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  1. Cat-Ptured

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Cat-Ptured

    What is "Cat-Ptured"? Cat-Ptured is a fast-paced, 'hyper-stylized' 3D platformer featuring a cute, low poly, PSX aesthetic. You'll control Tia, a reckless kid with an oversized hammer (and an even bigger heart), as they traverse dangerous alien planets in order to stop the planet eating...
  2. Pumpkin Dog Xtreme

    Pumpkin Dog Xtreme

    Pumpkin Dog Xtreme, is a fan game inspired by early 3d sonic games and has a fisheye lens in the Pineapple Dogs stages, over 24 levels in the full version, low poly environments. Play as 2 characters. This is a unique game with bizarre enemies, bosses, and bonus stages. The soundtrack is...
  3. Pumpkin Dog Xtreme Demo

    Complete Pumpkin Dog Xtreme Demo

    Currently only a Demo, But a full game release will be in the Next Year. The full version will have bosses, Special Stages, Retro Soundtrack and lots of levels to play through. The Demo is located on the Website below with the 3 other game Demos. PLEASE CHECK out the website DEMO LINK
  4. Breeza Budgie Bill Demo

    Complete Breeza Budgie Bill Demo

    Inspired by early 3D games of the mid 90's, Budgie Bill is a definitive assault parakeet!!!, on a mission to defeat all who oppose him, with the Help of Pumpkin Dog, Budgie Bill has a boost ability that can be turned on and off. Pumpkin Dogs Level have a Fish-eye lens, which has a...
  5. Wampee Helicopters Demo

    Complete Wampee Helicopters Demo