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This game is constantly being updated and will become very different in the future. Keep on the lookout for updates!

Sonic Districts is an incomplete fangame made in Hedgephysics. It includes a new multiple-path city level along with a new badnik, and a bug-fixed engine. Get to the finish without losing speed or you'll have a boring time (It's a boost level but without boost nor QTEs, there's multiple paths, and repetitive scenery! It's suggested to go to the pause menu and restart if you screw up your speed.)

New version now has a stopwatch and your times can be saved and viewed. Great for speedrunning!! (My record is 39.99 seconds. Lets call sub 40 seconds an S rank.)

V 0.1.4: Added minor level design clarity and minor fixes. Added significant optimization code so it's easier to run. Fixed an infinite dash bug.
Sorry V 0.1.7 Sonic does not animate due to using a new model. It will be fixed.
V 0.1.8 Fixed camera on speedpads, fixed animation, minor edits to HUD, minor edits to test level.

You need a computer that is powerful to run this game.

How to play:
Space/A to Jump. If in midair, you Dash.
Shift/B to Spindash. If in midair, you Homing Attack.
Control/R1 to Roll.
Enter/Start to Pause.

Screenshots and media!




HedgePhysics by Lake Feperd
Sonic Districts by B0M
Coding Help and Shaders by Damizean
Toei Sonic Logo by SpaZzy and Alex.
Arches made in Probuilder.
Generations Classic Sonic model by KTE2399
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Latest reviews

The idea of having a more open Sonic game that's focused on speedrunning is good, but this is simply not a good attempt as there are a lot of problems with it. Everything looks samey, the textures look like placeholders, the level design is all over the place, the music is really strange etc. It just feels like a lazy test map made for Hedgephysics, not an actual game.

At least the title card looks pretty good lol
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very baaaadddd
I'm not a fan of HedgePhysics. It's clunky controls, awkward camera, and oddball physics, made me approach Districts with caution. The description said it was an exploration based game, and I was really hoping that didn't mean what I thought it did. It did. Aimless wandering from one place to another, and the samey construction causing everything to bleed together. To top it all off you don't do jack diddly when you were aimlessly running. I incidentally found an area with some ring monitors stashed away...nothing like that happened in my 15+ minutes of trying to find the goal. And when I DID find the goal...look just...please don't use Hedgephysics. I understand the idea, and the game didn't look bad. Though the lifeless white buildings and Sonic head road did look bland in my opinion (that may have been the point but still). But this wasn't an exploration based game, there was nothing to explore. You found things yes, but not through your own curiosity. You just...did.
I think it's unfair to blame the engine for the game's fault (Remember there's BlitzSonic which is way worse). But I admit the level was bland (it was hacked together like a week before SAGE release) so can't blame you there.


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