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Pumpkin Dog Xtreme

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Pumpkin Dog Xtreme, is a fan game inspired by early 3d sonic games and has a fisheye lens in the Pineapple Dogs stages, over 24 levels in the full version, low poly environments.
Play as 2 characters.
This is a unique game with bizarre enemies, bosses, and bonus stages.
The soundtrack is original and inspired by the cancelled Sonic Xtreme and sonic adventure 2.
I am going to make a new Sonic Adventure inspired game after this one.





I, uh, didn't know what to make of this one. It's so weird and surreal.

The fisheye lens started making me queasy. Iirc you can turn it off in the final game, so that's not a huge deal.

At some points I found it hard to progress because of all the bumpers and enemies. Attacking foes' weak points was a satisfying mechanic, though.

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