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Sonic: Dream Plant (SAGE 2018 Demo)

This game has a very interesting stage, with dreamy shades of pink and purple and cyan butterflies that give you rings. It does have a Sonic 1 style that keeps all 3 acts more or less samey without presenting many new gimmicks or difficult challenges, which I think could be improved on, but nonetheless it's consistent with itself and it's fun to play. It does have a road theme to it, so it looks rather empty, and I personally would have looked for a solution to that.
The bosses were alright and kept it clear when and where they were going to attack, however Act 3's boss is rather easy if you have a shield because his projectile can just be avoided.
Now for problems that likely aren't the author's fault, Knuckles's wall climbing is a bit weird and specially his getting up action/animation at the end of the ledge. He also can't consistently break monitors while gliding, I was only able to do that when itwas against a wall. The shield icons also don't make it clear what they're gonna be.
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like the colors the level has, feels like an early 90s game.
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