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Crash N. Tense - Demo 2

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  • [​IMG]
    Demo 2 - Test levels and Coco
    Demo 1 can be found here (click!)!

    Click here to download Demo 2!

    The progress keeps rolling! A 2D fangame of Crash Bandicoot series, inspired by the original Playstation 1 Crash games while gameplay-wise closer to the Gameboy Crash games. While not as pretty as the first demo, this one is all about showing new gameplay elements, testing how things work, and just overall seeing how the game runs. Coco, the new playable character with her mini-kart sidescroller levels, is playble for the first time in this demo! The (test) levels here will be scrapped after this demo. Please enjoy the demo! And please let us know of any glitches or bugs!


    Windows .exe
    Single player
    Platformer, slow and fast stages
    3 completed test stages with a bonus stage to unlock!
    Some custom music, alot of placeholder stuff
    Xbox and PS4 controller support

    There's a chance PS4 controller won't work as intended, if this is the case please let me know and use alternative methods to play with those controllers
    Keyboard layout choices!



    Space - Jump
    D - Spin
    S - Crouch when idle, slide while moving, body slam when mid-air
    A - Show HUD when standing still, run faster while moving
    Enter/ESC - Pause
    You can change the layout from the Main Menu or from the Pause Menu​
    1upnew.png akuuka.png 1upcoco.png vlcsnap-2018-08-17-21h50m47s6.png vlcsnap-2018-08-18-17h35m11s21.png vlcsnap-2018-08-18-17h35m43s114.png vlcsnap-2018-08-18-17h42m30s96.png vlcsnap-2018-08-18-17h43m28s154.png vlcsnap-2018-08-18-17h44m10s40.png vlcsnap-2018-08-18-17h44m41s83.png vlcsnap-2018-08-18-17h45m13s180.png vlcsnap-2018-08-18-17h45m45s231.png

  • [​IMG]














  • Patchnotes for this demo during SAGE:
    Before public release:

    -Fixed Aku Aku placement issues
    -Added PS4 controller support (geez finally, lemme know if it works)
    -Made Game Over screen a tad prettier, still WIP though

    During SAGE, v1.01
    -Fixed Game Over earrape problem
    -Xbox controllers shooould work properly now, hit Start in a stage if it doesn't

    - Jumping is important! Jump at the peak of the ramps to gain more height!
    - When TNT hits you, jump multiple times to get it off you!
    - You don't need to spin every crate type, only the locked crates

    Do the crates and how they work confuse you? Check out this

    Guide to Crates!
    Also on Deviantart!

    Note: not all of these crates are used in the demo!

  • [​IMG]

    For news on the game in one place, check out and follow:

    Game by:

    AKA Jargonfox
    I also did crate graphics and background/stage graphics

    Crash and Coco animations, Neo Cortex icon, wumpas, crystals and gems,
    effects, particles, etc. by:


    Original music tracks by:


    Alot of music used as placeholder from Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash!

    Thanks for checking this project out!
    Please stay tuned for the eventual Demo 3 once Nina Cortex is ready to play!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Mr Brauzer
    "Demo 2 - awesome"
    The second demo game was cool, I went through all the levels and collected almost all the crystals, and the last secret level was very difficult to pass on time. Animations, gameplay and abilities are awesome. Waiting for the third part of the demo or have a full game, I hope that it will also be a hundred times steeper.

    P.S. Old life / crash's avatar was better.
  2. Mr.rubbaduck
    "A Great Introduction to Crash Bandicoot"
    Having never previously played any of the Crash games, I went into this quite skeptical. Though I must say if the official games are at least half as aesthetically pleasing and fun to play as your game is, then I must give this serious an honest try.
    1. Metalsonic3
      Hey thanks! And yeah, Crash games are generally quite pretty. Don't start from Crash 1 though, that one is the most difficult one from the originals. Crash 2 is prooobably the best for starters, though Crash 3 would do quite well too.
  3. Jmun
    "Incredible in every aspect"
    I had to create an account just to write something great about this, I just wanted to say I've had so much fun with both of your demos and am so excited to see what you come up with next. You have a charming style and clearly have a grip on game design and what fun is. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was playing, I haven't had this feeling from a Crash Bandicoot game since my childhood. You are the hero Crash needs. Please keep it coming.
    Foxeh and Metalsonic3 like this.
    1. Metalsonic3
      Hey thank you! I used to draw 2D Crash stages on graph paper when I was a kid, it's fun to finally work on a proper fangame.

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