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Christmas SAGE 2023 Susan Taxpayer - Christmas SAGE Demo!



Susan Taxpayer is a free 2D platformer made in the SMBX2 engine, meant to imitate the likes of the later Wario Land games (specifically WL4!), with music by the Super Lesbian Animal RPG Composer Beatrix Quinn! Follow Susan and her coworker Franky as she powers through the worst workday ever. Help her platform through a myriad of office themed levels, from orientation videos to mailrooms to forests made of printer paper!

Susan Taxpayer has a strong focus on fun, fluid platforming, replayability, and exploration, allowing for many different routes through each level that lets players of all skill levels complete the game, but with a high ceiling on mastery. Grab every Golden Paperclip, unlock every door, and get to the exit in time to avoid the wrath of the Briefest Case!

Meet the Cast
Susan Character Card.png

Franky Character Card.png
There are two levels packaged inside; Employee Training and Office Orientation! Additionally, there's an extra bonus room for players that gather the Golden Documents in each level. Give it a shot!

Additionally, the Orientation Build comes with six achievements to snag. View them in the launcher by clicking on the little trophy icon!

Notice! Everything in this demo is subject to change; this includes graphics, animations, level design, and even movement skills. As this is an early build of the game, there are still some engine bugs present! If you end up stuck in the Ground Pound animation, simply mash the movement and charge buttons, and you should break free. Feel free to send any feedback to @punkittdev on Twitter or punkitt-is-here on tumblr!

The current version of this booth comes with an episode file that requires SMBX2 Beta 4 to run. The episode file is just the SMBX World file. If you have SMBX2, it's as simple as putting the SAGE Demo inside the "Worlds" folder! If you don't have SMBX2, download it at the link below!

Get SMBX2 Here!

If you'd like to stream Susan Taxpayer, or encounter an issue on-stream, feel free to @ "punkittdev" on twitter or send her a DM. She's happy to help, and we'd LOVE to see folks play our demo! :D


The Susan Taxpayer demo has been updated for the Christmas SAGE event, featuring a brand new level, SUPERMARKET SCRAMBLE, and two new achievements! Slight changes have been made to Employee Training and Office Orientation as well.



CSAGE v1.2 - Made the place more festive! Now Franky and the Schrudler have holiday outfits :) I also fixed a numbering error on the Documen sign in Supermarket Scramble, and made the right number of Golden Documents required reflected in the sign on the Breakroom. Slightly adjusted Franky's breakroom dialogue to reflect the CSAGE demo. Swapped out the potted plants in Supermarket Scramble for a little Apple guy. His name is Apple Fanart. :) Adjusted Supermarket Scramble's title card.
CSAGE v1.1 - Added some bug fixes for throwing objects against walls. Added a new Christmas-themed hubworld and a new level, Supermarket Scramble! Edited some of Employee Training's text to be more clear and give the player some warning on some bugs I haven't fixed yet. Additionally, during crunch time, Franky will direct the player now! Happy holidays. :)
v1.3 - More slight bugfixes. Fixed sounds that didn't play, included Susan's idle animations inside Office Orientation. Added some detail to Office Orientation and adjusted the placement of the Launch Cups ever so slightly so they flow better. Music now all loops properly and is Beatrix Quinn Approved™! Fixed the Office Professional Achievement not being unlocked at the right moment. Noticed players were getting out of bounds in places, so I decided to reward them rather than patch them out. See if you can find em! :)
v1.2 -Includes some bugfixes, a better explanation of Charge Bouncing, and a new outfit for Franky in the break room :)
v1.1.1 - Employee Training accidentally called an event too early; should be fixed now! Also fixed misc. sound errors.
v1.1 - Accidentally mispackaged some stuff so it just...didn't run! This should fix that. :)



Animation, Level Design, Gameplay, Concept

Mason "Punkitt" Saulsbury

Music and Sound Design
Beatrix Quinn

With thanks to
MrDoubleA, Marioman2007, MasterOfDisaster, KateBulka, and Hoeloe
for plug-in creation and coding support.
(If I've missed credit for using your LUA plug-in, please alert me and I will add you to the credits!)

SMBX created by Redigit, with the SMBX2 project helmed by Rednaxela, Hoeloe, and Enjl.
LunaLua Founded by Kevsoft
PGE Editor by Wohlstand

Latest reviews

Took me way too long to get around to playing this. I loved it! This was a very interesting take on the Wario-like and the looser Mario-esque movement gave it a unique feel. The only jank was obviously SMB2X jank, though as pointed out the ground pound jump timing is a little strict (I know it's being worked on, it's ok!!).

