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SAGE 2022 - Complete Sherman's Quest

General Information

An outgoing, outdoor-loving, yellow rabbit named Sherman must leave his ill, bed-ridden wife, Alice, at home to rescue his grandchildren, Rodder and Mopsy, from the clutches of the self indulgent crow king, Velcrow. Along the way, you'll even meet up with a few friendly faces, and some challenges to test your consistency.

Traverse through 50 rooms inside Velcrow's nested tower of enemies and obstacles and take back your loved ones in this top-down, dungeon crawling, arcade-based game that takes inspiration from the SG-1000™ console released in 1983.



Arrow Keys (Move)
Z (Button 1)
X (Button 2)
Return (Start)
Space (Select)

1-5 (Window Sizes)

Escape (Hard Reset)


Oh, and i want to acknowledge something for those that don't have the time to play it all in one sitting...
There are four-lettered passwords you can enter on the title screen to unlock things temporarily!

...If you can guess them.


-Controllers are currently unsupported. I apologize for the inconvenience and will (hopefully) implement this in a later version.

-Upon downloading, some may experience a confrontation stating that this contains a virus. This is confirmed to be a false positive and it doesn't seem like i can easily fix it. The game still works and has nothing threatening, it's simply an error caught by virus protection. Again, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience, as it interrupts the game experience heavily.
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Latest reviews

The game could be a nice throwback to the SG-1000 era, but that's it.

Problems such as unprecise hitboxes, dodgy enemies and the black moving block, which is more of an annoyance than a challenge, hinders this game.

Also, a level selection with the levels you unlocked so far could be nice for players that doesn't want to sit and everything in one sessions.

Maybe even visible passwords would do.

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