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  1. Sollire

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sollire

    General Information Sollire is a Gradius-style Shoot Them Up combined with bits and pieces inspired by Sonic, Megaman and Zelda. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Controls Keyboard arrow keys - move z -...
  2. AdvPack Season 2: Arcadia Coast Demo

    SAGE 2022 - Demo AdvPack Season 2: Arcadia Coast Demo

    Season 2 of the Adventure Pack has returned to SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) with a demo this year with Act 1 of Konilla Grove: Arcadia Coast! Take the main path and experience the biggest 2006 throwback of Sonic fangame history: Sonic GL! Players will finally get to experience Sonic GL...
  3. Garbage Girl Louise - First Demo

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Garbage Girl Louise - First Demo

    Smash trash, launch rockets, and make bank as Garbage Girl Louise! Minister Mole and his evil cult of moles have kidnapped every Raccoon in Urbania, including Louise's very own pet, Rocky! Now she must chase down the moles and settle a score with the Minister himself to save her friends...
  4. Rosie Quest 3D

    Complete Rosie Quest 3D

    Run and jump through 46 fully levels while exploring 7 hub worlds! My design philosophy for this game is something along the lines of "What if mario 3 were in 3d?" Levels are reasonably short, and each one tries to have a different concept. Sometimes that might be as simple as "this level...
  5. Blazing Dynamo[Mechanics Demo]

    Blazing Dynamo[Mechanics Demo]

    EDIT: Added a new introductory/tutorial level on 006.4.0 to teach the player about heat/blaze boosting. Play as Bucket in this very early mechanics demo of Blazing Dynamo! Pull off varied acrobatic maneuvers to fill up your HEAT gauge, and when you have enough, use it to pull off a...
  6. Ednaldo Pereira: MESCLADASSO

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Ednaldo Pereira: MESCLADASSO

    DOWNLOAD Due to SFGHQ's forums breaking frequently, the build was removed and just uploaded on gamejolt. I'm being unable to upload updates so for now just download it from the link below. Welcome to Ednaldo Pereira: Mescladasso! Ednaldo...
  7. Brock Crocodile

    Brock Crocodile

    Hello and welcome to the Brock Crocodile page! This has been a game I've been working on for a while and long term users of SFGHQ might have first seen it pop up around 2014, since then the team has worked hard to make Brock the grandest adventure it can be! Brock takes a lot of inspiration...
  8. LampLighterStudios


  9. Fech The Ferret - SAGE 2019 DEMO

    Fech The Ferret - SAGE 2019 DEMO

    This page is OUTDATED. Find the latest demo and info on Initially inspired by Sonic Adventure and Sonic Lost World, Fech The Ferret is a colorful 3D platformer with emphasis on speed and electronic music. The core design idea is making a fully 3D game that lets you have a good...
  10. Kyle & Lucy (SAGE '18)

    Kyle & Lucy (SAGE '18)

    Welcome to the Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld page! Created by Shane "Sparks," Kyle & Lucy is a game I have been working on for a few years (though variations of the game and the characters date back further). The general foundation of the game is inspired from a love of exploring platformer levels...