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SAGE 2023 - Demo L.I.A.C.F.F Tale of the cursed chain {CHAPTER 1 Prototype}

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Draco we aren't quite sure what he is looks like a Yoshi with dragon wings some sort of chimera I guess according to Tambry he is her childhood rival but Draco has no memory of her. Although she does remind him of someone he cared verry much for.


Tambry our main hero? nah she is kind of a well how do I put this without sounding mean.....
Uh despite her cat ears a female dog.
as said before she thinks Draco is her childhood rival leading to her acting hostile towards him any time they meet
you play as her but luckily she has control over Draco thanks to a little thing called the cursed chain crated by.


Gloom The leader of the corrupt shy gang and the adopted son of- I'm not goanna say because THAT would be a spoiler. I hate spoilers.

gloom tied up Draco with the cursed chain, he left because SOMONE forgot the dynamite keys for the dynamite that was goanna kill Draco!
Tambry drunk as drunk can be came tumbling down a pipe and freed Draco. Although due to the nature of the cursed chain
they became tethered together if one dies they both die Draco is still verry conscious but Tambry can still make him do things so now the must work together to break this horrible curse!

Q= mutes music
z= jump/select
c=fire ball
hold shift to use the chain physics
looking up while holding A makes draco fly above you
while in this state holding shift will pull you together launching you upwards
you can get extra jumps by filling dracos gut meter

arrow keys to move

ZR is shift


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