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Sonic Frost Demo 4 (SAGE 2018)

Project Overview

Hey guys! Sonic Frost is surprisingly back after all that developpment hell the game kinda went through. I almost expected not to make it, but here we are!​
So as you may remember from last time, Sonic Frost is a sonic fangame me and my team have been working on since late 2016.

Enjoy! I put a lot of effort into this and tried to iron out as much as I can.
Known glitches: Credits may be skipped after Frozen Meadows act 1 sometimes
Collision may be a bit odd at some parts

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

The story is that after the events of Sonic 2's good ending, Sonic and Tails decide to relax but it turns out they get a letter from Dr. Robotnik inviting them to Northern Island, and when they arrive, they see the place has been turned into a Winter wonderland! It's up to Sonic and Tails to take down Eggman and restore the Island to it's original state.
In this demo and only this one, you can play as Amy in addition to the original three, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles thanks to the brand new engine this is running on (Flicky).
PS: Foliage Airway is missing because the zone's redesign was not done.


All the credits are ingame!
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Latest reviews

This is personally my dream type of Sonic game. The game played well except that first boss. There were absolutely no invincibility frames. Other than that, a really "Cool" game. (Love the Act 1 Remix in the first zone)
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Sonic Frost is a great game! Until you get to the boss who can s**k my a**.... Invincibility frames are needed this is Sonic 1 spikebug the game and too bad cause this game was cool. No pun intended.
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