sage 2021

  1. Sonic Ball

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic Ball

    Hey there! This fake submission is part of the SAGE '21 - Booth Guide: Make sure you check that out instead! SONIC BALL Story: One day Sonic was running around in Green Hill with his friend Tails, when all of the sudden he turned into a ball! Quickly realizing this was a plan by his...
  2. The SAGE '21 - Guidelines and Deadlines

    The SAGE '21 - Guidelines and Deadlines

    Submission Guidelines Making use of Sonic Fan Games HQ’s Showcase is mandatory. If you haven’t prepared a booth for your game entry, it will not be accepted to SAGE. Please do not send your entry to the SAGE email. All entries with less than 500MB must be uploaded directly to the site. Each...