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Blazing Dynamo[Mechanics Demo]

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EDIT: Added a new introductory/tutorial level on 006.4.0 to teach the player about heat/blaze boosting.

Play as Bucket in this very early mechanics demo of Blazing Dynamo!

Pull off varied acrobatic maneuvers to fill up your HEAT gauge, and when you have enough, use it to pull off a heat-enhanced BLAZE move!
Dynamo takes inspiration in varying degrees from games like Mario, A Hat in Time, Sonic, Jak and Daxter, Devil May Cry, and Street Fighter.



The content of the demo can be completed relatively quickly, but there's a lot to learn in terms of depth of the moveset!

  • JUMP - A / Spacebar
  • DIVE - B / Left Click
  • ATTACK - X / E
  • GRAPPLE - RB / Q
  • INTERACT - Y / T
An extended movelist can be found in game, so be sure to check it out once you've gotten some familiarity! The pause menu only has partial controller support and should probaby be navigated with your mouse.

As the demo is very early, everything is subject to change in the future, especially the level geometry and layouts which are absolutely placeholder. You can look forward to much more fleshed out worlds, mechanics, and characters in the full game!

You can follow the development of it and other games i make over at my twitter:
or join my discord:
you can also download the demo on the itch page:
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Latest reviews

very cool looking to bad for me because i cant play it my computer nearly exploded last time i put it in 64x mode and i am not doing that again so hopefully a 86x version comes out
This is, by far, some of the most fun I've had in a 3D platformer.

I don't think I can accurately describe how fun it is to mess with all the options at play, and how easier it is to execute in comparison to something like Mario 64. The amount of moves you have is almost daunting, and to perform some of these moves on gamepad you'll have awkward button combinations like LT, LB and B. I think with all of these moves in play, a Devil May Cry-esque training room to perform each action should be considered, just so you can see/understand the mechanics that you have available to you.

I also want to dedicate a comment specifically to the charge attack. When you hold the attack button and let go, you release a floating platform that grants you an extra jump. If you hold this, and then crouch, you hold this option even without holding onto the attack button. I... want this to be kept very much. Having this option allows you to do so much with this option it is nuts. I love it.

Anyway, the level design is obviously a little rough and perhaps a little too open, but it's just fun to traverse around it and there's a lot of nice little secrets. It's pretty hard to find those five batteries, and collecting 100 coins was pretty hard to do too. But I'm glad I did it, and I hope this to see this a lot, lot more of this game!


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ahhh hey thanks so much mage!

it's so nice to hear when the moveset clicks for people and they end up really enjoying it! It definitely takes some getting used to, the movelist lets you know if you wanna deep dive but it's definitely not a good teaching tool haha.
I plan to address this in a few ways in the full release- starting you off more barebones and having a more steady unlock system for your movement abilities and a dynamic input display in the corner, as a couple. Of course with just properly teaching people about this stuff in levels, haha.

Worry you not, charge attack storing is something i'm aware of and intend to keep in. There's actually a lot of ways to do it, basically during any action where pressing attack would not result in a normal attack, so crouching or diving, of course, but if you're sprinting or hovering you should get their respective contextual attacks when you let got of the button instead and still have your charge for when you next hit it.
Level design definitely needs some work, but it's not really supposed to be too much, its definitely just sort of a playground for ya right now. I'll be messing with varying degrees of openness as the game progresses!

Anyway, again, really glad to hear you enjoyed it still! I'm actually working on a different, smaller 3d platformer for a year or two, something smaller in scope, but i will definitely get back to blazing dynamo afterwards!
Great controls and everything feels fluid! This is great so far!
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Thanks minty!! Super appreciate it~


been seeing stuff about this game pop up from time to time on Twitter, really excited to actually get to play it.
The movement in this game feels really solid and the movement options are really fun to mess around with, it feels really fast and fluid.
I also really love Bucket's design it's a really cute one. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this!
This is a really great game, the breadth of the move set alone is insane. The only problem I'm having is my X360 controller. For some reason, it's not working. When I press a button to change the layout in the controls menu, all that happens is that the UI changes from keyboard keys to controller buttons. I'd prefer to play with a controller so If you could help me out, I'd appreciate it.
i would love to play this, it looks like a cool game with a hat in time physics. but sadly, i am unable to, as the game will not start. i get the same error message every time i try to load it. it says "unreal engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost". i'd show you via screenshot, but the image inserter is not allowing me to insert the image.

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