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Sonic Frost (SAGE Demo)

Project Overview

Hello! I'm making a fangame called Sonic Frost. It's supposed to take place after Sonic 2 and before Sonic 3. Here is the story (not final, i'll change it later):​

Story: After beating the Death Egg Robot, Sonic escaped the Death Egg with all 7 emeralds. He lands on his plane (Tails is riding the plane) then, they head for a new island and they see: North Island. As they arrive they quickly notice the state of the island; It was frozen and badniks were all over the place! Which meant, Eggman was up to his old tricks again. Now Sonic and Tails must save the animals and the Island!
As I was in a rush, I had to quickly finish the demo (and seeing as one of the planned levels for this demo didn't have very good level design, we had to scrap it) leaving only Snowy Hills and Foliage Airway in-game. I hope you can understand.

Here is the link to the website:
Update 1: Added an unfinished OST page to the website and updated some things​

Screenshots and media!

Videos (outdated):

Here are some screenshots of the game:

Here's a sneak peak of the new level in this demo! You'll have to play the game to find out how it is.
(some of these screenshots are outdated)

Bonus Content

  • Sonic and Tails are playable
  • Two Playable levels!
  • A level select feature for those who don't have the time to play through the whole demo with the cutscenes (you'll still get the snowy hills to foliage airway transition though)
  • New and creative bosses!
  • Along with new enemies.
  • A new credit sequence, different from Demo 2!


TheGoku7729 -> Leader/Programmer/Testing
Kono Mike Da -> Programmer, Testing, Ideas
SonicHex -> Programmer, Testing, Sprites
Proto Dan -> Testing,(Sprites,before)

TheGoku7729 -> Leader/Programmer/Testing/Level Designer
Glitchy -> Co-leader/Testing/Ideas/Level Designer
Ricky -> Programmer, Concept Artist, Level Designer
SonicHex -> Programmer, Testing, Sprites
Pvic -> Programmer, Testing, Ideas
Xalia -> Musician
Dolphman -> Concept Artist, Spriter
GFThePlayer (TheBlurCafé) -> Concept Artist
illias3000 -> Programmer, Testing
NyxQuentiam -> Member
ThomasandSonic1991 -> Spriters

<- HELPERS - >
Violet/Shiro -> Sonic 3 Winning Code
Sonic Retro -> Retro Physics Guide
Damizean -> Various code from Damizean engines (Especially Walljumping and the Titlescreen)
Super Tails -> The Team Frost logo animation.
MalcomX -> Various stuff

Small Credits:
Second waiting anim edited from a Gardow sprite
Hex helping me put the Sky Sanctuary Teleporter back into GMate

If you have any bugs to report,
such as something is broken or a sprite has gone uncredited (sorry this demo is rushed so i didnt remember everyone i had to credit properly),
feel free to send a message to:

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