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Unoriginal Flappy Bird Clone


wouldn't it be dumb if someone would try to recreate Flappy bird in Sonic Mania? lol
-LJSTAR, 10 seconds before disaster

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my new mod, "Unoriginal Flappy Bird Clone" or "UFBC" for short!
As you may expect, this is a recreation of "Flappy Bird", but within Sonic Mania (with my own "flair" to it).

Because I can, the main gameplay has a "day-night" cycle as well as 4 musics in game.
Once the music is done, it swap to another of the 4 randomly, you may end up having twice the same song in a row.
(note: it shouldn't be glitched anymore but I may remove this feature if some issues still persist with it)

The main menu should be self explanatory, with options bellows, one of them leading to the...

-- Palette Editor --

Calque 3.png

...Surprisingly, the meat of this mod, the fully fledged Palette Editor!

When selecting a color slot, press "A" to copy and paste it on other slots. (press "B" or "Down" to cancel)
You can also hold "A" when moving the RGB sliders, this allows you to tap Left/Right, if you want a precise value.

The "Save" option saves your custom palette to one of the 9 slots available. (if you want to use it another time)
No need to save your palette if you only want to play with it immediatly.
"Load" allows you to load one of the said saved palettes, as one may expect.

Feel free to ping me on Twitter ( @LJSTAR_ ) to show me your birdies! o/

-- Credits --
Main Devs :
LJSTAR: Main developper, editing the scene files, pixelarts and, obviously, coding.
SuperSonic16: Helping me with the code. (Teaching me about some functions and all)

Special Thanks :
Skyth & Sajid: With code / optimization tips and help.
Static: Sketches of the logo illustration used on the title screen.
RubberDuckyCooly: Big help with RE Mania's functions.
Winterhell: Help on some questions I had coding wise.
DarkVampireDee: Editing the background to be in several "layers". (used for parallax)
SFGHQ: Cuz there's cool people over there.

-- Music used --
Title Screen : Oceana - Crabby Beach (Ape Escape)
Palette editor : Aerial Board (Tales of Eternia)
Gameplay : First Steps, The Magician's Challenge, Harmony and Blazing Brass (all from Rayman 1)

-- Graphics used --
Gameplay and Palette Editor background are from "Sutte Hakkun" (SNES).

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This mod is amazing! I can't believe someone brave enough would actually do this! 5 stars!


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