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Super Mario Bros. Friends

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An adventure and a black-comedy game inspired by Mario Forever, Super Mario World, Diamond Rush, Yoshi's Island, and many more.

Mario: Everyone's favorite hero. Just because he is a plumber known for his ultimate bravery. He has been working in this city since he was 20.

Luigi: Mario's twin brother. His qualities are opposite of his brother Mario. A lot of kids tease Luigi as a coward.

Bowser: He tried to invade the whole Mushroom Kingdom. But, he failed several times. His interest was Princess Peach which is always stuck in his mind. He tried to love, marry, and even kidnap Princess Peach forcing her to break relations with Mario. But, she took complete revenge on him.

Sweety: A 15-year-old cute, innocent, and coward who stays at Mushroom Heights. Whenever a discussion happens, she sometimes couldn't understand a few words about what her friends were talking about and gapes at them if any of her friends asked a question. She loves heights but she is scared of ghosts, insects, and most of all, she is scared of meat. She is a vegetarian and she hates meat. Whenever a non-vegetarian shares veg food with her, she would reject that also. =

Ria: Sweety's next-door neighbor, who lives on the same floor. Every time, Sweety goes to her house and asks her for some doubts and help. She is the one who frequently helps her with anything whether it is related to the studies, activities, projects, etc. But one thing of her she is scared of is the heights. She hates traveling higher and higher.

Bunty: 'He is good for nothing' - says his parents, teachers, and his relatives. Bunty is so lazy that he can't even do a simple task. He is in fact obsessed with gaming. He is fat, short, and can't reach that much height that everyone can reach.


Natasha: Sweety's classmate. Also often asks her for help. Everyone blames her for being careless and this will always happen to her. She keeps forgetting things just like Sweety and blames others for not taking care.

Donut: A genius and a topper in the school. He is Natasha's boyfriend. He keeps teasing her and both of them start a friendly fight. He is lazy and relaxed but forces others to do all the chores for him. He is identified by wearing cargo pants, full sleeves layered with a t-shirt, or by his long hair.

The Magician: An experienced magician hosting magic shows across the country. Everyone loves him for his signature trick and has a huge fan following him.

The story of this game happens in Mushroom Heights, a gated community apartment that was inaugurated on August 15, 1998, by Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Mayor Pauline. This apartment contained 8 blocks with 12 floors each. It had a proprietary garden, a swimming pool, a basketball court, and a large football ground. It even had a warp pipe that directed to the Mushroom Kingdom. The story of this game is inspired by real-life incidents, Bollywood movies, some comics and by the movie 'Super Mario Bros(2023)'.

One day, both girls Sweety and Natasha were walking down the street. In the middle, there was a paper littered down. So, both of them started reading about this magic show. Soon after they decided to discuss with the rest of their friends at the garden. During the discussion, Donut chooses to stay at home while the others decide to go.
The next day, in the afternoon all of them(except Donut) were present at the magic show. A few minutes later, the magician started to perform a trick that was going to be mind-blowing. So he called out Sweety, Ria, and Bunty as assistants and told them to get inside the box. But it wasn't found out that the box wasn't his. So, he didn't care about it and started the trick. The trick worked.
But after some time, Natasha went to check on her three friends but, she couldn't find out. She asked the magician where are her friends. But, the magician replied to her that her friends had gone missing and he tried all his methods to bring them back. He ended up failing all these and asked her to call her friends. But, the call did not ring. Then he insists she to call the cops, but he is unaware of the cops who are searching for him. He just chooses to escape. But Natasha saw something strange on the box, and she questioned him about the box. But the magician blamed someone for the reason why her friends went missing.
The next day, Natasha walks to her home, nearly a few kilometers away. She dashed Mario by accident. Mario was rushing to his TV interview. She asked about the incident. But, he told her that he didn't have time left.
At the interview, the interviewer asks about this incident that made his brother Luigi disappear. Mario explains how his brother disappeared and what was the cause. But then he started to speak broken English and also started calling his brother Luigi as 'Lungi'. Mario hearing this, started to get mad at the interviewer scolding him to correct his speaking. Again the interviewer calls his brother 'Lungi'. Then he asks about his brother's appearance. Mario said that he also wears the same as him. The interviewer tries to pronounce the word incident, but his tongue slips resulting in Mario leaving the interview.
The Next day, Mario goes to the magician's house and then asks him to teleport to the location where his brother was trapped. But the magician will only perform unless he calls the cops and the media that the magician wasn't responsible for anything related to this incident. Mario didn't bring his phone and forced him to start quickly. The magician agreed to do that trick. So, Mario got inside the box, and the magician used his signature chant to teleport Mario to the location. But, it turns out Mario fell into some random location and blames the magician.

