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game maker 8

  1. Sonic Illusion (SAGE '21 Demo)

    Sonic Illusion (SAGE '21 Demo)

    SONIC ILLUSION Sonic Illusion still does not have a very clear story, in which I will be working to make sense of the game, I can say that this fangame seeks to be a direct sequel to Sonic Mania, since Sonic Mania Plus, I took it as filler by not presenting anything new in the history...
  2. Mega Man Star Force 2D Engine

    SAGE 2021 - Framework Mega Man Star Force 2D Engine

    An open source, fully 2D Mega Man Star Force engine. A built executable is also included, so that anyone can play it. Built for Game Maker 8.1.141. UPDATE 9/2/2021: The package has been updated to include a second executable, which has patches applied that may fix slowdown issues that some...
  3. Megaman X in Sonic Blasting Adventure

    Megaman X in Sonic Blasting Adventure

    This is a modified version of Sonic the Hedgehog: Blasting Adventure, featuring X and Zero from Megaman X series. Initially, X was going to be a secret character in the original SBA, but the project was split in two. As the new updates came, Zero eventually became a playable character along with...
  4. BuKnight: The Order of The Golden Crest (v0.5)

    BuKnight: The Order of The Golden Crest (v0.5)

    Summary: The village of Carrottia is under attack from the wolves (again)... and they have company. It's up to the rookie Bonnie to save the day from this canine menace. Jump, slash and spin through the various tracks to fight back and recover the parts of Carrottia's sacred treasure: The Golden...
  5. Trinitroid

    Sonic and the Mayhem Master (New Update Available)

    "The first part of the full fix update is now ready! Witness the cackling disaster within the autonomous factory of Neembous Town, and solve the havoc from within." THIS GAME IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS This build may be a bit unstable. It is also VERY SHORT. This is just the second half of the test...
  6. Sshaders Engine - Shaders Engine 2D

    Game Maker Sshaders Engine - Shaders Engine 2D

    SSHADERS v2020 Sshaders (Sonic Shaders) is engine game effect graphic in 2D for Sonic Fan Game or all game in the from of .gmk type - Game Maker 8 This is a from Configuration Tool for Sonic Fan Game from SFGGI030 You can retrieve all the scripts code that you requested in this progress...