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SAGE 2022 - Demo Cat-Ptured

General Information

What is "Cat-Ptured"?

is a fast-paced, 'hyper-stylized' 3D platformer featuring a cute, low poly, PSX aesthetic. You'll control Tia, a reckless kid with an oversized hammer (and an even bigger heart), as they traverse dangerous alien planets in order to stop the planet eating menaces known as Nyomers!
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Taking Control


Arrow keys to move
Space to Jump (Hold to Trick)
Left Click to Attack
Right Click to Dash
Shift to Grapple

Left Stick to Move
Right Stick for Camera Controls
A to Jump
X to Attack
LT to Grapple
RT to Dash

Know Your Enemies

Nyomers are the threat you'll be facing. Although they may look cute, when they merge together, these adorable demons can wipe out entire galaxies!

Some of them keep watch on the ground and will use their tails to attack you. Don't worry, a swing of your hammer with the X button will put them back in their places!

Sometimes they like to 'hang out' by stretching their tails out.


But you can use this to you advantage by grappling to them with the LT button! Chain them together to progress!


Let's Get Stylish!

You wanna look cool and chain some rad tricks together? Well start by hopping on a floating yellow object!

Rails and Walls will allow you to 'ride' along them. You can press jump to hop off.

Meanwhile, JumpPads will launch you up or forwar

If you hold jump after hopping off, you'll do some sick flips and gain a ton of air time! Keep the button held down to build up combos and reach a high score! You can even hold it down and trick while grappling!

Latest reviews

Oh wow this is so fun! I can't wait to see what comes from this! Also, I love cats!


This demo's in a pretty early and rough stage, but I can see it going places. I feel like the hammer is underutilised; it's easier to just run past and jump over enemies than to use it. You could probably have some kind of breakable blocks or another enemy type that you need to engage more directly.

My biggest gripe with this game is that it suffers from one of Sonic 4's big issues: There's a lot of the same grapple setup without any variance or additional challenge. You also end up hearing "Right on target!" a lot.

One other thing: You may want to disable the SteamVR plugin in your UE4 project settings for this game. Otherwise the game will try to launch SteamVR if the player has it installed.

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