Complete Rosie Quest 3D


Run and jump through 46 fully levels while exploring 7 hub worlds!

My design philosophy for this game is something along the lines of "What if mario 3 were in 3d?" Levels are reasonably short, and each one tries to have a different concept. Sometimes that might be as simple as "this level focuses on moving platforms" while other times it might be extremely gimmick focused like "this level changes from night to day"

Levels are very straightforward, and I've always found that I get burnt out in mario games when I play level after level. To break things up, the overworlds provide you with small, nonstressful explorational challenges. They allow you to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the music.

Music, game, and graphics are by me. I hope you enjoy!

Download it here!



Update: January 1st new years baby!

I put out a major update to the game, there's a lot of bug fixes in here, a lot of difficulty fixes, some QoL stuff (you can see your collectables on the menu), there's checkpoints and I added a little bit of graphics here and there. More updates to come!


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