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Kyle & Lucy (SAGE '18)

Project Overview

Welcome to the Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld page!

Created by Shane "Sparks," Kyle & Lucy is a game I have been working on for a few years (though variations of the game and the characters date back further).

The general foundation of the game is inspired from a love of exploring platformer levels and seeing how vast they can become. From there, the concept is expanded on to be the core focus of the game. Gone away is the timer and emphasis on speed-running. Kyle & Lucy instead provokes a more easy-going, "take your time" sort of environment where progress can be made fairly easily for your usual platformer fan, but exploration is rewarded extra.

The overall goal of the game is to create a high quality adventure that uses familiar gameplay styles as a foundation, but in turn give a refreshing experience through unique characters with vivid personalities set in a colorful world you can spend hours upon hours exploring every nook and cranny. Tying this all together is the fairy tale-like story of Kyle and Lucy, two kids who find themselves lost in a realm that's strange and far-off from their own, and must find their way home before nefarious forces take away their chance.

This is the first public demo of Kyle & Lucy, and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as the many talented people helping out and I did making it.

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Screenshots and media!

In the demo, you have 3 stages to play. These are all short stages designed to give the player a good idea of what to expect in Kyle & Lucy.

Limestone Lagoon

Limestone Lagoon is your introductory level, that gets you into the basic mechanics of Kyle & Lucy.

Mystic Garden

Linked to Limestone Lagoon by a hub world, is Mystic Garden (1).
The botanics of this old plantation complex are elegantly overgrown, though there seems to be a lot of propaganda plastered around the place.

Robot Roundup

Try your luck at an extra Mystic Orb in Robot Roundup! Here, you race against the clock to smash up enemies as quickly as possible.​

Bonus Content


When Kyle and Lucy go out seeking to stargaze an upcoming meteorite shower, the two find themselves stepping right through a magical gateway and into a parallel world called Sunova. In this world, shooting stars in the sky are blessed by "Queen Theresa" to grant the wishes of those who wish upon the shooting stars. The ones that are not wished upon however, fall back to the Earth in the form of Mystic Orbs, which are powerful gems that have raw wishing power. Kyle and Lucy must find the Mystic Orbs to harness enough "wishing power" to send themselves back to the real world. However, no journey is ever easy, and villainous competition lurks in the shadows.

Two Playable Cats

Kyle and Lucy play fairly identically to each other, but demo-wise they have two distinct differences.

Kyle has an air-dash ability, while Lucy favors a double-jump ability. Try them both out and see which one suits you!
As the game development progresses, their unique gameplay traits will expand.

Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld has your standard platformer affair, where using the D-pad moves your character left and right, and using A jumps.

By pressing down and holding A, you can charge up Kyle or Lucy if you're in a bit of a tight spot. To cancel out of it, simply press Left or Right.

When Kyle and Lucy jump, they also attack! Press A while jumping to air-dash as Kyle, or double-jump as Lucy. If you are free-falling, you can also press A to enter attack mode, to avoid falling on enemies or land on breakable objects.

Kyle and Lucy can grab walls! When air-dashing or double-jumping, go up against a wall to latch on. You can use the D-pad to move yourself up and down on walls as well. You can also grab special moving platforms for a ride.

By pressing left or right (depending on the direction you're in) and holding A while on a wall, Kyle and Lucy can charge up! Let go of A to launch right up for some speedy wall climbing.

Mystic Orbs

These gems sport a fancy fleur-de-lis, and are full of wishing power.
Collecting them is vital to progress! You need 2 to reach the end of the demo, but there is 4 in total in the demo.
3 are in "Mystic Garden 1," and 1 is in "Robot Roundup."

Mystery Pins

Mystery Pins aren't essential to progress, but you can fill up a pin board with themed character pins!
You can find 12 of these in the demo! Later demos will allow you to customize the pin board.
4 pins are in "Limestone Lagoon," 1 pin is in the "Hub," and 7 pins are in "Mystic Garden 1." Good luck!


Coins guide the player along the right path to go.
Coins also can be used as currency for shops to buy power ups or play mini-games. Too bad the Rest Stop Shop isn't open yet.

Health Cherries

These juicy fruits are hanging around the levels.
They refresh your health bar certain degrees, depending how many cherries are on a branch.

Bell Capsules

Additional coins, as well as temporary power-ups can be found inside item bells.

Character Profiles:


Project Head and Manager:
Shane "Sparks"

Lead Programmer and Sprite Assistance:

Art and Animation Consultant, Character Design Assistance:
Mauro "The KKM" Fonseca

Sprite and Level Artists:

Music and Sound Effects:
Leila R. Wilson [Woofle]
Big Fat Dynamo
Related Projects:

Sonic Studio
is a fan game being created by team member Lapper, who helped heavily with the Mystic Garden foreground tiles, as well as worked on Kyle and Lucys sprite animation, as well as some enemy animations.

Latest reviews

looks like it's going to be great
This game is an artistic masterpiece. The expressive sprites and surreal world give this game its own tone and identity that feel like they came from the best kind of 1990's fever dream.

There's a bit of a learning curve to the controls, at least as Kyle (I have yet to try out Lucy,) but it's very satisfying to pull off tricks with the rollerblades.
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Reactions: SoggyDoggy
I really love this game! You go on exploring a big unknown world. With 2 different characters and abilities... It's INCREDIBLE!


I am having a bit of trouble starting the game
it says press action button and I have pressed every button on the keyboard
can somebody help me please
This was such a cool thing. I'm not personally a fan of needing to collect items to progress so I only checked out the first few levels and I'm not sure if there's much more, but I love the look and feel of the demo. It's like if Sonic, Knuckles, and Mickey Mouse all somehow had two babies together and they went on an adventure.
hey,dude,are you going to work on this game or not? i wanna see how it will look like on the full game
The animation of the brake doesn't work with kyle when going left and when braking going right the animation is pointed the wrong way, I like that the game crashes when you finish robot roundup, just forces you out, no more content here

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