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Typhoon Unit ~ Butterfly Requiem (SAGE 2021 Demo)

General Information

Typhoon Unit ~ Butterfly Requiem is a character-based bullet hell adventure! Play as a trio of three unique heroes, and swap between them on the fly! Take on challenging and memorable bosses, and explore a world where fantasy and technology intertwine!


A talented magi-tech engineer. While she lacks the ability to channel magic on her own, she has quick thinking and a wide array of gadgets on her side.

SHOT TYPE - Spread Shot: Uses her finger guns to rapidly fire shots in a wide pattern!
SPELL - Critical Strike: Locks on to an enemy and deals a devastating strike to a stunned or vulnerable target!
BOMB - Flash Burst: Gale targets a large area and sets off a blast that clears away bullets and stuns enemies for an extended period of time! These enemies are vulnerable to her Critical Strike!

A celestial fairy from the palace above the sky. She's eager to make new friends and learn everything she can about the surface world.

SHOT TYPE - Tracking Beam: Conjures a beam of light that targets the closest enemy, no matter where they are!
SPELL - Temporal Warp: Stops time and lets her move safely through any hazards! No need to fear danger!
BOMB - Shooting Star: Fia becomes engulfed in bright light, increasing her movement speed tremendously and letting her absorb bullets she flies into! Collecting a large amount of bullets will grant her a limited time shield!

A brawler from the mean streets of Asteria. She's left her criminal past behind, and now uses her overwhelming strength to protect people.

SHOT TYPE - Charge Fireball: Spits powerful short range fireballs from her mouth! Tap the button to fire faster but weaker fireballs.
SPELL - Dragon Fist: Throws a punch so forceful it can shatter shields and red bullets! It even stuns enemies!
BOMB - Explosive Punch: Casey winds up a huge punch and dashes forward, dealing incredible damage to whatever poor soul is in her way! Weak enemies won't stop her though! They'll just burn up in the heat!


Demo Features
-Three playable characters, each with their own special abilities!
-Synergy Boost! Swap heroes on the fly and combo character abilities to power up and achieve higher scores!
-The first three chapters of the game's Story Mode!
-Smug butterfly who stabs you and calls you a swine!
-Local high score board! Best your own scores, or challenge a buddy!
-A very large puppet! Like, massive! Wow!
-Stage select! Play each of the chapters individually!
-Spicy fish lady! She plays guitar, too!


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Latest reviews

I'm not a fan of SMUPS in general, but I really love what I played of this game. Good art, distinctive characters, fun dialog and accessible gameplay.
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I think this is one of the most fun and accessible danmaku games I've played in a while. The switching mechanic and the pace of the game is really inviting to newcomers, and the switching mechanic is very well done. It takes a while to get used to, but the pace of is pretty good!

My only problem I suppose is that the time stop ability doesn't really help/last that long. Really in many cases it may be easier to dodge the bullets as they come rather than stop all momentum and lose track. The character doesn't get used nearly as much, to the point where their attack almost seems useless in comparison to the damage you deal with stun -> crit.

Still, nitpick aside, it's a very fun game. It ramps up difficulty very quickly but I think it's still manageable overall.
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Thanks for the review!

The most useful aspect of Fia's time stop is the ability to pass through hazards and reach otherwise unreachable positions. She increases the amount of options you have for getting out of a tricky spot, or getting into position to unleash a flurry of attacks. The effect lengthens if you absorb purple bullets. However, it's missing a UI element that tells you how long the effect lasts. I could look into lengthening time stop slightly, but I don't want to slow the pace of gameplay to a crawl whenever it's used.
Shut up and take my money. When I finally have a paycheck. q.q

High Points:
+Sure, it looks busy, but you have more than enough tools to assess your situation and deal with it accordingly. Casey breaks Red Bullets with her Charged Attack, Fia can pause time and let you phase through bullets for a split second(erasing Purple) and if you can get the timing right for Gale's Critical Strike, she'll erase bullets a single enemy fires by interrupting them. Your task: figure out which Unit to use when. In ways, it almost acts like a puzzle, a la Punch Out!, where everything has a hard counter and any mistake you make is usually your fault~ It's wonderful design~

+The characters have very natural and adorable exchanges, both allies and enemies alike~ I refuse to forget Maggie!

=Great music, great presentation all around~ It's a treat~

Tripping Points:
-This being a Danmaku, the only thing I'll say is this: PLEASE USE A CONTROLLER IF YOU HAVE ONE. Not to say it's disastrous to use the keyboard, but without a way to focus up and slow your movements, outside using Casey's Dragon Punch Charge, you're left feathering keys and praying you don't get smacked.

Mixed Nuts:
=That said, I won't lie that shot patterns look intimidating, and they should. If Danmaku look scary at all, the harder levels will give you a hard time. I'm not great at them myself, but Chapter 3 really is difficult if you don't master switching characters and using Synergy Boost! Don't be afraid of bungling a run or two, just so you can learn! This is a wonderful game to teach gamers how to remain calm under pressure!
And again, this being a Danmaku, please remember that the place where you suffer damage is the White Heart at the center of the Unit, not the entire Unit. This ain't Gradius! That said, you would be forgiven for not recognizing why you get hit in places. I know I did~ Maybe the Heart should have a clear and concise border so you can better keep track of it? Some sorta outline or subtle animation to make it stand out as the Weak Point you need to protect.
=A final item to mention, part of the reason why I'll always remember Maggie is because her Puppets keep clotheslining me! Mind you, it's my fault for using Casey too much, which requires you to be close to what you want to whack. I can't help it! The punch is so satisfying!
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Thanks for the review! One point that I want to clarify.

Not to say it's disastrous to use the keyboard, but without a way to focus up and slow your movements, outside using Casey's Dragon Punch Charge, you're left feathering keys and praying you don't get smacked.
There is a focus movement key on keyboard. It's bound to Shift by default. Although gamepad is still more robust, since it has analog movement control.
Ah, nice! To be honest, I didn't do as much checking around for controls as I should have, so that's on me for not recognizing that! That makes it a ways easier for wanderers without controllers~ Smart move!


Overall gameplay is REALLY good the only thing it needs is a way to get continues and hearts back outside of bosses, can definitely feel the Touhou and other shmup series influence. It is very dialogue-heavy which is fine for the sake of the game overall aside from people probably struggling to read the mid-fight text but is likely to be skipped a lot in the demo so don't be bothered if people mention something about skipping the dialogue.

based on the style of gameplay if you haven't played or seen them I would say you should definitely look to Deathsmiles and Otomedius for some inspiration as they both follow similar 2D styles of gameplay with bigger humanoid ship characters. Deathsmiles being less linear in its level design allowing for more going on while still being close in gameplay to Typhoon Unit.
Ocean Odyssey is a bop
I don't have much background with horizontal SHMUPs to compare this to, but it seems fine. Fia's lines are pretty one-dimensional but the other characters are more engaging, and I appreciate the degree of attention given to dialogue, with enemies commenting on you dying or getting behind them.

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