sonic mania

  1. Sonic Jam Rings for Sonic Mania

    Complete Sonic Jam Rings for Sonic Mania

    A minor sound mod that adds the unique ring sound effects heard in the Sega Saturn title Sonic Jam to your very own copy of Sonic Mania
  2. Sonic Spinball Bonus Stages

    Complete Sonic Spinball Bonus Stages

    Sonic Spinball Bonus Stages changes Sonic Mania's Trap Tower pinball bonus stage into four randomized recreations of Sonic Spinball's bonus stages. Hop into those Encore checkpoints, or beat all the Blue Spheres stages to unlock it in Mania Mode! Rescue your buddies! Note: If you create a video...
  3. SuperSonic16

    RSDKv5Extract - A Fast RSDK Unpacker for Sonic Mania

    RSDKv5Extract is a .rsdk unpacker for Sonic Mania which is designed to be as efficient as possible while also being very easy to use. Advantages: 1. All of the dependencies required are shipped with the latest version of Windows 10, no need to install anything. 2. Data is streamed and...
  4. E

    New and looking to make a 2D fan game, any help with resources/engines?

    Hello! I'm a new member looking to get into developing a 2D fan game. I was wondering what options I had and what the better options would be if I was looking into making a 2D classic Sonic/Sonic Mania type fan game in 2020, whether it be Fusion or Gamemaker. I have a bit of Gamemaker experience...
  5. Amy in Sonic Mania (WIP)

    Amy in Sonic Mania (WIP)

    Amy Mania (WIP) This is a mod that adds Amy into Sonic Mania. Currently the mod is WIP, although changes will be made in the future. Plus DLC is required to play this mod, as Amy is over mighty. Thank you for all of your support! If you are having any issues with the mod you can also contact...
  6. Unoriginal Flappy Bird Clone

    Unoriginal Flappy Bird Clone

    -LJSTAR, 10 seconds before disaster Hello, everyone, and welcome to my new mod, "Unoriginal Flappy Bird Clone" or "UFBC" for short! As you may expect, this is a recreation of "Flappy Bird", but within Sonic Mania (with my own "flair" to it). Because I can, the main gameplay has a "day-night"...
  7. Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack Holiday Preview

    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack Holiday Preview

    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack is a total-conversion mod for Sonic Mania that marks the return of a plethora of classic levels, specifically ones considered to be sub-par. The zones have all been updated with new graphics, level designs, and gimmicks to make them feel fresh and fun to play.
  8. Sonic Mania Project: LWM (Live Wallpaper Maker) for Android Smartphones (No idea how to unlist this, just wanted to save for later)

    Sonic Mania Project: LWM (Live Wallpaper Maker) for Android Smartphones (No idea how to unlist this, just wanted to save for later)

    Sonic Mania Project: LWM is a Project set on bringing the memorable scenery and visuals to the phone with all of it's details including Parallax Scrolling, Act Gimmicks and emulated effects from said Zones. REQUIREMENTS: -Android Smartphone/Tablet from before 2016 at least, any less would make...
  9. Sonic Mania Warped Demo 2 (Holiday Demo!)

    Sonic Mania Warped Demo 2 (Holiday Demo!)

    Sonic Mania Warped is an attempt to reinvent the levels of sonic mania to create additional replay value. Main objectives include adding additional character pathways and focus on encore mode (layouts, palettes, etc.) This current build includes 5 complete acts, 2 wip acts (hcz2- only bg changed...
  10. ManiaPal - Sonic Mania Palette Editor

    ManiaPal - Sonic Mania Palette Editor

    ManiaPal (Sonic Mania Palette Editor) is a tool for Sonic Mania written in C# with the WPF framework designed to make palette editing and viewing easier. IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES PLEASE POST THEM IN THE GAMEBANANA COMMENTS OVER >>HERE<< Features: IO Types: - File: Reading and writing palettes...
  11. Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+ (DEMO 1)

    Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+ (DEMO 1)

    This mod aims to give Sonic Mania a proper Boss Rush, complete with revamped graphics and a streamlined transition system. This demo lets you play all the way up to Metal Sonic. NOTE: if the game puts you a bugged Green Hill Zone after the opening cutscene, restart the zone from the beginning...
  12. Hechhoeg Tweaks

    Hechhoeg Tweaks

    Hechhoeg Tweaks is a tiny mod for Sonic Mania that fixes a couple of oddities introduced by Mania Plus, which never received a patch. Fixes in the mod include, but are not limited to: The Death Egg Robot's underside no longer turns orange in the post-GHZ Act 2 cutscene To the same effect...
  13. Sonic Legends - TRUE SUNSET SHORE

    Sonic Legends - TRUE SUNSET SHORE

    Sonic Legends - True Sunset Shore (Currently labelled in-game as "Hand Sanitizing Station Legends") is a modification for Sonic Mania that replaces both acts of Green Hill Zone with Sunset Shore Zone from the 2008 labor day demo of Sonic Nexus. Unlike previous “releases” featured in older...
  14. Good Future Skin for Metallic Madness Zone

    Good Future Skin for Metallic Madness Zone

    So, me and my good buddy Drawbits were having a discussion about Mania Plus: "You know what saddens me?" said my good buddy Drawbits. "I haven't a clue. What is it?" I said in reply. "Well," my good buddy Drawbits sighed, "I'm just disheartened that they used the bad future pallete for...
  15. CORE ENGINE [Tech Demo]

    CORE ENGINE [Tech Demo]

    CORE is an engine created from the alpha version of Sonic Worlds. The engine is still in the early stage of development and a fangame will be created (no name yet) using this engine as a base. ✪ Mirror ✪ Thanks for playing!
  16. Sonic All Mix (SAGE 2019)

    Sonic All Mix (SAGE 2019)

    sonic all mix is a sonic mania modpack that changes the normal things levels bosses enemies music etc. My friend and I have been developing a mod pack for Sonic Mania Plus. This mod features stages from well known sonic fan games like Sonic Before the Sequel and Sonic XG...
  17. Elias Epic: Returning Mix

    Elias Epic: Returning Mix

    Join Elias, Gummysnak, and Katelyn in Elias Epic: Returning Mix.
  18. nihilist

    Fan Game Sonic Ahead (Working Title)

    SONIC AHEAD [UPDATE] Hi. I'm creating a fangame based on NSSSW Engine called "Sonic Ahead". Planning between 8 levels (three will be remakes of Genesis levels with new additions). The gameplay it's similar to S3&K, SONIC CD and SONIC MANIA. Planned Features: • 4 Playable Characters • Special...
  19. Unoriginal Space Shooter (Demo build)

    Unoriginal Space Shooter (Demo build)

    In the year 2XYZ A Spaceship came out of nowhere and started to shoot at things only for one reason : Score. Yes, it is indeed... An Unoriginal Space Shooter. This Sonic Mania mod, made by both SuperSonic16 and I, aims to be a Sonic Mania mod that doesn't play nor feel like Mania at all, hence...
  20. Sonic Mania Heroes (Preview Build)

    Sonic Mania Heroes (Preview Build)

    Sonic Mania Heroes is a Mania modification aiming to alter the gameplay of Sonic Mania, being a bit closer to Sonic Heroes. The game stays unchanged for the most part, except for the gameplay. In Sonic Mania Heroes, you have the possibility to create any team of 3 characters with the 5...