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SAGE 2022 - Demo Dr. Robotnik's BADNIK QUARREL

General Information

DOWNLOAD HERE: Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel by PVic - Game Jolt

It is also highly recommended you read the manual, available here.

Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel is an ARENA BRAWLER in which up to eight teams battle against each other with characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. Each team is given four 'emeralds' that represent badniks that will fight in an arena during each round.

You must win rounds to score points for your team, which are used to purchase upgrades or randomize your badniks so that they have higher strength or health stats, and sometimes gain special fighting abilities that give them a distinct advantage over other monsters in the arena. There are also special mini games between rounds where players on each team must fight each other.

Additional Info
  1. The best way to experience this is by making a private match with your friends.
  2. You will need at least two players to play the game.
  3. Higher tech level badniks will usually be stronger and better at defeating lower tech level monsters
  4. You must upgrade all badniks in your party to the next tech level before you will be allowed to upgrade any badnik sto the following tech level.
  5. Upgrading to the next tech level (per emerald) costs 6 points for the first level, 12 points for the next, 18, 24, and 30.






Latest reviews

SAGE 22 - Sonic Fan Game 9 out of 69 - Dr. Robotnik's BADNIK QUARREL
An amazing game to gather up some friends and play together

This fan game was a ton of fun to play with friends. It's such a fun concept that I'm surprised Sonic Team hasn't experimented with before.
The presentation is really good, the controls are simple to understand, gameplay might take some time to get use to but once you know what to do, it's really fun.
My favorite Badnik has to be Motobug. Don't let its appearance fool you, because this killing machine can speed up the competition.

If there's something I would suggest, it's to make choosing teams a bit easier and less time-consuming process.
Besides that, this game is excellent, and would definitely play it again with my friends sometime.
Would recommend. 👍
i dont have friends but it looks cool
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I rate it on my list as the most fun with friends
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