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Things have gone awry in Meander County!

When aspiring punk-rock drummer Oscar Teak is kicked out of his favorite band, he mopes his way home. He doesn't get far before he learns some chilling news, however: His childhood friend Tamree Willow is missing! The bearer of this news, a child in a wooden mask, demands that Teak follow her into the woods. Does she really know the whereabouts of the misplaced Ms. Willow? That's for you to find out.

Teak's Tall Tale, and by extension Meander Forth as a whole, is a project dedicated to "reviving" the silly old platforming games of the nineties and early 2000's that took themselves way too seriously. Above everything I want this project to have charm, heart, and a warm feeling to it. In a world ruled by stoic cynicism, it's good to have some "jank" every now-and-again. That's why the sprites have such jagged, black outlines, at least.


Trek through the countryside!

The gameplay is pretty simple. Teak's Tall Tale is a bite-sized run-and-gun platformer where you run (duh,) gun (duh,) and jump your way through the countryside fighting enemies as you go. You can also aim straight up, as well as straight down (albeit only in the air.) This game can be played with either a keyboard or a gamepad, and I recommend the latter. If the controls are not to your liking, you may push [Enter] or [Start/Menu/Options/Whatever-the-heck-they're-calling-"pause"-now] to open the menu and rebind the controls.

Also, this game is really liberal about Coyote-time. If you run off an edge without jumping, you have a little over half a second to jump in midair. This is a FEATURE. NOT A BUG. A FEATURE. I EVEN MADE A PARTICLE EFFECT FOR IT, PEOPLE! GAAH.


Taut, Short-And-Sweet!

This game is intended as a prologue to a game called Meander Forth, which has been in development for a few years now. It's coming to Kickstarter soon-ish, hopefully. Please support this release in any way you can! Even just commenting helps a ton. Please. I'm lonely.


The .zip file containing the .exe for this game is attached to this forum post below.
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