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  1. Sonic: Dream Plant (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Sonic: Dream Plant (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    I bet you all needed another 2D Sonic fan game, am I right? cough I bet not but here we go anyway The main idea of Sonic Dream Plant is to have my own take on a 2D Classic Sonic experience. To this end, the first zone is not a Green Hill clone, Score actually serves a purpose, and there's an...
  2. Trevguy

    Fan Game Sonic Dream Plant

    Introducing Sonic Dream Plant, demo coming SAGE 2018 Dr. Eggman has built a machine that caused all of the residents of Christmas Island to fall into a deep sleep. Now, the task falls upon Sonic and friends to destroy the machine and foil Eggman's plans once again! A couple of gifs...
  3. dante

    Music Chronicles of Aeolia [CONCEPT ALBUM]

    "Chronicles of Aeolia" is a JRPG-inspired concept album that I've been working on for the last 2-3 months, both for myself and also for school. A soundtrack for a hypothetical journey that may or may not come into fruition sometime in the future. Inspired by composers like Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko...