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Game Lumiva Legacy

Discussion in 'Creation Labs' started by Plom510, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Plom510

    Plom510 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Lumiva Legacy is a fast paced exploration platformer about two young multivas, Alex "Bingo" Rivero and Salamon Avery, on their journey to stop the evil Darth and his troops from invading his home, Neuo Town. Bingo and Salamon will have to put their skills to the test to conquer many challenges, defeat countless foes, and explore exotic locations with their various abilities and the help of Elemental Charges!

    Bingo can perform a Kick Flip or Spin Attackto take care of airborne enemies. He can Spin Kick enemies or Roll into them on the ground and gain extra speed down hills. His Splash Bounce allows him to get back to the air while achieving a greater height. Bingo is also able to utilize his Aqua Dash ability when he needs to keep things moving or Aqua Boost to maintain a top speed.

    Elemental Charges can be found throughout each level. However, in order to gain the full effects of the charges, you will have to be at full health. Do not worry as for every 20 coins you collect, a small portion of your health will be refilled. This mechanic also works as a psuedo-shield you're at full health. If you collect a charge with less than full health, it will simply act as a health refill, so plan accordingly.


    Z - Jump
    X - Action
    C - Special

    Controller (Xbox)
    A - Jump
    X - Action
    Y - Special

    As Bingo
    Jump (air) - Kick Flip
    Action - Spin Kick
    Down + Action - Roll
    Action (air) - Spin Attack
    Down + Action (air) - Splash Bounce
    Special - Aqua Dash/Aqua Boost/Aqua Burst

    Elemental Charges
    There are four unique Charges you can find during your journey.
    • Electric
    • Wind
    • Water
    • Fire
    Each charge will modify the moves and properties of Bingo.

    Effects of the Elemental Charges
    Electric Charge Bingo

    Bingo's acceleration is increased and his Spin Attack and Dash is electrically charged!
    • Spin Kick launches electric sparks
    • Spin Attack becomes Electric Discharge
    • Splash Bounce becomes Electric Stomp
    • Aqua Dash becomes Electro Jump
    Wind Charge Bingo
    Bingo becomes one with the wind and recieves floatier jumps.
    • Spin Kick has increased range
    • Spin Attack has increased range
    • Splash Bounce becomes Wind Bounce
    • Aqua Dash becomes Wind Launch
    Water Charge Bingo
    As Bingo's element is already water, this grants him element synergy and allows him to take more advantage of his abilities.
    • Spin Kick launches water spouts
    • Splash Bounce creates a bigger splash upon impact
    • Faster underwater mobility
    • Can stay underwater longer
    Fire Charge Bingo
    Bingo can heat up the competition with his enhanced fire attacks!
    • Spin Kick launches fireballs
    • Splash Bounce becomes Fire Dive
    • Aqua Dash becomes Flame Burst
    • Now feels extra warm for colder environments

    Menu Theme
    Verdant Valley
    Foreboding Format
    Rustic Ruins

    Darian Gonzalez (Plom510)

    Lead Programmer, Pixel Art, Music, Concept Art
    voice of Alex "Bingo" Rivero

    Roman Heus
    Additional Programming

    Pixel Art, Concept Art

    Kreg Heckel
    Concept Art

    Andrew Wallace
    Pixel Art, Concept Art


    Cocoshii Productions

    Demo v0.1.8 [YYC]
    Demo v0.1.8 [Non-YYC] (Download this if you have issues running the YYC build)

    Any and all feedback will be appreciated. If you are interesting in keeping up with the project, you may follow me on Twitter.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
  2. Plom510

    Plom510 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Hey all!

    I have a small update to share today. This is an early look at the fourth stage of Lumiva Legacy, Rustic Ruins!


    The Rustic Ruins stage starts you off in a forest under a beautiful night sky. In the distance, you can see one of the few temples that are around, but further along in the stage, you can expect to see more ruins and even explore one!

    As stated, this is an early screenshot so some things may change during the development of this stage. As to why I said this is the fourth stage, I am going to work on new content out of order since I may be inspired to work on other things along the way. Regardless, this should not be an issue as I would like to continue to make more progress in any way I can. I do appreciate any and all feedback so feel free to comment and ask questions regarding the project.
  3. Prancer

    Prancer some guy

    • Messages: 33
    • Likes Received: 12
    Wow, this game looks awesome! Definitely will try it out when it comes out.
  4. Plom510

    Plom510 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Here's a quick follow-up to my Rustic Ruins announcement. My composer has recently completed the theme for the stage. You can check out the music here.
  5. Techjunky

    Techjunky E Rank Member

    • Messages: 7
    • Likes Received: 1
    I tested your game on the Nintendo switch and it runs flawlessly
  6. Plom510

    Plom510 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Wait, how did you get it to run on the Switch? Last time I checked, it's impossible for GMS1 games to be ported to the Switch.
  7. Techjunky

    Techjunky E Rank Member

    • Messages: 7
    • Likes Received: 1
    theres a hack that allows game maker games to run on the switch by copying over all of the games data files, is the main file needed. Some games require all data files except .exe and .dll since the switch cant recognize them. A lot of older game maker games would run fine on the switch if developers would work on their controller code. Another interesting thing is I tried AM2R on my switch, instant crash. Got the source code which is from an older game maker engine. Imported it into GMS2, went to setting and enabled DnD. Compiled it and it runs perfect on the switch. I compiled it without DnD and it would instant crash on the switch.
  8. Techjunky

    Techjunky E Rank Member

    • Messages: 7
    • Likes Received: 1
    Ill make a video of your game on the switch and put it on youtube
  9. Techjunky

    Techjunky E Rank Member

    • Messages: 7
    • Likes Received: 1

    All your game requires to run is the Some games with soundtracks need the audio ogg files copied over

    I tried your other game but it instant crashes
  10. Plom510

    Plom510 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Sorry for the late reply, but now I see what you mean. That is very interesting to see. If I may ask, what is the other game you attempted?
  11. Techjunky

    Techjunky E Rank Member

    • Messages: 7
    • Likes Received: 1
    I tried bingo but it would instantly crash. I have tried a couple of sonic fan games but they either don't respond to controller input or instant crash. In total I've tried around 50 different game maker games, this includes older game maker, game maker studio 1.4 & 2.
  12. Plom510

    Plom510 D Rank Member

    • Messages: 6
    • Likes Received: 2
    Ah, so an older version I assume? I wonder if it's the 2016 version or the 2017 version. The 2017 demo is similar to the current demo that does work though.
  13. Techjunky

    Techjunky E Rank Member

    • Messages: 7
    • Likes Received: 1
    It's the 2017 demo that instant crashes.