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SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic Unite (SAGE '22 DEMO)

General Information



Sonic Unite is a 2D Sonic Fangame built in Unity, Made by the fans, For the fans

Sonic Unite aims to be a high quality (to the best of my ability) fangame that adds new concepts while keeping core Sonic gameplay elements from the original trilogy. as such, the aim is to not reinvent the wheel. Game physics are accurate and should just feel like a continuation of any other sonic game with a few QOL enchancements and exciting new level ideas. i want to release the game sometime this year to coincide with the 30th anniversary games.

Before you download. Sonic Unite has its own patcher/updater used to keep the game up to date. For SAGE. the game is already predownloaded and ready to go. however it is highly recommended to run the updater before playing to download any hotfixes or patches for the best experiance

1.0.2 (Grab this update using the updater included in the download)
+ Reworked Special Stage 6 to make it much easier
* Fixed a bug where slopes wouldnt animate in the interconnect
* Fixed a bug where the portal to Special Stage 6 wasnt animated in the interconnect
* Fixed inconsistent collision with the slope at the end of the interconnect
* Fixed a bug where the scaling of the video background in the interconnect was incorrectly stretched
* Fixed inconsistencies with the special stage unlock popup
* Fixed a bug where the falling platform in Ruined Egg was missaligned
* Fixed a bug where Ruined Egg wasnt unlocked after completion of the main game

1.0.1: (Grab this update using the updater included in the download)
+ Added discord RPC icons.
+ Added springs to aid the player in Ruined Egg
- Removed leftover PDB used in the IL2CCP compilation
* Sweeping Code Optimizations across the board
* Fixed a spring in Breezy Beach Act 1 that sent you higher than it should
* Fixed Scaling on pause menu
* Adjusted collision on the triple loop in Breezy Beach Act 1 to be more consistent
* Added a boost panel in Azure Arroyo Act 1
* Added a platform after the first loop to make the jump easier in Azure Arroyo Act 1
* Adjusted collision on slopes in Azure Arroyo Act 1 to be more consistent
* Fixed a few issues regarding collision before the lazer segment in Azure Arroyo Act 1
* Fixed a layering issue with the signpost in Azure Arroyo Act 1
* Fixed a bug that let sonic clip through a wall ajacent to a ring box in Azure Arroyo Act 2
* Fixed a bug that didnt allow sonic to break a ring monitor in Circuit Carnage Act 1
* Adjusted collision on slopes in Circuit Carange Act 1 to be more consistent
* Fixed a bug where the shrinkers were misaligned in Circuit Carnage Act 2
* Fixed a bug that hid spikes behind the moving platform making them harder to spot in Circuit Carnage Act 2
* Fixed a bug that let Sonic clip into the underside of a loop in Mech Madness
* Fixed a bug where a platform was acting strangely in Ruined Egg
* Adjusted springs in Special Stage 1
* Fixed a bug where the 6th Special Stage was inaccessable, Halting game progression
* Fixed a bug in Special Stage 6 that wouldnt reset the gravity after collecting the emerald
* Fixed a pipe in the Interconnect hub that wasnt working
* Fixed a bug where the next up text at the end of an act was inconsistent
* Fixed a bug where the special stage unlock popups were not showing


Development officially started February 2022 but work dates back to September 2021, i aim to complete the entire project sometime by the end of the year. Check detailed progress reports below




While the project doesnt have a dedicated place for updates, I mainly post updates to my Twitter and Youtube under #sonicunite. if demand is high enough i may make a central location for updates. AKA a seperate social account or Discord server.

Sonic Unite has FULL controller support. Check the mappings below.
- Movement
- Look up
- Crouch
- Jump/Spindash (While Crouched/While Looking Up)
- Pause

- Movement
- Look up
- Crouch
- Jump/Spindash/Peelout(While Crouched/While Looking Up)
- Pause

Sonic Unite was developed in Unity (Dont let that put you off) i chose Unity because i have the most experiance with the engine and have made games in the past for it. The game uses a highly modified version of the Sonic Realms Engine found here

Music for the game is pulled from various community artists from newgrounds with permission (yes i'm as surprised as much as you are that it's still a thing) this was done to spotlight some lesser known artists while also providing an amazing retro soundtrack.

Some graphics and spritework reference their original but some are drawn by my wonderful best friend nephele. She's super cool and talented and her artwork really shines

Sonic Unite also features Discord RPC integration. check it out below

FINALLY The meat and bones of the project. Before you even begin the game. Sonic Unite has a patcher which is used to keep the game up to date. please read the notice box for more information.

In Sonic Unite. You admire the crash landing of the Death Egg directly after the events of Sonic and Knuckles. However, Your victory is short lived as the doctor has one last ace up his sleeve. While also kidnapping tails in the process. Travel through 13 acts across six zones to save your buddy and defeat the doc once and for all.

In the Demo. Certian stages are unavailable as they are still work in progress. also, little to no boss fights have been implemented at this time. Other than this. the content is fully playable and i hope you enjoy what is there.

For Completionists. After beating the game. A super hard level will be available to play. HyperNova. This is a brutal take on a Sonic Level and only the brave of heart will be able to complete it. Good luck and embrace the challenge.

Sonic Unite has the ability to load image data to be used as a custom level. This feature is in beta. for more information. please check the documentation here

Sonic Unite has always been and will always be a passion project of mine. not only is it fun to develop (sometimes) but its a learning experiance. While i've made games in unity before. you can always learn something new. contributing to SAGE for the first time is a fun experiance too.

I hope you enjoy playing my game as much as i enjoyed making it

Made with by Shane
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