Will Mario ever be able to find his brother Luigi? Wait till the full release of this game. So as of now, this is a demo version.

Note that in the story, each characters have their own style of speaking English.

The game's visuals are heavily inspired by Super Mario World but with some altercations to the sprites such as removing the black outlines in most of them. And most of it, I wanna make a 2.5D platformer that is inspired by games that had utilized the "Super FX chip" in SNES.
Also, I wanna add postprocessing effects such as Color Grading, Overlays, and a Dither effect which makes it nostalgic as if you are playing with the actual hardware.
This game also has a few 3D elements such as clouds, boxes, and a few other objects which are in the form of cuboid, cube, or open box. I may also find a way to add 3D models in the future.

This game is a slow to medium-paced platformer that involves strategy(similar to RPG or I may add a few elements of RPG to make it look like RPG ).
There will be four characters with different abilities.
The mechanics of Mario is pretty much the same. But for other characters, it differs. For example, if we take:
  • Sweety: Her mechanics are similar to Cape Mario as well as Racoon Mario. But the problem is that she is allergic to Flower Power.
  • Ria: She throws a boomerang without any powerup. If she takes Flower Power, then she will throw ice boomerangs to freeze enemies.
  • Bunty: He is normal without any powerup. If he takes Flower Power, then he inflates into a balloon making him light as well as strong. Another advantage is that Bunty can do a double jump but others can't.

for basic movement.
to jump
to Run/Fire
to spinjump
to switch characters during gameplay. (If you have assistant powerup)
to select(in UI)
to Pause/Start

, for basic movement.
to jump
to Run/Fire
to spinjump

to switch characters during gameplay. (If you have assistant powerup)
to select(in UI)
to Pause/Start

Note that you can change the controls in the game settings. This also has gamepad support as well as a rumble feature. You can also customize your gamepad controls in the settings.

  • An x64 OS and a CPU are mandatory. Without this, you can't run this game.
  • A CPU running more than 1.5GHz to avoid lags. For best results, choose a processor that is from the latest generation.​
  • At least 1.5 GB of Memory should be free to run this game. For example, if you have 8 GB RAM. Then, your total memory utilization should be 80% or lower.​
  • At least 250MB of free storage space is required.​
  • A Discrete Graphics Card or Intel Iris Xe is required to run this game to avoid unexpected frame drops. Graphics Quality for this game should be lowered on PCs/laptops that come with Intel GMA/HD/UHD Integrated Graphics if these can't handle properly.​
Your Game will be running smoothly without any hassles if you've met these conditions properly. If any performance issues on better hardware, just leave them in the comments so that I can fix them ASAP.

Q: Why is this game so hard?
A: This game is a slow to medium-paced adventure and it involves more skill. If you play as if it were a fast-paced game, then it will be very hard. If you play slow, it will not surely be a hard game at all.

Q: Is this game 'Kaizo'?
A: It is NOT Kaizo at all. Kaizo games are fast-paced and require more timing, effort, and skill. Even though these puzzles from the game are inspired by Kaizo, it is not going to be hard for you if you play it slowly. But this game focuses more on your skill rather than being an impossible kaizo-like level.

Q: Does the game troll you?
A: It kinda does troll you. Most of the elements are inspired by 'Cat Mario' and 'World of Stupidity' in Mario Forever. In some ways, you must be aware of it. The troll elements are basically from the story. At least this game should be fun. If you really wanna learn more, then you have to wait for the full release.

Q: I am getting unexpected frame drops during gameplay!
A: Pause the game, return to the map screen, and then press your 'Start' button(Enter for keyboard/Start for Xbox, Playstation, and other supported gamepads). A menu will pop up. Then select 'Quick Settings' under this menu. A dialog appears displaying the settings. Then set the graphics level to something other than 'Mind Blowing'. Or you can enter fullscreen mode under 'Set window size' option. The fullscreen will set your display resolution to 640x480 which will make sure that you will not get frame drops.

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