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Christmas SAGE 2023 Sonic Test Labs (Christmas SAGE Demo)



Welcome to Sonic: Test Labs!

Here at Hedgehog Testing Inc., we take the matter of rogue and spikey rodents very seriously. They're a threat and a menace to society!

So what have we decided to do? Take matters into our own hands by capturing these creatures and studying them to their fullest extent. All sponsored by G.U.N. of course!

Join us in this Christmas edition of our trial consisting of
4 fully-fledged testing facilities! We've also got 2 facilities that can be used as testing grounds and another "rodent" to test on!

Why wait? Give us a shot and let us know what you think!


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Xbox Layout
A button - Jump/Homing attack
X button - Homing attack
Y button - Light Speed Dash
Left Bumper - Perform Trick
Right Bumper - Roll/Spin Dash/Drop Dash
Left Stick - Movement
Right Stick - Camera

Keyboard Layout
Spacebar - Jump/Homing attack
Left Click - Homing attack
Left Shift - Light Speed Dash
Right click - Perform Trick
Left Control - Roll/Spin Dash/Drop Dash
WASD - Movement
Mouse - Camera





Version 0.2.2
- This update remakes a bunch of the animations from the old Sonic model.
- Fixed inconsistent spring bounce


Michael4Numbers - Environment Art, Coding, Character Modelling, Level Design, Music
Minty (Mintifox) - Coding, Level Design, Shaders, Particle Effects
ART (AdamRT) - Environment Art
SpacedOutFlowers - Cover art
Ham - Voice Actor (Tangle)
Stuart Woolley, Stoop - Composers
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Latest reviews

me encanta
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Damn this is so much fricking fun, Sonic feels so good to control and the fact the spin dash/trick buttons are on the shoulder buttons, not the face buttons, makes it much more fluid for when you're in the heat of the moment.
I really like what you have going here, if you keep refining it and refining it, you'll have something truly amazing, I know it.
One thing I will say, it'd help if you let players customise the controls in the menu. It's just a nicety, doesn't affect the very fun gameplay at all. Good job!
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I don't want to be a dick, but I think you need to put FAR more into gameplay. The presentation is really nice but there's not much feeling of speed, Sonic feels really heavy, and the very few automatic camera angles can make it feel like you don't know where you're going. The train station especially has very little feeling of direction.

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