Loved the aesthetic too. The graphics were very cute; they struck me as less Pizza Tower and more goofy Twitter shitposts. Music was also fantastic and I appreciated all the silly sound effects in it.

Amazing all around. Can't wait to see more!
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Immaculate love letter to Wario Land and the whole corporate hellscape theming it's going for. The characters are all charming as hell and the gameplay was very smooth, though the game would benefit from a little more animation frames, but you could honestly argue the lack of is part of the charm.

Please keep up the amazing work, and I'm excited to see this grow!
I saw that people talked a lot about this one, so I thought I might as well play it since it looks interesting, and yeah, I'd say it was a very good playing experience.

The gameplay is just a reskin of Wario, well duh, it uses the SMBX engine and I am... completely okay with that, aside from the hassle of having to install SMBX in order to play it, I can think it as a total conversion and I think that the level design the game offers is quite solid, at first I was confused but then I realized that I should search for every nook and cranny I can, why I am discovering this so late? well, I'll tell you later, but needless to say it's necessary to have your brain working a bit to find everything.

The graphics are very good and very colorful, I think the cartoony style fits with the game a lot and it's not shaded or anything, but this is minimalism done right so sprites are easy to read and the animations are fluid, a case where less is more.

The music is very good, while it's not something I'd listen outside the game, it goes perfectly with the usual gameplay and the comical antics, not much to say here.

As on an aside, I should rate the humor, I'd say the writing and the slapstick in the game is very funny, it didn't get me lauging out loud but a lot of the dialog made me crack a smile, well except for this bit that made me laugh:

Glad to see this game has important life lessons!

The game is not perfect tho, for two things, first is a minor and the other is a major one.

The minor caviat being that susan is a wee too slow for my taste, I don't know if it's that or that the levels are too spacious, maybe she could benefit from running slightly faster, and also that I'd like if I had more time of opportunity to make the stomp jump thingy, because many times I'd fail it.

And the major one is that at first the controls seemed unintuitive and unclear, but that's because... I saw the tutorial later, yeah, if I see a door and that's the first door of the game, I am going to assume that's the first level I should play, but no, what I should had done is walk to the right and play the tutorial, which I didn't knew it was a tutorial because it was the second door! Like I wasn't clear if that was the tutorial of the game or not, because of the name of the levels, if it had a sign saying "learn how to play" or "tutorial" or something, I'd know instantly.
So for the next time I'd like you to put the door of the tutorial first and make it clear that it is that, rather than making it ambiguous, albeit somehow even without the tutorial I figured how to 100% the level, so at least the controls are solid, but someone with less experience(or insanity) will not be able to figure out.

Nevertheless a lot of effort was put into this project, I'd like to send a very "well done" to you, Punkitt.
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YESSSS been waiting to try this out <3 I really think this is a badass enough concept to make a full paid game out of, but I totally respect doing it as a free game.
An absolutely phenomenal demo. While it does remind me of Pizza Tower, it is certainly no copycat. I've been waiting for this game and I must say the demo did not disappoint. The music is a bop, the art is great, and, while difficult, the movement techniques are super rewarding to pull off. I cannot wait for more. Great job, Punkitt, and great job Beatrix. S-Ranking was very rewarding.
Wait you can make stuff like this in SMBX2?! Is it possible to make a standalone build when it's done or are you like planning to port it or something? :o Maybe i should mess around with SMBX2 whatever the case, this is awesome!
Wait you can make stuff like this in SMBX2?! Is it possible to make a standalone build when it's done or are you like planning to port it or something? :o Maybe i should mess around with SMBX2 whatever the case, this is awesome!
Yeah! Pretty cool, huh? :D I'd love to make a standalone build the soonest chance I get, it just requires a bit of work scrubbing the Mario assets!
If this requires SMBX2 to run, shouldn't it be under mods folder?
The plan is to package it with the necessary components when the game is closer to completion, so it won't require any extraneous downloads at all. That's part of why it's not in the mods section! This is just a temporary thing.
Supermarket Scramble was SO fun! I love just zooming around (somewhat uncontrollably) in a shopping cart... there's some kind of secret in this level too, but I got too panicked during Crunch Time to go back to it! I'm gonna try the level again later to see what it is...
Supermarket Scramble was SO fun! I love just zooming around (somewhat uncontrollably) in a shopping cart... there's some kind of secret in this level too, but I got too panicked during Crunch Time to go back to it! I'm gonna try the level again later to see what it is...
HECK YEAH!! glad you're having fun!!!!!!

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