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  1. Good Future Skin for Metallic Madness Zone

    Graphical Change Good Future Skin for Metallic Madness Zone

    So, me and my good buddy Drawbits were having a discussion about Mania Plus: "You know what saddens me?" said my good buddy Drawbits. "I haven't a clue. What is it?" I said in reply. "Well," my good buddy Drawbits sighed, "I'm just disheartened that they used the bad future pallete for...
  2. CORE ENGINE [Tech Demo]

    CORE ENGINE [Tech Demo]

    CORE is an engine created from the alpha version of Sonic Worlds. The engine is still in the early stage of development and a fangame will be created (no name yet) using this engine as a base. ✪ Mirror ✪ Thanks for playing!
  3. Sonic All Mix (SAGE 2019)

    Sonic All Mix (SAGE 2019)

    sonic all mix is a sonic mania modpack that changes the normal things levels bosses enemies music etc. My friend and I have been developing a mod pack for Sonic Mania Plus. This mod features stages from well known sonic fan games like Sonic Before the Sequel and Sonic XG...
  4. Elias Epic: Returning Mix

    Elias Epic: Returning Mix

    Join Elias, Gummysnak, and Katelyn in Elias Epic: Returning Mix.
  5. nihilist

    Fan Game Sonic Ahead (Working Title)

    SONIC AHEAD [UPDATE] Hi. I'm creating a fangame based on NSSSW Engine called "Sonic Ahead". Planning between 8 levels (three will be remakes of Genesis levels with new additions). The gameplay it's similar to S3&K, SONIC CD and SONIC MANIA. Planned Features: • 4 Playable Characters • Special...
  6. Unoriginal Space Shooter (Demo build)

    Unoriginal Space Shooter (Demo build)

    In the year 2XYZ A Spaceship came out of nowhere and started to shoot at things only for one reason : Score. Yes, it is indeed... An Unoriginal Space Shooter. This Sonic Mania mod, made by both SuperSonic16 and I, aims to be a Sonic Mania mod that doesn't play nor feel like Mania at all, hence...
  7. Sonic Mania Heroes (Preview Build)

    Sonic Mania Heroes (Preview Build)

    Sonic Mania Heroes is a Mania modification aiming to alter the gameplay of Sonic Mania, being a bit closer to Sonic Heroes. The game stays unchanged for the most part, except for the gameplay. In Sonic Mania Heroes, you have the possibility to create any team of 3 characters with the 5...
  8. Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack SAGE 2018 Demo

    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack SAGE 2018 Demo

    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack is a semi-large scale Sonic Mania mod that adds a multitude of new levels. Most of these levels are widely regarded as boring, unremarkable, or even terrible, and thus have all been updated to meet Mania's standards, similar to Oil Ocean Zone. Currently, this mod...
  9. Sonic Mania: Colorful Encore 2.0

    Sonic Mania: Colorful Encore 2.0

    [UPDATE 9/3] - Post-SAGE edition released with some bugfixes and tweaks, including the Super music not playing by default. ============== The Project: ============== Colorful Encore 2.0 is an enhancement project for Sonic Mania Plus focused on reimaginated or revamped palettes for Encore Mode...
  10. Super Mario Kart in Sonic Mania v0.8+

    Super Mario Kart in Sonic Mania v0.8+

    "This is what happen when you place a Super Mario Kart cartridge in Sonic & Knuckles." A Special stages mod pack for Sonic Mania including 6 tracks from Super Mario Kart (SNES) with a complete original stage layout with blue spheres, rings and UFOs. The pack also features a custom menu to have...
  11. Sonic Mania and Sonic PLUS

    Sonic Mania and Sonic PLUS

    Without a doubt, one of the most well-known Sonic memes out there is the &Knuckles meme. Just slap "&Knuckles" at the end of any title, maybe sprinkle the Echidna's head over the actual characters, and wham! Quality meme material! But why should Knuckles get all the glory? After all, the game...
  12. Sonic Discovery (Sonic Mania Beta Remake)

    Sonic Discovery (Sonic Mania Beta Remake)

    This is a Sonic Mania Mod that Restores a bunch of Lost or changed features found in the game files and in pictures, videos, and demos, before the game was released. A TON of things have been restored/changed though it is only about 50% complete. Ever since SM Plus Came out, it broke a lot of...
  13. Tpot

    Mania Mod Studio - Create, Load, and Manage Mania Mods

    A tool for Sonic Mania to make creating, and loading Mania Mods much easier. It is still in beta, so expect minor bugs or missing features. Features: - Advanced mod creator. - Can be used to edit or combine mods. - Mod loading ordered by priority. - Compatible with mods made for MainMemory's...
  14. Unlimited Trees

    Sonic Mania (WARNING: SPOILERS)

    A thread in which we talk about the best Sonic game ever. Be warned, there will be spoilers. So here are some random thoughts: