Sonic Saga Alpha demo [SAGE 2018]

I know this is an engine test so I can't really give it a 10/10 but I dare say it's one of the nicest engines I've ever played made in worlds and the most accurate ray flying physics I've come across so far. I noticed a few bugs with sprites having 2 sonics during peel-out sometimes but aside from that you can tell alot of effort went into this engine.
The level featured in here has a lot of paths, which could be a good thing if kept consistent and a bad thing if monitors are more or less randomly placed. I'm not sure which yet it the case, but some of the monitor placing, platforms and level design was weird to me. The creator however makes good use of some existing Worlds Delta gimmicks, and knows how to make some very creative loops.
The drop dash code, which I know from personal experience is the creator's is the best recreation so far in Clickteam Fusion, and it is very accurate at least to the naked eye. Ray's gliding is a lot more like Knuckles, and less like Cape Mario, seeing as he only falls down and doesn't regain height, but I'm sure it's a work in progress and halfway there.
I like this demo a lot and from what we can tell the stage is going to be a ruins themed level perhaps, if it's ever altered to not be a test stage.
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