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Recent User Reviews

  1. Ponyashka
  2. BoTheJo
    "Pretty good."
  3. Unlimited Trees
    "It's Sonic 06"
    It's Sonic 06 but with bug fixes and the ability to sink in the sand.

    Still an awful game. Bug fixes weren't the main reason Sonic 06 was shit.

User Comments

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  1. Original the Character
    great game!but I found a problem:if you play with an Xbox one controller the camera moves left when you turn the joystick to the rigth and reverse.Just asking how can I fix it in that confusing menu that appears before the game start
  2. Bora Acar
    PLS make OpenWorld :D
    And more Characters
  3. Badin
    I am interested in helping you with the project.
  4. Acidhog
    its good but ... why?
  5. Unlimited Trees
  6. Jorge Gzz 123
    hola me encanto la primer demo pero en que carpeta se encuentra el ejecutable???? no lo encuentro o tengo que usar el mismo?
  7. yehunatan
    i have an error it says failed to load mono how can i fix it?
    1. TheMarioAmigos
      you are not the only one (looks at Sonic Arcus 2D)
      TheMarioAmigos, Oct 25, 2017
  8. Sslaxx
    Any possibility of a Linux build?
  9. VolcanoTheBat
    Physics just need to be tweaked a bit more to capture the 06/SA feel to it
  10. Nick
    I think I found the "secret" in the desert but I can't seem to get the door open.

    I've found 4 of the blue enemies, but cannot seem to find any more! Am I on the right track at least? Are defeating the blue enemies key to opening the door? And how many are there?