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Feb 24, 2018
Hidden Palace Zone
Introducing Sonic Dream Plant, demo coming SAGE 2018

Dr. Eggman has built a machine that caused all of the residents of Christmas Island to fall into a deep sleep. Now, the task falls upon Sonic and friends to destroy the machine and foil Eggman's plans once again!

A couple of gifs:
(What are the sparkles in the gif for? Well it's not time warping, I can tell you that)


  • In-Engine Cutscenes
  • Widescreen - 16:9 aspect ratio (Trailer is shown in 15:7)
  • Removal of the lives system
  • Play as Sonic or Tails and choose the other for the CPU to control, or brave the adventure alone
  • If you have a CPU character with you, you can swap characters mid-stage
  • 1 Zone for the demo, featuring 3 Acts full of expansive design, alternate pathways, secrets, and gimmicks (Full game will feature 6 Zones)
  • A boss at the end of each Act
  • The save system from Sonic 3 returns, bringing with it a level select upon completion
  • Sonic sports the Super Peel-Out, Insta-Shield, and Drop Dash all in the same moveset
  • An all-new method for entering special stages
  • An original soundtrack made by me, featuring 13 different original compositions and remixes so far (Full game will probably have more than 25)
  • & Knuckles
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