Do I Play This Game?
Like any wargame, you can create miniatures or even paper cutouts and fight it out physically (just make sure you brought plenty of dice!), but most of the Mobius Community play over virtual tabletops, namely Tabletop Simulator!

The gameplay is reminiscent of old fantasy wargames, built from scratch for both simplicity and tactical depth. Mobius is easy to learn but tough to master!

Speaking of the Mobius Community...


What's so Special about 3.5?
Mobius 3.5 is the definitive "Director's Cut" of Mobius Third Edition, with improved balancing, brand new content, plus a visual glow-up that'll make you wonder if you were even playing the same game.

New additions include:
  • Night Fighting (and an overhauled Iron Dominion to go with it!)
  • New Units for almost every Faction
  • Improved balancing means a new Make Your Own Mobius!

Unlikely Allies - Teamwork makes the dream work! Found in the main .zip, this expansion lets two Factions share an army with Allied Detachments. Be careful though, as the less likely this team-up is, the bigger their debuff for working together!

Armoured Assault - The Robotnik Wars are heating up, and everyone's pulling out the big guns! In a seperate .zip, this huge expansion features 29 new Vehicles split across every Faction (at the time of writing!), with devastating firepower and even a few dreaded Strength "D" weapons!

How Can I Get Involved?
The Best Way to help Mobius is to follow this page and share it!
Also, if you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, or battle reports, be sur to contact me via @IoanMakesGames on Twitter!

After SAGE I'll be writing an FAQ and Errata book titled The Knothole Conventions, and not only will I answer your question(s) then and there but the question (and my answer!) will probably get an entry in that book! If you'd like to help in other ways, I'm always open to collaborate with other Archie Sonic fans and tabletop gamers alike, so don't be afraid to get in touch!



Like playing Mobius on Tabletop Simulator? I've got you fam!


09.09.2023 - Minor Eggman typo fix, elaborated on how Movement & Firing works for Transport. Armoured Assault now moved to main .zip.
03.09.2023 - Minor typo fixes
02.09.2023 - Vehicles Exploding: back to the old rule (needs to suffer more than its starting HP in damage, D6" blast radius.


Mobius is a passion project by Ioan Davies-John (, @IoanMakesGames)

All art in Mobius 3.5 and its supplements are from Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe comics unless otherwise credited. I do not own, nor claim to own, this artwork, and am using it in a transformative, non-profit, and respectful manner.

Some renders in the GUN Sourcebook are done by Nibroc.Rock.

"A Minor Rules Dispute" picture by DarkNoise.

Special thanks to the Mobius Discord, especially user DrNegative15 for suggesting the current update to Vehicle Armour Saves, and SHAD0WSIEGE for his many suggestions.

Also, special thanks to Ava the Arctic Fox of the IDW Sonic Fan Annual and Tangle & Whisper: New Roads, for providing a platform for the original Tangle and Whisper stats!


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