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SAGE 2022 - Framework The Rocket Engine

General Information

The Rocket Engine is a Sonic Engine (or Framework... I guess) for GameMaker: Studio 1 based on the Sonic Advance series, using the Harinezumi Engine as a template, that I've been working on for quite a while now.​

  • Mostly Advance 1-accurate physics.​
  • 4 playable characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy.​
  • All characters have their respective attacks and maneuvers.​
  • Chaos Emeralds (variables) are in: Super Sonic is playable.​
  • Background parallax system.​
  • Simple to understand: Based on Harinezumi / S8E, which is based on previous GameMaker Sonic engines, so the structure of the engine is pretty much the same.​
  • Rail grinding like in Advance​
  • Underwater system​
  • Capsule system.​
You can either get it from this page, or you can download it from GitHub.​


Nice engine, I love advance 1, and id love to see what becomes of it in the future, like what fangames would be made in it or updates that make it even better than it already is.
New engines are always brilliant. Amazing work. Looking forward to see what people do with this. Also appreciate the simple name, makes understanding what engine people use a lot easier haha.
Nice seeing an engine based on Sonic Advance

btw amy's small hop and crouch are kinda off, she's supposed to slow down when crouching instead of stopping completely also the small hop should be able to give enough speed to go through a loop

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