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-looks nice
-Quality of life options like disabling shadows
-very faithful to the original
-Controls felt nice
-nice trick system with the board

-Homing attack is a bit iffy and it took a few tries to get the lava worm after the 2 bird chain
-some slowdown
-sonic feels just a bit too floaty

overall your project shows alot of promise and i will wait excitedly for the next update
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thomas kingggg
how do i play it after download cant figure out for any game
My mind was absolutely blown playing this for the first time. I had seen videos of gameplay, but it didn't really sink in that it was Sonic 06 on PC looking better than ever until I actually ran it on my computer. This is a dream come true!!

Controlling Sonic feels great. When doing homing attack multiple times on one enemy (the enemies with health bars) it feels like this demo allows you to do homing attacks faster than the original 06 did, and I really appreciate that!

Sound is great. The tutorial/instructional interjections are great. The motion blurs are great. This whole thing is great!

Thank you for making this, and I'm SO EXCITED to see this project unfold!
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It says this app can't run on yout pc
the first time i downloaded this remake i was astonished by the looks,
after learning the layout of the game i continued to master it, with getting an S Rank every time.
I couldnt stop myself from playing this remake again and again and again,
and I really want to see more levels coming out on this year.

the controls were amazing and the experience too.

I encountered a few minor glitches that could be easily patched,
1. when getting the extra life on the second ramp (boarding) your bonus dissapears instead of increasing.
2. sometimes when spawning in the level, sonic will be placed backwards and restarting the level will fix the problem.

I wish the team good luck on the project and thank you for the amazing experience:emoji_sunglasses::emoji_v:


Controls are really sticky on a keyboard. I have no idea if it's my keyboard or the game.
I lost about 50 lives trying to beat the first section of the level due to bad controls or bad level design. The jump Sonic instructs you to do at the start of the level will not most of the time and will simply let the player fall to their death, the optional rail at the beginning leads to your death and the board controls so terribly that I cant keep Sonic going in a single direction. All of these and possibly more issues amount to a pretty looking disappointment. If these were fixed, the Demo could be great. Try to surpass Sonic 06' with this port instead of just copying it.
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So good. Now, after this port (level) I want to see only one thing: Any boss battle or Wave Ocean. Good job, really, good job!
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This demo is really bad, its just unplayable
Alright so I'm gonna assume this is my craptop and has something to do with the game only taking inputs on frames shown on-screen or some nerd shit, but holding the jump button on the board as I'm going down does jack shit, it's impossible to make that second jump for me, regardless of speed or how long I've been holding A.
I've played the other demos released for this game and I've really enjoyed them. I feel I would very much enjoy this except for the fact that my camera is bugged. Now I don't know if this is something I'm doing wrong or if it's an actual bug but my camera is constantly spinning to the right. All of the other controls work fine but this is a big issue as I can't really play the game properly because of this.
All right well I guess since I literally can't get my controls to work properly all I can say is it's bad. I can't map buttons properly on either of my x-input controllers, keyboard doesn't work, and I can't even set the controls back to default even AFTER redownloading and reinstalling. Wonderful. Was really looking forward to this year's demo after last year's, which ran perfectly, but oh well.
This is pretty impressive! One thing that I'd like to be fixed is the analog deadzone. Movement is very sensitive to the slightest touch on the analog stick, and it's very hard to control Sonic during the Mach Speed section. The original wasn't as sensitive like this. Also it feels that the homing attack doesn't have the same upwards reach that it had in the original, but I can't 100% confirm that.
the demo of this game I loved and everything but they had to put a version of PC for 32 bits since the truth would be preferable to put the two versions the 64 and 32 bits in pc windows
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I would first like to say that a finished remake of Sonic 06 is my dream game. The fact that it could potentially happen someday already impresses me because I understand how difficult it is to pull off. So I am grateful for the work you guys have already done and hopefully there will be more progress in the future.

I think this demo is overall better than the original Crisis City, but still could use more polish. Anyway, I will go ahead and list the positives and negatives. (In the attached photo).

Edit: I completely forgot to mention rail grinding. It says that you are able to switch rails in the demo, but in reality it just works the same as in the original. If possible, please make it so we can switch rails like in SA2 and Heroes.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, in its original form, was an below-average Sonic game, true. That said, this unofficial remake is a substantial improvement.

Visuals: This is where I'm most mixed. The remake recreates Sonic 2006's original visuals faithfully, but at the expense of the frame rate. Then again, it could just be my laptop struggling to play this game. That said, I like how the title card/load screen transitions into the gameplay like in the classics, and the E3 2005 style HUD is better organized than the final HUD, so I appreciate the choice.
Gameplay: While Sonic '06 wasn't a very good Sonic game, it did have better controls than Shadow the Hedgehog, which was way too slippery to play smoothly. This demo improves 06's controls by making Sonic much faster than the original, but by making him slippery like in Shadow. If the team can find a middle-ground, the controls would be perfect for the level design.
char limit lol no intro

This version still has 3 separate loading screens for just this one level. These constant interruptions, as short as they are, really disrupt the flow of gameplay, and could be worked around to improve the original experience. In STH2006 Project all of these were removed. This demo is built from the ground up, so this improvement could be implemented here too

This is a glaring issue with this demo, and caused the most issues during my playthroughs of it. Chunks of debris will come out of nowhere to hit you and make Sonic fall over and come to a complete stop. If you're in a section that is like a pit, youll just sit there spamming the jump button praying youll get out. You should always have at least SOME minimum momentum, you shouldn't be able to grind to a complete stop. A minimum amount of speed to get you out of trivial little potholes I think is required
I have more issues but the char lmt made me circumcise my review lol
Accurate port to the new engine, allows those who don't have a seventh generation console to experience the original game.
Those who already played the original game, will appreciate the improved controls and grafics, for example during marc speed the rubble no longer makes you loose rings.
There are some bugs, but the level is fully playable.
Controller suport is a bit borked, you need to set the buttons four times for four controllers, even thought multiplayer is not yet implemented.
If you set A button to confirm on one controller but it still remains as cancel on others, menu will produce a cacophony of noise then you press that button.
Hopefully, that and other bugs will be fixed before full release.

try to switch rails the way the game tells you,
while on the board press down the jump button, the latter you release the further you jump, and not just at the ramp.
I am really happy with the improvements.
Though I would say the sensitivity of the skateboarding section was really high. It should be toned down a bit.
However, I really loved that the spindash is better as it now activates on a whim like the adventure games. Also, the camera felt a bit better. And most importantly the graphics and the loading times are way better too.
Thats all.
<--The bug in question.

Skateboard physics are incredibly bad, the moment you run into a single pillar you are DEAD because you cannot make a jump. Of course, you can always press X(or square for playstation) and break-hop to regain some momentum but that is absolutely dumb.

'But Sonic himself plays a lot bette-'

HAH! The only real reason this wasn't a one is because the graphical quality is rather nice.
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No Words, Seriously; Meshes, Animations, Worlds, Shaders... PERFECT <3