New and looking to make a 2D fan game, any help with resources/engines?


Press Start Screen
May 6, 2020
Hello! I'm a new member looking to get into developing a 2D fan game. I was wondering what options I had and what the better options would be if I was looking into making a 2D classic Sonic/Sonic Mania type fan game in 2020, whether it be Fusion or Gamemaker. I have a bit of Gamemaker experience from when I was much younger but I only vaguely remember it now haha. I am willing to take the time to learn the ins and out of Clickteam/available engines as well as look into spriting as well!

I was also wondering where I could find sprites and other resources? If there's a list somewhere maybe? I only remember Spriters-Resource and TMFZ from when I was younger but the latter seems to be only available through Wayback Machine

Please excuse and redirect me if I'm being an echo chamber, I'm new to the scene and I've been getting a bit lost upon all of the different engines and fan games haha. Thank you all in advance.


Green Hill Zone
Feb 21, 2020
I dont know how to code but i can give you some ideas for your game or things like that !