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Recent User Reviews

  1. Piemaker
    "Pretty good Port"
    Compared to the original, this actually do feel better to play for the most part. One thing I'd suggest maybe is having the rings maybe pull towards Sonic when he moves by them, like in Sonic Utopia. Also maybe have the camera pan towards where Sonic is facing when he's moving. Overall though I think this is very well done, and I hope to see the rest of the game ported in the future. I love how you made Sonic just slowly sink into the sand instead of outright falling through. And I don't know if this is just my imagination, but he feels a little faster as well. Again, I really hope you're still porting the rest of the game.
  2. Wilasauraus
    It's tough to put my finger on it, but compared to original '06, this build feels tighter to control. Performance-wise, the demo ran very well. Only criticism comes from the boost pads towards the end of the stage. When launching Sonic, they send him straight forward, instead of at an upwards angle (photo attached of which point I'm referring to). Otherwise, fun to try out!
  3. Oofer Dan
    "Good. but bad."
    Sonic 06 is a trashy game. Honestly this level would be better off being a single level and not apart of some trashy game.

User Comments

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  1. Omair Salman
    It's a great port! everything was polished and no glitches, maybe after 11 (12 when I wrote this) sonic '06 would be what it was meant to be (I mean, if they don't want to change anything the story will be confusing and bad, but at least it'll be a bug-free gameplay experience)
  2. ROman
    All right, don't give up the project.
  3. ROman
    Respect to the developer of the port on the PC sonic hedgehog 2006.
    very high quality, beautiful, in a word well done,
    thank you for what you're doing.
    Continue in the same spirit, waiting for the full port of the game on the PC, because it is wonderful.
  4. Oofer Dan
    Im sorry. Honestly Sonic 06 was a shitty game. But you really did make a good level. Although the physics are beyond illogical, you've managed to make something good out of it.
  5. Original the Character
    great game!but I found a problem:if you play with an Xbox one controller the camera moves left when you turn the joystick to the rigth and reverse.Just asking how can I fix it in that confusing menu that appears before the game start
  6. Bora Acar
    PLS make OpenWorld :D
    And more Characters
  7. Badin
    I am interested in helping you with the project.
  8. Acidhog
    its good but ... why?
  9. Unlimited Trees
  10. Jorge Gzz 123
    hola me encanto la primer demo pero en que carpeta se encuentra el ejecutable???? no lo encuentro o tengo que usar el mismo?