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Sonic: Dream Plant (SAGE 2018 Demo)

Average User Rating:
  • [​IMG]
    I bet you all needed another 2D Sonic fan game, am I right? cough I bet not but here we go anyway
    The main idea of Sonic Dream Plant is to have my own take on a 2D Classic Sonic experience. To this end, the first zone is not a Green Hill clone, Score actually serves a purpose, and there's an entirely new method of entering special stages. I also focused particularly on the level design with this project to help make it stand out.
    Thanks for taking a look - Hit the other tabs for screenshots and more info!

    This is the SAGE 2018 Demo of Sonic: Dream Plant. The game is not yet complete, and everything here is subject to change.
  • [​IMG]
  • Dr. Robotnik has built a mysterious machine that seems to be warping time and space! Now it's up to Sonic and friends to destroy it and awaken the residents of Christmas Island from the deep sleep caused by Eggman's Dream Plant!
    Play through 3 Acts of Midnight Moon Zone as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and a secret unlockable character!
    Featuring an original soundtrack, original special stages, and much more!
  • Trevguy - Project lead, music
    DarkVampireDee - Midnight Moon Zone tiles/decoration/background, testing
    Dolphman - Custom badnik and boss sprites, testing
    Welber13 - Title card font, Unlockable character's special stage sprites, testing
    Pvic - Various code help, testing
    Aleks - Various code help
    SoniKast - Sonic 2 walking animation fix, testing
    Hikki Komori - Testing
    Thomas&Sonic1991 - Testing
    Gardow - Unlockable character's sprites
    Asuharamoon - Extended Unlockable character's sprites
    ShadowMasterX5 - Unlockable character's palettes, testing
    OverBound - Knuckles special stage sprites (made for Sonic Time Twisted)
    Nikko the Cat - Special Stage engine
    Wiztoad/Glitchy - Testing
    Lilac - Testing
    Gmate Team - Gmate Engine

    Special thanks to Sonic Tribute Team and Electro Block for helping me with this and supporting the project!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. GuilhermeBMotta
    "Interesting, dreamy"
    This game has a very interesting stage, with dreamy shades of pink and purple and cyan butterflies that give you rings. It does have a Sonic 1 style that keeps all 3 acts more or less samey without presenting many new gimmicks or difficult challenges, which I think could be improved on, but nonetheless it's consistent with itself and it's fun to play. It does have a road theme to it, so it looks rather empty, and I personally would have looked for a solution to that.
    The bosses were alright and kept it clear when and where they were going to attack, however Act 3's boss is rather easy if you have a shield because his projectile can just be avoided.
    Now for problems that likely aren't the author's fault, Knuckles's wall climbing is a bit weird and specially his getting up action/animation at the end of the ledge. He also can't consistently break monitors while gliding, I was only able to do that when itwas against a wall. The shield icons also don't make it clear what they're gonna be.
    Trevguy likes this.
  2. Komic Software
    "Nice Vibes"
    like the colors the level has, feels like an early 90s game.
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User Comments

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  1. CaveQuest
    I think I can't do a review without being too harsh on it as I think it's pretty mediocre and is just an bit lazy. The music is ok and the exit screen is neat but that's about it. Please rework this level into something better!
      Trevguy likes this.
    1. Trevguy
      What would you like to see done to the level?
      Trevguy, Sep 3, 2018
    2. Trevguy
      I really tried to do my best on this level so unless you tell me what's wrong with it I won't really be able to fix it.
      Trevguy, Sep 5, 2018
    3. CaveQuest
      I feel the background could have been more interesting and the level design could have been more challenging.
      CaveQuest, Sep 11, 2018
      Trevguy likes this.
  2. Sirius Nightstream
    Might i ask why my Windows 10 Game DVR will not recognize this software at all? I can use it fine to record any other fangame but this one. Although, this problem persists not only on this fangame, but any others that use Gmate. Any idea why?
  3. Komic Software
      Trevguy likes this.