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Compared to the original, this actually do feel better to play for the most part. One thing I'd suggest maybe is having the rings maybe pull towards Sonic when he moves by them, like in Sonic Utopia. Also maybe have the camera pan towards where Sonic is facing when he's moving. Overall though I think this is very well done, and I hope to see the rest of the game ported in the future. I love how you made Sonic just slowly sink into the sand instead of outright falling through. And I don't know if this is just my imagination, but he feels a little faster as well. Again, I really hope you're still porting the rest of the game.
It's tough to put my finger on it, but compared to original '06, this build feels tighter to control. Performance-wise, the demo ran very well. Only criticism comes from the boost pads towards the end of the stage. When launching Sonic, they send him straight forward, instead of at an upwards angle (photo attached of which point I'm referring to). Otherwise, fun to try out!
Sonic 06 is a trashy game. Honestly this level would be better off being a single level and not apart of some trashy game.
It's Sonic 06 but with bug fixes and the ability to sink in the sand.

Still an awful game. Bug fixes weren't the main reason Sonic 06 was shit.
Physics just need to be tweaked a bit more to capture the 06/SA feel to it
I think this one is what wish fans of all series "Sonic The Hedgehog"
Fantastic SNG port. Cant wait for full release!
I've never played the original Sonic 06 since i couldn't afford Xbox 360 or PS3, during the year that the game came out i was wishing for a PC port of it for a long time before i've heard about the stories about the game but still somewhere deep inside me still hoped for a PC realese ... and so far this is good enough or as people say 'Better'

I don't know if the purpose of this fangame is to improve or replicate the original but fixed but my only nitpick it might be the quick sand hazzard, i just wished i could spam the jump button to get out of the quick sand as an option and using the 'Elise shield' as another one because the shield itself i found myself using it very often and running out of it on the middle of the sand .. but its a suggestion.

The game itself feels faithful to the original so far and even improving in some areas even though i never played the original myself

So... so far its good its definetly an improvement.
As soon as the game start, Shield is activated and player starts walking forward for no reason, will update the review as soon as I get it to work fine, until then my opinion will remain as it is.