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  • SonicNEXT.png
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    You got a question? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below and see if will they be useful for you. If this didn't help, don't be shy and ask us a question through our twitter page.

    What platforms are supported by Sonic 2006 PC?
    Right now Sonic 2006 PC is playable on Windows operating system.

    What are the system requirements?
    The recommended system requirements for most comfortable performance Sonic 2006 PC are as follows:
    • OS Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64bit
    • CPU Intel Core i5 4200
    • GeForce GTX 660 2GB
    • 8GB RAM
    • 1GB of disk space
    How to install Sonic 2006 PC?
    To start you need to download necessary zip file. After this you should extract it and run SonicNEXT.exe.

    What engine is used to build Sonic 2006 PC?
    It's Unity 3D.

    Why is the game running so slowly?
    We are still working hard to optimize the project to improve it's performance across a wide variety of systems.

    I found a bug!
    Since Sonic 2006 PC SAGE 2018 Demo is still at an early stage of development, in this build version can be found a large number of bugs that will be fixed in the future. If you find one, be sure to send us a message through our twitter page along with a screenshot or video so we can work to fix it.

    Why such stages like Kingdom Valley and Dusty Desert doesn't include in build?
    Right now these stages under reconstruction. We work on it and they will be available in future.

    When will Sonic 2006 PC be completed?
    Sonic 2006 PC is made in free time of our volunteers, who, like everyone else, has a personal life and career. Since the work proceeds in different intensity depending on the employment of the developers, we can not give an exact date for the completed game.

    Crisis City is too hard to pass.
    Of course it's difficult! Crisis City is one of the most difficult levels in Sonic 2006 and if you have never played the original, then it will certainly be harder for you. Only practice will help!
  • Sonic NEXT PC Team
    =====Project Lead=====
    =====Engine Programmers=====
    Golden Epsilon
    Newgame+ LD

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Recent User Reviews

  1. AortaPlatinum
    "Cool idea. Wish it worked."
    Alright so I'm gonna assume this is my craptop and has something to do with the game only taking inputs on frames shown on-screen or some nerd shit, but holding the jump button on the board as I'm going down does jack shit, it's impossible to make that second jump for me, regardless of speed or how long I've been holding A.
  2. Krakabiss
  3. itchyfishXD
    "Good game but can't play it because of issue"
    I've played the other demos released for this game and I've really enjoyed them. I feel I would very much enjoy this except for the fact that my camera is bugged. Now I don't know if this is something I'm doing wrong or if it's an actual bug but my camera is constantly spinning to the right. All of the other controls work fine but this is a big issue as I can't really play the game properly because of this.

User Comments

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  1. jesserebornford
    uh do you thank you can put Lightspeed attack in there?
  2. ccm437
    works well,but for me,lags a lot in some parts with a lot stuff in the screen,
    even with the lowest setting,need a build for a low pc plz...
  3. Sevy
    Make it 32 bit for weaker pc am so hurt I can't play this what a let down
  4. Yogber
    My PC can't handle this game, I hope there will be a version for weak pc
      Delatom likes this.
  5. Sevy
    Can you make this in 32 bit please
  6. Sevy
    32 bit can you make this and 32 bit please ????
  7. Ignigknawt
    Controls are messed up. For some reason A is mapped as jump AND start, B is mapped as jump, and X as action. Tried changing the inputs and it seems to think my controller is a keyboard (it's an xbox controller). Not sure what to do :S
  8. Yur0
    I love it very much that your are doing this job, but unfortunately my demo is unplayable since the camera is always rotating on the X Axis (idk why lol).

    Has this happen to anyone here ? if yes, please tell me how do i fix this.
  9. Psycho
    I wonder, Will 32-BIT Be released later on? Please let me know, Thank you

      Sevy likes this.
    1. Sevy
      I HOPE SO
      Sevy, Aug 31, 2018
  10. Ethan Matthews
    does this have a virus?